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State Of The Empire

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In a high room somewhere in Orionopolis, a screen is turned on.




"You have 2364 new messages",

the screen reads.


user posted image "Bloody hell! The Councillor of Foreign Affairs clearly didn't do his job!", a voice yells.


user posted image "I really don't know why that is..", an older voice ads.


user posted image "Then an internal audit will be preformed ASAP", the first voice says again.




H.R.H. Orioni & dr. Chandra Pristo get to work.




user posted image "This one looks pretty important. It's about the current situation in ex-Abyssio", dr. Pristo says.


user posted image "Are we still part of the peaceforce there?", Orioni asks.


user posted image "Yes, but we had some plans with the area, since we're in control of the land on the other side of the strait.", Pristo explains.


user posted image "Aha, Sirius!",

the Empress exclaims. "Yes, we should continue with our plans there."




Both work on a convincing reply.

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  • 2 weeks later...

user posted image Chandra Pristo: "It has been decided that we will name our new colony "Pontus", after the plans we have with the area." smile.gif


user posted image Empress Orioni: "Excellent. biggrin.gif They won't know what hit them when we reveal our project. Foreign investments in both Sirius and Pontus will skyrocket, and our economy will kick into overdrive again. Together with the reaffirmation of our maritime traderoutes to the outer colonies, our mainland will blossom again."


user posted image Chandra Pristo: "True, but let's not run ahead of schedule. Didn't you have that driving exam on thursdag?"


user posted image Empress Orioni: "Damn you Pristo! dry.gif I've been driving around all day with a madman sitting next to me, shouting all of the time. I don't want to be reminded about that right now."


user posted image Chandra Pristo: "Sure, I understand." wink.gif

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  • 1 month later...

About 3.000 messages later, both the old and newest messages have received an answer. That was sunday.


Today, after a couple of days with some good nights sleep, both Empress Orioni and the councillor, dr. Chandra Pristo, return to their office. The skyline of Orionopolis is a good subject to gain some inspiration.


user posted image Orioni: "Isn't it about time the hospital near Imperial Square got 'upgraded'? With the our increasing revenues this year, it would be wise to start investing even more in our future."


user posted image Pristo: "That's a good point. And talking about investing in our future: polls from our two colonies Sirius and Corona Borealis have shown that the inhabitants are asking for a higher degree of education. In my opinion, it would be best if we increased the amount of money we spend on student grants. Perhaps more students would then join our Erasmus Programma and come to Orionopolis to study."

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  • 2 weeks later...

user posted image Pristo: "Orioni, there's a new message for you. It's from the Arch-Imperium of The Xheng Dynasty."


user posted image Orioni: "Let's see.." *reads* "They're asking to form some sort of royal European committee, in order to promote the existance of monarchies and the aristocracies. It's called the 'Romefeller Foundation'. The proposal sounds pretty harmless, but I wonder what our citizens would think of it if we joined a that club. For the moment the potential members are all decent nations, but what would happen if a more despotic nation would join? I think we would get a lot of protest from the man in the street."


user posted image Pristo: "My thoughts exactly. Perhaps we could associate ourselves with the Romefeller Foundation on a temprorary basis and evaluate it after some time."


user posted image Orioni: "Alright then. We'll let the councillor of foreign affairs handle this."

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Later that evening, after dr. Chandra Pristo had gone home and the Empress was alone left alone in her quarters of the imperial palace.


user posted image Orioni: "Helloow? What's this? An invitation to crowning of a new royal in Ide Jima? And representatives from our nation are envited. Well the ceremony won't be held too har, it's at southwatch airbase on Rosario island...


I think I'll go... I'd like to meet that new king what's-his-name... Janichiro Kuzdan. Now I only need to worry about how to get there. Do I try out our new high-speed railwayconnection with Argenland, or perhaps the yacht from Zuidhaven to Southwatch? Hrmmm, a sailingtrip would be nice since it's been so long, but I guess the train will get me there faster. I can't afford to waste too much time on travelling when there's so much to do this time of the year.


Now, where do I reply..."

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