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Discovery off Ile d'cerfs

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The Baronic Council annouced today that significant gas reserves have been discovered off the southern cost of Ile d'cerfs (OOC: That is Akiiryu's island). The Council stated, these gas fields - which have been named the Ojika Gas fields - contain an estimated 75 to 100 years of natural gas reserves and exploitation is to begin immediately.


In related news the Baronic Council extended Akiiryu's excusive economic zone 50 miles (80.45 kilometres) off the coast of Akiiryan territory. In explaning the move Hanric Yathocicu, a spokesman for the council, stated that the extension of the conomic zone had been made necessary by the depletion of Akiiryu's traditional fish stocks by foreign overfishing.

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To:The Akiiryan Baronic Council

From: The Ide Jiman FMT


We couldn't help noticing that you have discovered large gas reserves. Ide Jima is currently desperately short of gasm and would like to enquire as to whether the SPA would be willing to establish a trade deal with Ide Jima. We would pay a generous price for gas, or you may wish to exchange resources. Such a deal would be very useful to the Federal Republic.

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