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Deltannian Civil War

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OOC: Just a few things before I get started:

The nation of Deltannia is moderately based on a science fiction story I have been working on for years, a bunch of short stories, but a lot of history. Every one of my cities is named after planets in Deltan space, and a lot of what I have based my nation on, or will base it on, comes from these ideas, including some religious backing of this war. (So far, I haven't included religion because it doesn't play a major part of my country's views).


This thread will also, by the time I get to 1 billion people, which will hopefully be soon, and hopefully happen while this thread is working, be an expansion thread westward, so keep that in mind in the future.


If you recall, during several past incidents, a group called the Deltannian Nationalists seized a majority of the power. The Deltannan Loyalists remained allies of most nations, and finally crushed the Nationalist power in the government. Due to the democratic setup of the government, several members are Nationalist, but a large majority are Loyalist. I hope that people will decide to choose one side or the other, and not take biased decisions to enter. Thanks, and lets make this a good one.




Corda City

Corda has always been an area of revolt in Deltannia, in the back-country, it is separated from the coast and ajorit of all attenion. Nationalists have lived here after they went into hiding.


Several leaders, old and new, marched up to City Hall along with several hundred men, armed with pistols, rifles, explosives, and anything else they could gather.


As many police as around tried to stop them, but were decimated within minutes. The barricades toppled, the Nationalists took City Hall. The mayor became the first hostage of the new government. The police, trying to seige the taken building, were crippled, reduced to several uncoordinated teams trying to take out shooters.


A message was sent throughout Deltannia from the Office of the Mayor. "Arise, Nationalists, for now we take Deltannia!"




Outside New Delta

A force of Nationalists, now hearing the call to arms once again, was ready to drive out the people who called themselves their leaders. Weak in times of needstrong government would be needed. But first, to drive out traitors to the Deltannian cause from within a major city. Now at the outskirts of town, all the soldiers were read to take what was theirs.




Admiralty Office, New Delta

Fleet Admiral Grey's segment of the Admiralty was stationed at New Delta, and he liked it. It was a secure harbor in a secure bay, perfect for his squadrons.


A messenger came up to his office, and for the past few months, he was in it alot, which he disliked. He preferred the open seas.


"A mesage from Corda, sir."


"What is it?"


"Nationalists traitors have taken the city. Uprisings are already occuring in many towns."


"Not again... Get some harbor patrol ships ready. And have coastal patrols increased. Send messages to the other admirals."


"Yes, sir."


"We have to make sure that they don't escape---" A gunshot rang out. Followed by another, and another, and another. Looking out the window, the two of them saw soldiers marching in from the south. Grey left his office and went to a window facing the north. From both sides, the harbor was being taken. There was no escaping now...

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To: Deltannia Loyalists

From: Ide Jima


We have helped you in the past, and are prepared to do so again. Our aid however, depends on whether the GHET will let a fully armed Ide Jiman assault squadron through the northern straits. We will contact the GHET to see, and if we are allowed, an inventory of the forces committed will be sent.






To: The GHET

From: The Republic of Ide Jima


May our navy send ships through the northern passages to Deltannia?

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


We thank you for your support in the matter, and---






The nationalists, after taking the majority of the city, sent a message to Corda City.


"Sir, we have taken most of New Delta by land, there is some resistance in the military headquarters. We will begin shelling immediately."


That was good. New Delta would fall, and now the siege on the capital of Delta would begin. Communications and supplies were already blocked, it was only a matter of time.




FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima, CC: GHET


We ask that Ide Jima not interfere with internal Deltannian affairs. We are restoring power to our government, and your obvious alliance with these traitors is unwanted. Power was ours in the main government before these traitors sold us out and took power themselves!!! Let our country take its own course.


OOC: Tagmatium suggested that an OOC thread be started. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but really don't mind. I wanted the opinions of others first.

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To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium

Re: Access


Old friends,


We believe, that at this moment, it is best to leave the Deltannians to sort out their own mess. Any other government, acting on whims and suspicions, meddling in Deltannia's affairs, may affect the situation adversely. We advise patience. If the events within Deltannia take a turn for the worst, then it may be advisable to send in Peacekeepers, either in a UN capacity or just from Europa itself.


