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Second N00klear War

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OOC: TCN your about to find out how skitsy the Fatherists are. he he.


the message from Field Marshal Russle fighting in the Bhalman thearter had just reached Ivon Avesky.



"Father i agree, what are your orders".

"i want compensation for this act of betrayl, and i'll use for if i have to. are those 2 Bruticus Battleships ready with the Railguns."

"yes Father".

"good, i want them to spearhead a blockade of all of TCN's major ports, and put Federation SBR on stand by on landing craft. i want all of the Dreadnoughts to see there first action, and all avalible Maximus Class Aircraft carriers to be sent, and send the Dorphius Fleet over also."

"yes Father".

"this will be the largest blockade TCN will see. dont let a single ship enter or leave TCN waters.i'll issue a personal ultimateum to TCN shortly."

"your will shall be done Father".


then the Generals walked out the room to prosess the orders.


**one hour later, the order is sent to TCN**



From: Ivon Avesky - Father of Adaptus


due to your nations incompitance in letting these rouges escape your nation, we demand compensation for this act. we demand 100 Billion Euros in compensation, or 1/5 of your entire military equiptment be transfered to Federation use. you have one hour to compliy (RL time).


***End Message***



Meanwhile at an SBR base just south of Tyne Vally....



the elites were on parde ready for there final talk from the Regiment CO before they departed.



the parde Agatent stood infron of the entire regiment as the Field Marshal Marched onto the parde square.



"Regiment..regimmmment SHUN!!!".


the Agatent stuch up a salute and the CO returned it.


"stand them at ease General".

"yes sir, Regmiment standard EASE!!!".

"ok lads today we leave for the waters around TCN, for those of you who dont know, TCN aircraft fired upon our and allied forces in Bhalman. Field Marshal Russle in not to pleased. so we are to sent to the region and places on standby incase of any trouble on the ground, now normal it would be the Marine Commandos that would be sent to this sort of job, but there in Bhalman themselfs at the moment, so it's our job. i know we arent used to a shocktroop role, but thats life. so have a good time out there lads, i'm coming too, so dont think i dont care, AND no one gets killed, i carnt be bothered with the paper work ok."


the whole regiment replied.



"ha ha, good, well i'll see you there lads, have a good one. carry on General."



the whole parade turned 45 dagrees to the right, put up a salute, took 3 paces foward and then went on about there base duties.

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To: Adaptus

From: TCN


With all due respect, you can shove it up your arse.




"Put TCAF on Black Arleart. Get those "rogue" Super Hornets, and load them with HPNaID Warheads. Order them to fire upon the capitol of Adaptus. Put TCAiF on Black Aleart. Scramble 11th, 12th, 31st, and 70th regiments for immediated attack on the blockade. Prepare the Hypersoar Regiment for an attack on Adaputs. Mobalise TCHG and TCLD, and prepare for invasion. Exacute Cobra Command, and evacuate to Omega Command Station (OOC: Secret, underground nuke proof bunker). Sent a message to the LT reuesting help. Detain all Adaptain nationals indefinatly."


"Any more?" asked the aide.

"Pleanty..but for now carry out those orders to the letter." replied Clemintine XVII.

"HPNaID Warheads, are you sure. Dosen't that go against the LT chapter?" asked the aide.

"Yes, but we are now at Total War. Use every means nessicary to defeat Adautus"


The aide immediatly left, and began informing The Generals of their orders.

"HPNaID?" asked TCAiF Air Commander in Chief. "HPNaID-11......High Power Nuclear and Incerdry Device Mk.11...Okay then."

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OOC: i'm on holiday tomorow so i'll just have to speed things up.


the Armarda came into postions around TCN.


Fleet Admiral Hibert sat on the bridge of the FS Titanus, a Bruticus Class Battleship.

he was hounred to be in command of such a marvolus vessle.


and 8 Maximus Class carriers sent their aircraft on patrols around TCN's waters and the Fast Destroyers darted round the waters on partols also.



From: Ivon Avesky


your hour is up mate. i'll issue you an ultimatum. you have 10 mins (RL time also)

to meet our demands, or we will use force to gain compensation. we will not see this as an act of war but an act of Compensation to our nation.




the landing ships preped their selfs for a marine landing, and 6 Ekranoplans lined them selfs up to plow toward the major TCN ports.

