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New Bill introduced nationwide in TCN

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OOC: As a person who works with people with disabilities and studies their history, this sickens me. If I rp to this is one time my IC ideals are going to be guided by my ooc beliefs. I am telling you openly here TCN, laying my cards on the table if you will.

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I know the nazis gassed people with dissabilities, and some nations may forbid peoples with dissabilities to reproduce, or castrate sexual offenders, have mandatory birth control,.. But keep it down a bit will ya. Not only because of the reality or strategical aspect (although you just reduced your population to a minimum by executing this bill), but also morally.. dry.gif

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New Bill introduced nationwide in TCN


OOC-I think that is not the procedure correct. I, also do not agree to this type of mentality, and, I have the right to infuriate me, not , close the mouth to the others. We have that to learn ones with the others. dry.gif

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After international protests The Chosen and Holy Emperor Clemintine XVII has decided to make the change a gradual one, over 5 years. All the prementioned measures however will be introduced. Members of TCAF will not have to undergo the tests until "The Master Race" is fully established: at least 10-15 years. This will provide TCN with security. Some people claim that the population of TCN will decrease rapidly, and that will criple the nation. At first the population will decrease, BUT after a few years it will begin to recover as families are encouraged to have many children, and continue "The Master Race".

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To: TCN, all nations


You call yourself the "holy" emperor, then come up with this demonic practise. Do not stray down this path, gradual or not, your evil ways must stop. As of now, all relations between our nations cease to exist until such practices cease. Niederoestereich reconmends that economic sanctions be taken against this state.

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OOC: I would like to make it known that I myself do not believe in these princibles. I would also like to make it known that "Holy" is a very wide term. In this case "Holy" in the title of TCN refers to The Church of The Chosen Nations, a very different and radical form of Christanity, who believes in these princibles. Also you have "discrimination" against women in places in the Muslim World, what is the difference here?






TCN respects the right of Nations to hold, and express their own point of view. But TCN feels that the threats of sanctions, and warnings should be kept quiet. TCN would like to remind Europa that The Chosen and Holy Emperor Clemintine XVII was elected by the people of TCN, and the people of TCN support these actions (79% YES, 21% NO). TCN will not halt the progress of humanity regardless of the external pressures placed upon it.

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ooc: The difference is that Muslim women support 'discrimination' against them in muslim countries as a requirement of Islam. As a christian I know that Christianity would not agree with those principles, no matter how extreme.





Fatherism is one thing, but Nazism is another. Through doing this you have broken the line of what is acceptable in this region. Stop what you are doing or we will not engage in peace talks, and the nation of TCN will no longer be recognised by Ide Jima.

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Byzantine Empire has decided to cancel all political ties to TCN and refuses to trade with TCN untill this barbaric law has been overthrown. This ban will be reinforced with increased naval activity in the Byzantine and international waterzones near TCN. All TCN vessels encountered will be boarded, inspected and turned back if need be. All TCN military aircraft encountered will be shot down. All TCN civilian aircraft encountered will be forced to land in nearest Byzantine airfield, will be inspected and turned back if need be. Furthermore byzantine government will expel all known and discovered practitioners of TCN sect of christianity as is stated in the 2? of the Law on the Religion.


All other nations willing to join beforementioned ban are welcomed.


All citizens of TCN who wish to flee the oppression of their government will be welcomed as long as they agree with the laws of the Grand Empire.


Byzantine Empire also warns all other nations that assosiaticing oneself with such a regime will be frowned upon and all nations considering themselves allied with TCN will be asked to remove all of their citizens in the territory of the Grand Empire of the Byzantium nova. All nations allied to TCN failing to carry these rules within 48 hours and not informing Byzantine government with very good reason and complete list of their citizens in Byzantine territory will be considered as hostile and acted upon accordingly.


(OOC: Don?t take this personally but you had this coming as no sane nation leader will want potential trouble too near of their borders. In effect any vessel or plane outside of the IJ or Karpathian archipelargo will be considered violating the ban. Sea north of TCN is free (yet).


Sorry guys but realism calls me to act upon this as Byzantine government is very strict about religions and has already banned all public religious practices although privately anyone can believe whatever he or she wants (1? of Law on Religion). 2? states that all violators of 1? or known practitioners of such religions that government sees as dangerous will be expelled.)

