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Generally Speaking, army size (in peace time) is worked out as anything under 0.3% of your population. Supposing your nation has 1.3 billion exactly, your army strength would be anything under 3.9 million maximum (0.3%).


In my case, Ide Jima is about 3.2 billion, which gives me a maximum of 9.6 million. I don't have my total strength at this amount, I let mine rest at just under 7 million in RPs.


What is your NS nation called? I cannot find one called Xheng.

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Its "The Xheng Dynasty" or "The_Xheng_Dynasty" in some calculators.


Also, budgets vary by which calculator. Some estimate my defense to go at 4.7-ish trillion, another rates it almost at 8 trillion.

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Keep in mind thou of that between 1 in 5 and 1 and 10 of the men/women in your army will be combat personnel. In the the case of Canada in WWII it was 1 in 13. So IJ's "teeth" actually rest around 700,000 to 1400000. Amazing how armies shrink eh?

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Actually IJ I am talking about wartime. Canada's WWII army had a 1 to 13 teeth to tail ratio (ie 13 men required to keep 1 man in the field).



In WWI Canada had a population of roughly 8 million, it put roughly 600,000 men, about 20% of the pre-war labour force, in uniform. That is .075% on the total popluation. Of these 600,000 not all of them were frontline combat troops. Even amongst those that were not all were fight at one time (reinforcements, replacements etc).


This amount of men in uniform seriously threatened the Canadian economy and led to serious labour shortages.



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Ok, so 1 in 7 of my armed forces are combat troops, giving me, this must also mean my logistics corps is very efficient:


Population = 3.182 Billion



1000 = 3182000 X 3 = 9546000







7 = 1363714 front line combat troops.

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1) Population divided by 1000 = 0.1 of my entire population.


2) Multiply by three 0.3% of my population


3) Finally divide that by seven to get one in seven, total number of frontline troops.


(The probablity of this being wrong is very high, my mathematical ability is questionable in the extreme)

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Okay, thanks.


I think you dropped a zero.


3,182,000,000 X.03 = 95460000 / 7= 13637142.





1,993,000,000 X.03 = 59790000 / 5 (I would argue given the Akiiryu is a state focused on war that its logistics and support corps are efficient, moreover the government does much care for creature comforts - debate is welcomed) =




The cost of supplying an running such a force for either country would be huge. That is probably why 45% of Akiiryu's budget is spent on the military.

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