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Non-Aligned Movement

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The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty now wishes to host an international conference of nations, that are not members of The League of the Treaty or The Alliance.


The purpose of this conference is:

1. Respect for territorial integrity

2. Mutual non-aggression

3. Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs

4. Equality and mutual benefit

5. Peaceful co-existence

6. Cooperation and military assistance


The reason for the Non-Aligned movement to exist, is to form a third power, a third powerful block of nations that outnumber the two existing coalitions, in military and economic power, as to pursuade them to stop the hostilities and promote 3-party peace. The Arch-Imperium believes that the future peace of Europa and the further benefits to economic and regional stability can be substantial.


Nations in attendance:


The Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty





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From: Niederoestereich


We of the Niederoestereich shall be the first to attend this conference. We hope this will be the first step in paving the way of regional stability. We ask that All people of Europa unite, to overthrow Alliance imperialism, to overthrow League revisionism, to overthrow the reactionaries of all nations that seek to kill and maim whilst hiding behind pact organisations.

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Official Communique from the Federated Imperium of Suur-Uusimaa


After reviewing our foreign policy and withdrawing our application for membership of the League of the Treaty, we, in the spirit of international friendship and co-operation, apply for membership in this organization.


His Imperial Majesty,

Victor Von Kven,

Imperator of the Federated Imperium of Suur-Uusimaa,

Archon of the House Kven,

Supreme Lord of the Kvenish Commonwealth

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The existance of a third alliance will deter the possibilities of a two side war. The League and the Alliance will have to think carefully how to act, if there is a third force, the NAM, present, with members as well as a collective military agreement.

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Constitutional Proposals:


Decision Body: The General Council

Every nation shall be permitted to maintain 1 seat on the General Council. Each member seat shall also be given one vote, on resolutions and legislative decisions. Member nations may address the General Council in any case or any situation as long as the body is present. A nation may also petition an emergency meeting at any moment.



The President of the General Council of the Non-Aligned Movement, shall be entitled to the following responsibilties:


1.) Serving his/her two-week term (Real life time) with dignity and responsibility, promoting the ideas of the Non-Aligned Movement.


2.) The Presidency Nation shall be given an additional vote in the General Council. Thus the nation holding the presidency shall have a total of 2 votes, in the General Council.


3.) The Presidency can be removed by a 3/4 majority vote from the General Council, thus the next rotating nation shall automatically assume the remainder of the presidency, and then in addition it will maintain its original proposed term.


4.) The President must also act as overall commander-and-chief of the military forces (if present) for the combined NAM military forces, should they be contributed by member nations. The President can delegate this responsibility back to member nations at his disgression.


Trade Comission

The Trade Comission is responsible for mediating trade disputes amongst nations. This body is also the same as the Non-Aligned Movement Free Trade Mediation Board, thus it oversees member nations on the Free Trade agreement disputes.


Military Force

The NAM is a collective military alliance in a defensive movement. Nations that join are automatically considered a part of the military defense alliance. An attack by a foreign force on a single NAM nation, is considered to be an attack on them all. Under this agreement, all nations are automatically considered to be at war with the foreign nation and are obligated and bound by membership, to assist.



Nations that wish to apply to the NAM, may acquire membershipby a majority vote by members. As currently there are 4 members, 3 votes are needed to add a member nation. After that a simple majority can be sufficient.


Agree? Amendments? Make your opinions known.

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The Arch-Imperium is welcoming delegates to attend the first NGO summit in Xi'an. Other nations who wish to send in applications for membership can do so at this summit, as for the time being all nations are welcomed as observers.

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Provided that Pirilao's own membership does not conflict with NAM policies and international activities, then Pirilao and other nations are welcome in NAM, even if they are in the other alliances.


However, be warned that NAM is also a collective military alliance. This was stated in the earliest days of its existance, and I'm sure Pirilao was well aware of this before applying to join.

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