Until then, we believe that it is best to allow the Deltannians to settle their own affairs. As the closest neighbours, we will keep an eye on the Dominion and happenings with in the state. We will then act accordingly.


Gregorius Ford,


High Chancellor

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ooc: Maybe we should have an OOC thread, good planning OOC makes for a good RP.



To: The GHET

From: Ide Jima


Old friends,


We would like to re-issue our request to let ships through the northern straits. Nationalist control in Deltannia would mean a weakened Deltannia, open to the threats of Fatherism. This is something we cannot allow. Lets not forget that the GHET could do without another Fatherist neighbour. Perhaps if we were to pay you, you would let our squadron pass?


If it would help sway your decision, we would like to point out that our navy calls the shots over many important trade routes in the south.

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Avesky sat in his war room, with a map and little toy soldiers on it. when the rest of advisors walk in.


"father, may we turn your attenstions to the current situation in Deltannia".

"ah yes, it looks a good area to gain some support for fatherisism."

"yes, we were thinking the same, we have established a contact within the Nationalists there, and we have offered to support them, and they were wishing for supplies."

"mmm....we may be able to use this as a proving ground".

"what for Father."

"the prototype railguns."

"bus Father, i thought those were still some time away from finishing there development."

"thats what the international, communiy thinks, send a ship carring 4 of the prototypes, send it round the long way, so we dont get spotted going through the straits."

"yes Father, your will shall be done".


then the advisors turned and walked away, ans Avesky got back to playing with his toy soldiers.


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OOC: Adaptus, the "Loyalist" government before support you as well, although I am sure the Nationalists will do so even further....


FROM: Deltannia

TO: Adaptus


We will be sending you more aid railgun development, and thank you for the prototypes. The ships will be escorted by the aircraft we have, and they will arrive safely. We thank you for the support.



*The Capital, Delta...*


"Sir, our forces ar emoving up the hill, we'll take the Senate building soon."


"Excellent. Report on other sectors."


"New Delta nearly taken, Corda, the usual area of unrest is now supporting us, and we are beginning to take the coastline. We are taking the coastal batteries, and are beginning to drive out that navy. Our plan to take the Bay (New Delta) is going through. SysTech mainfram eis being infiltrated, several top officials have been arrested and charged."


"Perfect. And what of foreign support?"


"They are squabbaling as usual. Deltannia will be ours again by the time they decide to do anything. Adaptus is supporting us kindly, and we are sending support to them as well."


A man came running up to them, full uniform. "Sir! We're sieging the top of the hill, it will be minutes now."



FROM: Deltannia (simple binary basic, decoded)

TO: All nations


Communications blocked and down STOP Require assistance STOP Overrunning us STOP CMD structure lost STOP ATK needed STOP


OOC: I developed a 6-bit "Binary Basic Standard", covering 266 = 64 characters. Or, 26 uppercase, 26 lowercase, 10 numbers, space, stop. Uppercase letters are used in spefici instances, including certain shorthand commands, such as ATK, CMD (Attack, Command). It saves space, and you can assume that if it's being used in modern times, then it's an emergency message (Think like if we only had morse code and telegram available to us).

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To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium


Old friends,


We respect that you wish to aid Deltannia. We respect that. But we think the situation is fully under the control, or will be soon. We also do not believe that Deltannia will succumb to the ways of Fatherism, whether if a "Loyalist" regime is in power, or if a "Nationalist" regime controls the Dominion.


We are honoured at your offer of money to purchase our support, but we will have to back down. We don't think we are worthy of such an honour given by the Federal Republic of Ide Jima. It is good to see that capitalist practices have taken root in your nation so quickly after the fall of Socialism.


There is another way to Deltannia, up through the Sevrun Sea and around the cape, and east towards Deltannia. This may be a better route for you, as at the moment we are suffering some fairly rough weather in the Borean Strait and the Channel of Ekainak, which may upset Jiman troops.


