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Thursday October 27th, 2005

Afternoon - 5:20

Montereale, Abruzicstan


>4th Yellow Fever Case Confirmed in The Rosso River Valley: The diagnosis was issued earlier today, as an elderly man was admitted into the Senarican Red Cross Hospital on Wednesday. Thi is the 4th confirmed case of the disease that is seeming to spread rapidly through-out the Rosso River Valley.


"The disease is though tto be spread through mosquitos, which live and breed in swampy areas of the Rosso River Valley." said Roberto Ortinni, head of the Center For Disease Control, in Montereale. 2 deaths have been reported from the spread of this disease, with the fatality rate from this disease is at 85%. The fatality rate is expected to increase.


To avoid an possible epidemic, President Giordano has ordered all areas along the Fiume Rosso to be sprayed for mosquitos which may be causing the deadly disease. "The situation will be under control within a matter of days, as ive dispatched a team to the Rosso River Valley to spray and eliminate all infected mosquitos." quoted Giordano earlier today.



Weather Forcasts for Major Abruzi Cities:

Montereale: Partly Cloudy, 78/55

Asinara Bay: Showers Possible, 77/56

Senarica: Showers, 72/53

Ateleta: Sunny, 78/54

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