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Inauguration transatlantic liner PIRILAO 5 STARS

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TO: Members of the EUROPA



The government of the PIRILAO goes to inaugurate the transatlantic liner


user posted image

It intends to go round the EUROPA.

For such it asks for to authorization to all the nations to sail in its seas.


DEPARTURE DAY: 03/11/2005




Beginning in: Algarve

Trapezunt - BIZ. NOVA - authorized - tourists

and passes for the Landeira island - PIRILAO

Passage for the coast to the plaza of - DARKOL

Nain port - BHALMAN - authorized - resistance from rebels

Passage for, Turos - AMNALOS

Island Uplant - TCN - authorized- Escort

Hlondet ? TAMURIN - authorized - to look about

Naval Bace ? PHIL IV

Hebben ? ADAPTUS - authorized - to look about

Osemosbourg ? MENDESIA

Wirraway - NIEDER?STEREICH - authorized - Stay as long

Convergence - METEOROLA

Tagmatica ? TAGMATIUM - authorized - historic capital

Ankah ? DELTANIA - authorized- to look about

Levana - DELTANIA - authorized - richest history

After long trip comes alongside in Tannos - AKIIRYU - authorized - Sublime Principate

Aldoville ? EUROPA

Higara ? SEVRUN

Moratau ? IDE JIMA - authorized - stay a few days

Velarnos ? NAV. NOVA

Nordhaven ? ORIONI authorized register , visum

Slaven Mouth - PHIL IV


Kilor ? TAGMATIUM - authorized - to look about

Sirius ? O ? ZONE authorized register , visum

LT Island - authorized - to look about

Liandevi Bretti - PARANOID SCHIZOS

Zande ? HAKEN RIDER - authorized - shops and statues

Chaa ? Umm ? KOKU - authorized - Koku bay


Island Uplant - TCN - authorized Escort stay 1 or 2 days

Port Mainjau ? BHALMAN - authorized - to look about

Land ? 85

Land ? 92

Landeira Island ? PIRILAO

Antioch ? BIZ. NOVA - authorized - to look about

HOME - Port St. Rafael


I wait for your authorizations



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Byzantine Empire is happy to allow the liner to pass our homewaters. However as it is going to pass Landeira Island we suggest it also makes stop in Trapezunt as its first stop to pick up Byzantine tourists that would like to get in the tour. Byzantine ministry of trade is willing to pay for any additional costs this slight change of the course will bring.

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Your liner has full authorisation to dock in Moratau. We suggest you stay a few days, and let your passengers see what the town has to offer. Our navy will keep an eye on the liner whilst in our waters, pirates have been playing up, but there is no danger in Ide Jima.

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We give our honoured ally, Pirilao, full permission to sail through any waters that are owned by Tagmatium. We also suggest a stop-over in Tagmatica, the historic capital of the Greater Holy Empire. The Imperial Palace complex and old town are of interest to most tourists. If it is wished, guides and coaches will be provided by the Ministry of Tourism, to show passengers the famous sites of the city.

user posted image

The famous Imperial Palace complex in Tagmatica, the captial of Tagmatium

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Pirilao


We congradulate you on the inauguration of such a fine vessel. However, Tolun Point is a primarily military installation. We will allow your vessel to dock for several days if you so wish, but it would not be suggested.


A better spot for travel would be:

Ankah, Levana, or Haveena.


Levana would be the prime spot. It is an old trading city in the region, with the most history. There are many tour spots, and we believe it would be the best visit for your passengers.


Deltannia, Tourism Committee


OOC: 1) Assume that the Civil War is not affecting Levana, and 2) I didn't suggest New Delta only because it's far inland by bay. Besides, of the cities I control or will control, Levana will always have the richest history. I should rp it......

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OOC:oops sorry mate, i could of swore i posted in here to give you authorizastion. sorry mate thats my fault.




From: Adaptus


we congradulate you on your new liner, and give full authorization of the port of Hebben. we wish your liner good luck and my your nation prosper.

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TO : Nations of the EUROPA




It goes to be a great day in REPUBLICA OF PIRILAO the great trip goes to start, the PIRILAO 5 STARS goes to give beginning to a great trip to go round the EUROPA.

Nations of the EUROPA wait our visit.


We wait that all the nations, that had not given authorization, not, if oppose to a visit.


1? DAY


1? Stopping - Trapezunt - BIZ. NOVA - authorized

2? Stopping - Landeira island - PIRILAO

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The trip is to run well.

The people had adored the stopping in,Trapezunt - BIZ. NOVA , the residents are many cordials. We follow now for the 2? day.



2? DAY




Passage for the coast to the plaza of - DARKOL

3? Stopping - Nain port - BHALMAN - authorized

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After some problems with the pirates, which we had that to bribe.

We pass one very good day in , Nain port.

Now we follow our trip to :





Passage for, Turos - AMNALOS

Island Uplant - TCN - authorized- Escort



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To: Pirilao

From: Orioni


Permission granted for both Nordhaven and Sirius.


Please make sure your passengers have their visum with them when they want to come on land and do some sightseeing. Customs demand that all for nations register before entering the country.

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