If the situation in Deltannia does worsen, as closet neighbours, will gladly send in Peacekeepers. We just do not believe that the time is right for foreign intervention, in what is still a private affair.


Oh, and attempting to navigate the Borean Strait without Tagmatine support would be very foolish, to say the least.

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Xian Naval Intelligence HQ Sector 7G(Foreign Fleet Movements/ Diplomacy)...


"Dammit!" Admiral Roeningen slammed his fist down on the table, having read the contacts from the GHET and Deltannia.


"Look, we're gonna have to send a small force round the long way..." He explained to several non colonial fleet admirals and marine captains sitting round the table, each looking equally frustrated.


"You're sure that we can't go through the Borean straits?" One questioned... "Of course I'm sure! WHY do you think I havn't come up with that already!?" Came the reply...



Next, a marine captain spoke: "What about sending a force up through the neutral territories?"


"Hmm..." The admiral pondered..."But that takes too long too!"... "Here's what to do, send a small force up through the Sevrun sea, round Noryang point and through the northern wastes as was suggested by our Old friends".


"That's stupid" Retorted a fat admiral, who was looking very bored at what was going on. "It'll take too long, and by the time they get there the Nationalists would have been in power for years. Not to mention the fact if it's a small force, then we will probably be outnumbered. In my opinion, you should send a force of marines up through the neutral territories".


"I have several problems with that. First the force will be too small, Second... do you think the GHET is stupid? and third the performance of Ide Jiman troops in northern climate is not A1. The Ide Jiman military is suited to mountain, deserts and jungles, not the icy wastes. We'll do this diplomatically, we're larger than the GHET, so let's throw our weight around a bit here, BUT we cannot bring alliance systems into this, that would blow things out of proportion".


There was silence, apart from a few disgruntled nods and murmurs from the long table".,


"Well then!... seeing as that sounds like a yes to me, I'll go and see my communications commander, and send a more persuasive contact to them"...


In saying this, the Admiral left slamming the door behind him. Outside, all that could be heard were footsteps walking away down the corridor, and sound of sentries saluting.


"And I", said the fat admiral, having made sure that Roenengen was nowhere in sight... "will be going to my communications officer to send 400 marines up the Jaihu river to the Deltannian border".


There was a marginally more positive response, but it was evident that all the officers were looking forward more to lunch break than military action up north.




Encoded Contact:

To: The GHET

From: The Federal Republic of Ide Jima


We will ask you again, seeing as you are starting to try our patience. Let our ships pass, the Nationalist control in Deltannia will not come to be. This will save you money and it will save you lives of troops if war came to pass.


Seeing as this is unlikely to sway you, let it be known that our navy and naval infantry corps have commerce raider squadrons active in the northern and southern oceans of Europa. They are capable of cutting trade with your LT friends in the south. Unless you want economic strife, we suggest you let our navy through. We see it a shame that it has come to such threats, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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OOC: I would like to point out that Deltannia is not an icy wasteland. Climate wise, it IS colder, there are regiosn quite moderate in the south. True, it is cold and heavy forested with a bit of snow, but don't think it's tundra and ice sheets.


Marching down from Haveena, troops supplemented the Nationalists still trying to flush out the Admiral at New Delta. This whole eastern coast section was taken now. With troops moving in from the west, it would fall.


At Tolun Point, the last of the Loyalists army had fallen under siege, and soon northern passage by sea would be even further restricted. Already, the navy had been pushed far out, trying to bring people to safety at nighttime landings on the coast. And now, the top of GOvernment Hill was taken in the capital, and the troops marched in.....




*New Delta*


"Now, we have no choice. Haveena has fallen. So has Corda. Troops are marching upon us, and we don't know how the rest of the Dominion is holding up. We must make a run for the harbor, or we're all dead men. Every single person in this building is going to pick up a gun, and meet on level 3. From there, we're going to make a push to the sea, no matter what the costs. New Delta has fallen."




FROM: Deltannia, DSS Legacy

TO: Tagmatium, All nations


The overthrowal of the government for this tyrranical regime is amazing. No country has come to the aid of Deltannia as the slaughter goes on. After losing communications with land, all we know is that we are trying to ship people out, and dozens of ships have sunk. In several days, it will be all over.


