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Adapton - Chosen war

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oi right cool it kids, enough is enough, we are all here for fun. no ne should have to be arguing. aki i opend this thread so you could help us with getting a more realistic war going, this wasnt ment to be a flame topic

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TCN, I really think this comment:


OOC: Would it be better for you if i just f*cked off Aki? Oh but wait, then you would have nothing to complain about!


is way out of line. It isn't funny. It's just flaming. If someone makes a suggestion you don't agree with on an RP you are in then be polite, say you don't and your reasons why, preferably in a related OOC thread. Insults don't come across as humour on a forum. They just come across as nasty. Remember all anyone has to go on is written words, there is no tone of voice, body language or expression to convey extra meaning. People on forums have to think about how others will take their words. Simply making a post that the vast majority would see as insulting and then saying it was a joke and insulting them further for not "getting" it is really very childish and would count as a flame on almost any board. It just looks like you are trying to wind people up on purpose regardless of whether you are or not and you should not be suprised when others react badly. I really sugest you understand the reasons why your comment has provoked such reaction and try and learn from that to become a better RPer. People make suggestions not to try and put you at a disadvantage but to make the RPs better for everyone.

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The Adapton-TCN war thread was closed. Mainly as it was descending into childishness, amongst other things.


Now, we must address the decline in the standard of Role Play in this region, which was once what it was famous for. One of the reasons has been is that some nations have been way too quick to declare war, especially in situations where they would be destroyed by much more powerful nations, instead of turn to non-violent actions, ie political manoevering. Some nations have even declared war against their allies, something that is almost never done in Real Life politics. We're supposed to be having fun, and the actions of some nations have destroyed this. Role Play has been declining in this region recently.


The growth of super-weapons is less of a problem than some of these incredibly unrealistic wars we have been having. But this is being addressed in a separate thread.


Now, to the new nations who have come here for RP, please don't leave because of this. The last thing I want to do is scare people off. We just need to reform some people's habits.

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so we going to act as thought this war never happend?


i never realy whanted war. i just wanted to gain compensation. if it was a normal government, i would have took a more poltical route, but i whated to show the insanity of my nations leader, so i blew the whloe thing out of proportion, i never expectied war. i was just going to raip his ports of funds, and say we got compensation.

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So we going to act as thought this war never happened?

Yes, basically. Yeah, you wanted to show that your leader was/is a complete nutter, but this sort of war, and we have had a few of them in the last couple of months, are ridiculous. Check some of Europa's older war threads. War was never something that was taken lightly, and when it was done, everyone had a good time doing it.


This sort of war, however, is a load of rubbish. Especially as it has been done between two allies, and ones who are almost a across the region from each other. I, and others in this region, reject the fact that this has been done without so much as a nod towards realism. Notice the comments by everyone.


A well planned war, with a decent reason, is usually fun and exciting. War over compensation isn't really a good reason, and to everyone else, looked like a poor role-play. See what Ide said:


Quite frankly, I've had it with these spur of the moment poor quality RPs that are being churned out about twice a day.


Some one said that this was a "n00b war", a phrase that makes me shudder because its smacks of the elitism found in the NS Forums, and which most regions are free from, thank God, but in this case I am inclined to agree. It is done without planning, realism and is poor to read. Adaptus, you have shown yourself to be a good RP'er before, and I think this is basically one slip-up for you.


But the fact is, this has been something like the fourth or fifth thread that I, Tamurin or EE, as Moderators, have had to close in the past few months, mainly due to lack of realism and/or Godmodding. Which, in a region once famous for the quality of its Role-Play, is no good thing. In fact, it has put off some older members, who now visit us infrequently due to this.

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Maybe we should introduce a system where somebody posts a topic on the OOC forum before making a drastic RP. If we do that, we can give planning and authenticity to it - because RP is supposed to be fun, not something to get pissed off about because someone elses mega troops have more powerful lasers.

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It's a nice idea, but it won't improve the RP's.


Until all here realize that RP's needn't be War-RP's and add a little realism this won't help at all.


Just take something from the real world now:

The president of Iran said the other day that Israel had to be wiped from the face of the Earth.


What would have happened if a president of a nation of our Europa had said that? You could read today that 1000 nukes flattened its cities and that 5 million soldiers, 50 battleships, 30 aircrafts carriers and 750 F-22's, 150 B-2's and I-don't-know-what would've invaded this country...


What happened in the real world? Most nations are shocked and are talking harshly to the ambassadors of Iran...


More planning would be good, but what we need is more reality, a little more politics and much less military in our RPs.

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I wouldn't punishing anyone because they're bad at Rping. That would be unfair to new guys who're still learning the ropes. But I would advise them to read the RP guidelines: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=1396

Respect the basic rules of thumb, they are here to ensure we stay clear from troubles like this. Space and time for example, forging an entire army and moving troops takes time, use more diplomatic communication in stead of declaring war at the first signs of conflict, and only use nukes as last resort, and don't godmod?



But there are some forum rules to be respected. Yes, TCN, I'm talking to you. I see trolling, flaming, and whatnot..

OOC: Would it be better for you if i just f*cked off Aki? Oh but wait, then you would have nothing to complain about!


Complaining should be an olimpic sport, you certainly would win gold.


*Whine, whine, whine!* Let's have fun!!!
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