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Xian vs Xi'an

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Ok, I think there has to be some differenciation between the two cities, both very largely populated cities that have significant political influence over their nations.


I don't know much about Xian, of Ide Jima, but I know everything about Xi'an, of the Arch-Imperium.


Xi'an is:


The national capital of the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty.

The location of the Imperial Palace

The location of the Jade Tower

The second oldest city in the entire Arch-Imperium

Maintains a population of more than 12 million in the urban areas, and nearly 20 million in the surrounding suburbs.

A city that is 200 kilometers away from the coast, does not function as a coastal port city.

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Very true, the Ide Jiman Xian=


Ide Jima's Second City.


Of great historical importance (far less of it's history was blown up by communists. It was one of the surviving Kingdoms from the period of the warring states in Ide Jima.)


Has 26 million inhabitants.


Is home to XTFW, Ide Jima's second largest Trans National Company.


Has the largest commercial sea port in the Batavian Gulf.


Is currently third in the IJ basketball league.


Has a massive area: The central city is very built up, Skyscrapers etc... whilst the Suburbs (many of which are mere shanty ttowns) spread for nearly 60 miles in every direction.


Is home to the Citadel. An ancient fortress located at the top of a dolomite, of great historical importance.

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