We will be pulling ships through the channel, directly passed Tagmatium. We hope you understand, but we have no choice, it is the only way to get all the southern squadrons up in time. You must let them pass.

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To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium

Re: Access


Old friends


We fear that you read us wrongly. We feel that your threat of violence against us is most wrong and unjustifiable. We are not blocking Ide Jiman access to Deltannia because we want to, but because this is the safest option at this moment, what with the notoriously bad weather that often occurs in and around the Borean Strait at this time of year. We don't imagine you would want to see any of your ships damaged by such rough weather.


Again, we protest that the goings-on within Deltannia are the affairs of no-one else but Deltannia, and especially not the business of a nation that is both so far to the south of the Dominion, and also a member of the Alliance. Ide Jima has shown no interest in Deltannia recently, and especially not in anyway that favours either political movement.


We have also heard that pirate activity is up along the shores of nortern Europa; it would indeed be a tragedy were any of Ide Jima's commercial raiders suffer any sort of mishap at the hands of these brigands.




To: Deltannia, DSS Legacy

From: Tagmatium

Re: Access


We are sorry to say that we are unable to aid you in anyway. The Borean Strait is suffering a spot of heavy weather, especially near the mouth. It would be very uncharitable of us were we to put the lives of other nationals in danger, so we cannot let the vessels of any other nation pass through Tagmatine territorial water at the moment. Any vessel will be escorted to an Imperial port, where it will be given free docking.




Somewhere in the Imperial Palace complex, Tagmatica


"Well, sir. Ide Jima and now Deltannia itself still demand access of the Borean Strait. Ide Jima has issued numerous threats about the disruption of trade and commerce with our sothern allies."


"We have said that we will police the waters, no matter what happens."


"Well then. Give orders to the home fleet to intercept any Deltannian vessels, and then have them escorted to port."


"Yessir" One man leaves the room.


"OK. How goes the contact with the Nationalists?"


"The same. They've been quicker than expected in their taking over of the Dominion. That said, the Admiral... Connor Grey?"


"That's correct."


"Grey has been organising defence quite well. We think it is him who is acting as the head of the Loyalists, but both sides refusal to admit that they are either one or the other really does make discerning who has sent what communication rather difficult."


"But what support we have given them has gone well?"


"Yes. But if the Nationalist reinforce their hold on the Dominion too quickly, it does through out of the window the plans for a weakened Dominion."


"Hmmm. Step up support for the Loyalists?"


"Maybe so."

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ooc: I meant that I may have to go through them to get to Deltannia




Xian Naval Intel HQ, sector 7G...


"Curses!" The Admiral practically screamed... "is there no way to help Deltannia!?"


"The satellite pictures DO show a build up of heavy weather around the Borean straits", explained his secretary..."Oh, and the stormtroopers sent us this"...


She handed him a black dossier, inside was a contact...


"Ah, for crying out loud... how did those bastards get hold of this!?"


"Admiral Ratang has been speaking quite liberally about this Sir."


*Reading the letter to himself* "We have four Tilt rotor aircraft capable of carrying the marines you despatched to the neutral territories north more quickly"... "Does something strike you as odd about this letter?"


"You never sent marines to the neutral territories"


"Damnit Again!" He said, bringing his fist down on the table, even harder. "Well, they're there now, no going back... tell the STAC to send them up north with their tiltrotors... they get all the good equipment... and now about this letter from Tagmatium, we'll have to see to it that they get a reply".






To: The GHET

From: The Federal Republic of Ide Jima


If we cannot use the Borean strait to help Deltannia due to weather, that is understandable. But we see no meteorlogical reason why we could not use an airbase in your nation, to serve as footing for an airborne assault on the nationalists. Maybe through working together we could achieve greater co-operation between the two alliances.


We helped Deltannia after it's navy was attacked, and we have several important trade deals with the nationalist government. We see it as the safest option to help the Loyalists. We assure you the Ide Jiman navy is at no threat from mere pirates.

