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Deltannian Civil War

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So, here's the OOC thread for the thing. I guess just input anything you want, but here were my ideas:


Two sies, the Loyalists and the Nationalists. The Nationalists state that Deltannia has become weakened after Loyalists began to began to enter more and more of the politics, as well as adding much more corruption. These political divisions were never around until modern times, there was just the standard political scale. Anyway, the Loyalists say that the Nationalists are seizing control unlawfully, against the will of the government, and are using military authority to do so.


I would prefer that not every single nation take one side, because then the war will be quite short. Just form your own opinons about the situation, do you want revolution or not in Deltannia?


Eventually, I will use this thread, hopefully, to expand eastward. I guess the Nationalists will move east, the Loyalists following.


Just some key facts to remember:

Nationalist control - Armies, most militias

Loyalist control - Navy

Much of the other sectors of the country will become disfunct.


Also, when communicating, I will NOT identify which side is which, but you can kind of figure it out. At some point, these referrences will be used.


All that I ask is that you don't destroy my nation, and that let's not make this into a testosterone contest. Otherwise, any input here would be nice.


Thanks, and let's make this a good one.

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i was thinking, what if i sent some Fatherist political advisors to the nationalist side. would you be fine with that Deltannia. just to try and spread Fatherisim around Europa. he he. i'm not saying turn the nationalists into fatherists, but just have a little bit of fatherists views added. that ok?

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Tagmatium is planning to support the Nationalists, maybe for its own ends, rather than those of the Nationalists. A weakened Deltannia could mean that Tagmatium has political and economic hegemony of the whole of the eastern coast of the Borean Strait...


Tagmatine support for the Nationalists could give an answer to where they have been hiding in the time after the Two Ships Attacked thread.

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Ah, the two ships attacked...... That was a fun one.


I like the diplomatic approach going, it keeps things from just becoming a let's pull a punch contest.


Adaptus, I've read it, and I think it's a great idea. The Nationalists, while preaching their ideals, still have a leadership structure that's not based on any democratic system. So, they're close, they just don't have one leader, they have a few. Think Russian Communism.


You know, if I got that plot of land instead of Karthenia across the straits, it would be an interesting contest, Tagmatium. Too bad, I'll just expand east.

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oh i must have missed this while i was away. would you still like me to sent some political advisors to the nationalists, i was thinking, maybe if i sent a young idealist as a leader figure and he could have about 5-8 other folowers and say one of them being a strong Fatherist with military General experince?

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@Ide: Any attempt tp "storm" the Borean Strait will end in the annihaltion of an Ide Jiman fleet, and probably a damaged Tagmatium, but definately a large war. I'd rather proper armies kept out of this for now, and just stuff like sending the odd battalion or brigade to "train" Loyalist troops or hiring mercenaries via a third party to combat Nationalists. It is supposed to be No-War November, and driving up the Strait is a sure-fire way to start a large-scale conflict.

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Sorry, I was rushing when I posted that. What I meant to say was that I have no intention of trying to force the straits. For now all I really want to do is try to put a bit of pressure on the GHET diplomatically, and try to link up with loyalists in Deltannia.


Which cities do the loyalists hold in Deltannia?

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Adaptus: Great idea.


Ide Jima: The navy is primarily Loyalist which include's Grey's flagship, the Legacy. Their are odds and ends that belong to the Nationalists (i.e. in New Delta Harbor), but there are few, not enough to do anything. Vice versa for the Lyalists and their army situation.


It's not so much needing troops to train, it's so much needing troops. There are a few pockets that are Loyalist, but the large majority and bluk of the army is Nationalist.


Which cities do the Loyalists hold? Well, the Nationalists are storming most cities. I would say that Tolun Point is Loyalist for the moment (Nationalists are sieging this place. It is ideal for naval control and most of the army the Loyalists have are here), and Ankah. Ankah is a very old city, and I'm assumign that it, Levana, and Haveena, will are "untouched" right now. Meaning the Nationalists have a presence there, but not enough to take it, and there is no fighting there. Levana and Haveena are being pulled into it, though, the Nationalists taking the coast from New Delta to Haveena, and trying to from New Delta to Levana (failing because of resistance along the way)


Inland is mostly Nationalist. Only pockets of resistance. Also, this doesn't mean necessarily that the majority of the populace is one or the other, many can be impartial, or don't want to get involved.

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Sorry for not responding, Ide Jima. I guess we're okay with what we have now.


As for the fleets? I'm just trying to make a push through the straits and bring the southern support ships up the fastest way. It's your choice as what to do. If you attack or not, I don't know, but remember that Deltannia prides itself on its navy.

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Hmm, it's just that any attack on or by the Tagmatine navy would end up with Imperial troops marching across the border into Deltannia, which would then bring Ide Jima into a wider conflict. A no-no at this stage.


Also, the Imperial navy, for all its new ships, is seriously small for a nation of Tagmatium's size. It couldn't afford the loss of any ships of a decent size, something that would be sure to happen were there to be a naval engagement against Deltannia, whose navy could frankly trounce mine.


Well, it looks like the heavy weather Tagmatium's been predicting will hit with avengence.

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