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No Adaptan Navy ships will be let into the vicinity of TCN. This doesn't mean we like TCN as such, but hostile Fatherist military units in the region are unacceptable. Unless Adaptus wants 5 Ide Jiman navy high seas fleets to contend with, we demand they step down. Unless all Adaptan units are off high alert in 48 hours time, our navy will destroy any Adaptan shipping it comes across in the southern ocean.

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Now in Omega Command Station

"Sir, LCHG and LCLD are fully mobalised for war. The HyperSoar Division are ready and the 11th, 12th, 31st, and 70th regiments are 2 minuits away from contact. The Super Hornet's are 12 minuits away from their targets."


"Send the HyperSoars. Target the power infrastrusture, the military bases, and government buildings. How long till Hypersoar Contact?"


"5 Minuits untill all 25 HyperSoars are in the air, about 5 minuits travel time."


"Good" replied Clemintine XVII.


(OOC: Source HyperSoar Information)

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-Niederoestereich Press Release-


Niederoestereich has no objections to these two nations destroying themselves. The Niederoestereichian Preimier asks all Niederoestereichians to enjoy the fire works. The General though circulating through government officials are "Their at it again" and "Uh-oh, trouble in paradise". The governmental warning exists warning all citizens to avoid un-neccassary travel to the general region.

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OOC: i ment Uplant island in previous posts sorry.


Ivon read both messages from Ide Jima and TCN.


"bolicks, i carnt have Ide Jima against me."


he turned to his Generals.


"whats done is done, the Federations is at was, recall the vessles from around TCN, but before we pull out of Uplant island waters, launch an EMP attack on their base."

"yes Father".

"oh and put the Federation on Bikini Special Red Alert, get those ICBM's back on alert. oh and to show we mean bussiness, let the FS Serpent have some fun before it leaves south TCN waters."

"ha ha yes Father".


the message was sent to all vessels in TCN waters and they started to pull back. but in the south TCN waters the FS Serpent Vanguard Class submarine poped up at the surface. a siren was heard, and a door opend on the top of the sub. a clowd of smoke came from the opening, and away went a EMP missile strait for the nearst port.


meanwhile on the other side of Europa, in Uplant Island waters....


a Sqrn of F35's took off for the main military base, armed with laser point defence, since they were unsupported, and 3 EMP bombs.


Back in Ivons stately home in the countryside outside Aveskygrad.


"lets rock and roll kiddies".

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"Sir, the ship are backi......What The Hell?" exclaimed the Air Defence Operator

"What?" asked his CO

"Missiles have been launched at TCN, and planes are moving in on Upland Air Base"

"Inform Upland of the threat. Can the ATDAPS (Automatic Theat Decection and Prevension System) shoot them down?" asked the CO.

"No, it's not fully operational yet"

"Sh1t" exclaimed the CO as he ran to the comms room.


At Omega Command Station


"Missiles have been lauched at TCN, sir" Clemintine's aide read out the report from the ADS (Air Defence System).

"Good job we have 25 Hypersoars, and 6 Super Hornets droping bombs on their nation as we speak (OOC: I can't RP the effects of these bombs. That is up to you Adaptus). Can we shoot them down?" said Cleminitne

"I doubt it but we can try" The Aide ran down to TCAiF section of Omega Command Station.


Counter missiles were fired in minuits with the hope of knocking the alien missiles out of the sky. A total of 12 were launched, but only 3 made contact, barely. But this was enought to knock the missile off course. It was now headed for the north flatlands....harmless.

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2 of the bombs landed miles from target, and no harm to computers was done, but one was still quite close to the uplant base, and the EMP wave cliped the side of north side of the base.


Meanwhile on Titanus island Ramsey read another Adapton news paper and saw the head line.





"by my beard, thats our nation and he's sent it to war, how dare he, we will have to hurry. Leftenant, how long before the ships are ready."

"one week, my lord".

"well hurry it up".

"yes Emperor".



Back in Aveskygrad Ivon sat in his war bunker with his generals, a large map and a lot of toy soldiers on it.


"father what is you next move, they have sent nukes."


Ivon sat their playing with his toys.


"boom, dat dat dat, take that TCN, neeeeaaaaamm pooomm. pow pow pow."




the generals looked on in disbelive.

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nukes landed on Aveskygrad, the populance had no warning of this, the city was flaterned again, but this time, so was the Adaptainium. Ivon arose from his bunker.


"where did everyone go?".


and he contuned playing with is toy jets. his generals turned and looked around.


and one muttered under his breath.


"my god Ramsey we need you."


he turned to the other generals behind Ivon.


"send a groups of men to find Ramsey in exile, we need him back."

"yes sir".

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