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On the deck of IJN Turfan, an Ocean class assault ship despatched to try to get through the Borean straits...



"Hmm, Serekan just sent us an order to make room on the deck for 5 SAC Heavy Duty tilt rotors by 24 hours time, and to put 550 marines on standby for despatch to Deltannia"


"Looks like we're gonna have to do this by air then sir"


"But 550 marines can't invade Deltannia"


"No, sir, but the Marines could wage Guerilla war against the Nationalists. They're trained well in doing that - ever since they merged with the militia".


"Well, what are you waiting for!? get some of those choppers below decks so the tilt rotors can fit onboard".

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OOC: Just to make sure: The Loyalists have no real leader. They have a government (i.e. Senate, Council, etc.). In the Navy, he is also not the leader.


FROM: Deltannia, DSS Legacy

TO: Tagmatium


Our ships are sturdy, no meteorological reason will attempt us from trying to pass. If our ships are not allowed up, necessity demands that we will escort them up.




Fleet Admiral Grey managed to get contact of his battallion (see below). They'd been roaming the countryside to the northwest, trying to stop the Nationalists from getting to New Delta.


But now, his men were engaged in a firefight. Every one of them with as much of the armory as they could take. They started close to the harbor, but it was difficult to punch through.


A messenger came up to him. "Sir, we need to clear!" Grey was too busy engaged himself that the messenger knocked him to the ground. Three copters came from the west, a good sign, and took out a bunch of the men in front of them.


"To the docks!"




FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


We have been monitoring your transmission with our neighbor Tagmatium. We see no reason that you should worry. We require no assistance in this matter, and order will be restored shortly. The end is near.


OOC: I wrote in that admirals get a personal guard. Admiral in this navy are much more involved then in the US one (i.e., they will get their hands dirty). In the case of the Fleet Admiral, he gets 5 companies, or 1 battallion. He divides them into Comapnis A/B: Attack/Support, Comapnies C/D: Defense/Support+Reinforcements, and Company E: Special Operations. As of know, they are hugging the west coast of the bay around New Delta (I should name it...)

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To: Deltannia

From: Ide JIma


We still deem it neccessary to aid the Loyalists. We are sending a small force aid the loyalists in New Delta. If neccessary, all these troops will do is assess the situation, and evacuate any casualties.







The deck of IJN Turfan...


The five tilt rotors came in to land on the deck, taking up most of it. 4 were SAC built heavy duty tilt-rotors, whilst the fifth was an SAC-6000 Vehicle transport tilt rotor. As soon as they bumped on to the deck, the aircraft were re-fuelled, and troops began to file aboard. The vehicle transport had carried 5 T-95 tanks and 15 Scimitar light tanks from Ide Jima.


As the plane was about to take off, a Naval Infantry commander ran to the open door of one and jumped in. When inside he said: "Here it is, the attack plan *handing the pilot a dossier*...We fly to the border with Deltannia, where it meets the Jaihu river. From there 500 of us strike forwards in offencsive movement towards nationalist positions in New Delta, the others wait for a Marine force travelling up the river..."


Within two hours of their landing, the tilt-rotors managed to become airborne again - although the tank transporter was struggling with the weight.

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OOC: I just took the idea that Grey was the leader for granted...


"It appears that both Ide Jima and Deltannia, presumably the Loyalists, think that their navies can handle the conditions in the Borean Strait. And Ide Jima warns that pirates will not threaten their navy."


"Bugger. So the weather warnings hold no water?"


"Exactly. Ide Jima also demands the use of an airbase."


"If the Loyalists receive enough support to hold back the Nationalists, it would... upset matters."


"Indeed. But any further stalling for time may upset matters even more so."


"Maybe so. We cannot, however, let Ide Jima give support to the Loyalists, or allow them to link up with their squadrons in the south. If there was an event which blocked off the Borean Strait, or at least limited traffic through it, we could use it to our adavantage."


"Such as...?"


"Well, we have been issuing weather warnings to both sides. It would only be expected that such adverse conditions in the Strait were to claim some victims. Would it be our fault if the clean-up operation took longer than was anticipated?"