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Although political ties with TCN is few and trade non-existant the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu will follow a similar policy as the Byzantine Empire. Furthermore, the SPA offers the Byzantine Empire the aid of Southern Fleet, currently based in and around Vulcan island, Ide Jima to further strengthen its inspection programme.

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the Fatherist Federation will not cut it's ties with TCN, and will abide by the Byzantium Empire and the SPA's bans but, we would like to so say that this is a very controversual move, and will not be internationaly like. Fatherisim dose not support these type of views, and we prefer to stay out of Religion as much as we can. and we would also like to say that, the Fatherist State has opend it's harbors and Airports to refugees from TCN, as Fatherisim grants it's whole populance total freedom, and only have a few laws(OOC: thats the Anarcist side of Fatherisim, only a few laws, but there is a government presence, which can say when enough is enough).


we would also like to give our support to the political groups in TCN who disaprove of this act, and we will support them, in the name of Fatherisim, to challenge the rule of act, in a fair democratic enviroment.


David Johnson - Forigne Affiars Uncle (just resently been apontied due to the exacution of the former uncle, with plans of a coup against our Father).


Edited by Frank Jason - Propoganda Uncle.



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In responce to the latest Chosen Nations Bill, the Patriarch Cosmas issued this statement.


"Eugenics, an evil science that was thought to a product of less-enlightened times has once again reared its ugly head.


This new bill which has been passed by the Chosen Nations' governing body is one of the most shocking piece of legislation every issued in Europa. It is condemning thousands to death for merely living. It is blasphemy in the extreme. God has given these men, women and children the gift of life, and it is no place for man, no matter how short their lives, to take the precious gift of life away.


And as such, the Orthodox Church of Tagmatium, of which I was elected head in 1989 by a vote of my brother priests, have decreed the "Chosen and Holy" Church a factory of heresy. Any man or woman who follows this is a heretic and should be condemned as such. Such a thing as the law that has been passed is not a thing for a supposedly Christian nation to issue, and the passing of such a law is evidence for the admitance that the Chosen Nations are revoking any pretences of Christianity.


All faiths and nations should unite in the condemnation of such practices, and with a united front, we should be able to drive such abomination from Europa."


Cosmas once again called on the Greater Holy Empire to revoke its alliances with the Chosen Nations.


This time, Holy Emperor Commodus, recently returned from the Sublime Principate after the recent coronation of the Prince, has decided that the Greater Holy Empire must act.


The alliances between the two nations have been put on hold. This will remain so until as such a time the Chosen Nations wishes to rejoin the civilisation of Europa and removes such offending laws from legislation. The GHET will not go as far as either Akiiryu or Byzantium Nova, but may consider it if the legislation is not quickly removed from law.


This includes the suspending of the Unit?s des Nations until further notice.


Although, on the religious side of things, all "Chosen and Holy" churches will be seized and/or destroyed and followers forced to either renounce their religion and convert to Tagmatine Orthodoxy or face explusion from Tagmatium.

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The GHET has rased a good point. among the Christian community of Adaptus, many preists are in outrage. Leading Cardinal Holith of the Adapton Catholic Church would like to prepose this to The GHET and other religius communities.


a Preposed Inquistion of TCN by a united Christian movement, to help quell this heresy, and to help TCN prosper.

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We will join the Byzantine ban. The small Ide Jiman/ Alliance port on vulcan is open to any Byzantine ships wishing to patrol TCN. As the amendments made to this act are still unnacceptable, TCN is no longer recognised as a nation by Ide Jima - on grounds of peversion of the christian Religion, and the murder of innocents. No nations in Europa should endorse this hybrid of Satanism and Nazism.

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---- Open statement to all nations in Europa ----


The United Republic of Tamurin is built upon equality, freedom, liberty and justice. As it is now clear, that "The Chosen Nations" are built on the total opposite of those principles, Tamurin will cut ties all remaining ties with "The Chosen Nations" and does not recognize this government anymore.


Compared to TCN, the League of Imperial Tamurin was a libertarian paradise. Our political support goes to the blocade performed by Byzantinum Nova, although we won't assist with forces. We're sure, that the Empire is capable of handling this alone with Akiiryu.


Refugees of TCN are welcome in the United Republic, ships inside tamurinian waters will be forced outside of them and so will aircrafts violating tamurinian airspace.


President Martin Sumner

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