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FROM: President Martin Sumner

RE: Flying route


You are not allowed to use tamurinian airspace on your way to I1. This includes the divided area south of Tamurin that will soon become tamurinian.


The violation of our airspace will be regarded as an unfriendly act.




President of the United Republic of Tamurin

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From: Adaptus


we havent forgoten about your little island, this will also be blockaded, just to make sure you dont hit us from behind. a setachment from the Stantier Fleet has been sent to blockade your little instolation, it's mainly made up of AA Frigates, so no air attacks on my fleet your they will be shot down. we will alow your planes to keep on with the supplying of the island, but no aircraft or vessles will be able to leave the island, and will face being shot down. there is also 3 Maximus Class Aircraft Carriers part of the Detachment, and 12 Vanguard Class Subs on there wat too.


Ivon Avesky - Father of Adaptus

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