"Of course not. And the airbase question...?"




TBC News Update


News just in. There are reports of a collision between two ships in the Borean Strait. One of the vessels appears to be an oil tanker, the Renown and a car transporter, the Imperial Flag. Both vessels may have been caught by the the severe weather in the Strait, warnings of which have been issued by the Imperial Meteorolgical Office for some weeks now. We now have an initial picture of the incident:

user posted image

The Renown was bound for the industrial city of Kontos, whilst the Imperial Flag had just left the same city and was headed for the Chosen Nations in southern Europa. The accident happened at the narrowest point of the Channel. There are as yet no reports of casualties.




To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium

Re: Airbase usage


Old friends,


At the moment we are afraid that we cannot be of help in this issue. Most of the bases near the Borean Strait are suffering under the severe weather in the area, whilst in northern Tagmatium, there have been some early snows which have blocked up the runways. Migratory birds are not helping matters.

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


We thank you for the support. We only hope this transmission has not been intercepted. Good luck.




They made it to the harbor. Already, many of his staff had died on their quick charge. Nationalists were closing in on the east and west, and all of the boats had been commandeered.


The bullets were ripping from the left and the right, and they'd hit a dead end. They would run out of ammo soon, as well as space.


But then he stepped over a sewer drain. Nothing a small explosive wouldn't fix. "Everyone down!!!"




"Ide Jima will be landing some forces, apparently."


"They'll be defeated. The force will arrive and be encamped ahead of time."


"And then Europa will see how Ide Jima will fall."

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The five tiltrotors came down to a bump in a field somewhere in southern Deltannia. The 50 or so naval infantry soon disembarked, followed by the much larger group of 500 marines, who quickly fanned out to form a perimeter. It was in the early morning, and nearly everything was silent, apart from the tilt rotors flying off into the distance to pick more troops up off the ships out at sea. Once the satellite link had recovered from the bumpy landing, the location was fixed at the southern border of Deltannia, where it is met by the Jaihu river.


The troops were in good spirits as they set off towards New Delta, but they were advancing slowly, to make sure that no Nationalist ambushes took place. Once the force reached a small village, which was strangely deserted, the troops took up a new tactic. Concealed positions were set up around the village containing anti tank weapons, SAMs and machine guns. Other troops split into small groups and advanced into the woodland surrounding the village on recconnaisance sorties. Snipers were also posted in areas around the village, whilst the little armoured support the group had was placed in a concealed position to surprise any enemy attack.




50 km to the south...


400 marines had set out a few days earliers up the river, the banks were large open areas, making the advance easy. In three days time, they would reach the Deltannian border, and reinforce the troops there.

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Sector 7G, Xian Naval Intelligence...


"Ah to hell with it..." Groaned Admiral Ronengen, a man from a German colonial village near Batavia, who had always been bitter since being beaten to command of the 2nd colonial fleet by Admiral Keitel, and had since been relegated to intelligence duty.


"We should try to stall the GHET" Explained his secretary, as she browsed a dossier containing troop movements near Deltannia.


"Ok, so we stall the GHET, for what... say ... a few days? Afterwards we'll be crushed. Sure enough we can wage a Guerilla war with our forces, but they aren't trained to fight in Temperate countryside. The Deserts, Mountains, Tropics and Urban warfare are IJ marine corps strengths."


"If we stall them, we can still link up with Loyalist forces, or at least grab one of the cities the nationalists aren't focusing on".


"Fine, we'll try to keep them occupied with diplomacy - but they aren't stupid, they'll soon notice what's happening with our troops ... Send this contact to the GHET... show them we aren't messing around."



To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The Federal Republic of Ide Jima


Very well, our fleet will wait out the storm at the southern end of the Borean straits. We are sure your navy is more than capable of clearing any wreckage from this unfortunate incident with utmost haste. Then our navy will come through the straits. After all, Deltannia needs our aid, and we would be dissapointed to see our old ally Tagmatium exposed to a threat from the north.


We've spotted a few storms gathering in the southern ocean. Your merchant navy may want to watch it's back - these cyclones can travel very quickly.

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It was a large group, all in the sewage under New Delta.


They didn't want to be seen, and they managed to get enough of a smokescreen. A diversion force went down to the docks and sank a ship, to look like an escape. They entered the sewers and met up with the group a few minutes later.


They were moving as fast as they could underneath the city. Their best option was to exit the city in the west, and make their way through the forest. They'd have to find shelter quickly, the cold night air would freeze them.




"Spot those boats! They won't make an escape that way..."


"Captain, we've found a blown sewer plate at the intersection."


"Cap'n, another blown grate, into the sewers down here."


So, these sunk boats were a diversion. They could have been making there way in several directions, but at this time, they could be in a large radius.


"Get patrols on the outskirts, now!"




The fleet of ships had spotted the Ide Jiman vessels in the distance. They were outside the Straits now, and we're awaiting orders.


"Legacy, we need orders."


"Hold there until we send the signal, then you need full speed."


"Received, Legacy. Standing by."


They'd probably have a large escort fleet. They'd need to protect them through the straits, and ironically, not from the Nationalists this time....

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"The Ide Jimans are on to us again. About the wreckage this time."


"Well, there is a bit of a problem there. It appears to be a bit worse than we anticipated."


"How much so?"


"The Renown has broken up in the Strait. The navy really won't be able to move it for a while, if at all. Until we get some outside help, I'm afraid. The navy doesn't have that sort of technology, not after the civil war."


"Ah. And the Ide Jimans are actually threatening to storm the Strait, as well as issuing storm warnings of their own."


"In the southern oceans...?"


"Yes. I've given orders to Naval Command to put some Naval Guardsmen on all Merchant Navy ships for southern climes. That should deter Ide Jima from anything rash. Well, apart from forcing their way up to Deltannia."


"Hmm. I think we may have to be firmer than before. A whole fleet is coming from Ide Jima. And the Deltannians are now moving south."




TBC News Update


Breaking news. One of the two vessels caught in the recent collision in the Borean Strait has begun breaking up. The oil tanker, the Renown began breaking up over night, during yet more rough weather. Thankfully the ship was not carrying any oil, apart from fuel oil, otherwise this diaster would have had a massive envirnomental impact as well. Here are pictures of the incident:

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The Imperial Government does not have any craft capable of embarking on a salvage operation to remove these vessels from their current locations, and is calling upon another nation or international corporation to help the Greater Holy Empire in this task.


The Greater Holy Empire has also deployed the Borean Strait Fleet of the Holy Imperial Navy to make sure that no foreign shipping gets caught up in the incident. The fleet includes HIN Borean Strait and Nika, both Maximus class aircraft carriers, as well as HIN Demetrias I Basileus class missile-battleship. These vessels will be amongst the ten other ships on patrols to reduce traffic through the Strait.




To: Ide Jima

From: Tagmatium

Re: Access


Old friends,


Due to a sudden worsening in the weather which has resulted in the break-up of one of the ships caught in the recent incident. This has made the Strait too dangerous to send any shipping through at the moment. We will get this cleared up as soon as possible, to allow the access of merchant shipping.


We honestly believe that Deltannia does not need any outside assistance at this time. If Deltannia is in need of any forces, we can and will provide them, once the situation has worsened enough to justify the deployment of peacekeeping forces. Until then, Deltannia must sort out its own problems. We would be happy to allow you to use an airbase near the border to supply those war-torn areas of the Dominion with humanitarian aid, so long as Tagmatine soldiers escort your aid-workers, to show that we are as committed to you to help elevate the strains of war on the less fortunate of Deltannia.

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To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The Fatherist Federation of Adaptus


the Federation would like to help the GHET with there problem, we can supply 3 Maximus Class Carriers, and a serise of aircraft to help. if the GHET will alow us to pass through there waters, and use some of their ports and airfields for refuling, we would gladly help.


Fleet Admiral - Johnson - General Staff

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To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: Niederoestereich


We see there has been some misfortune in the Borean Straits resulting in sunken vessels. We may be able to provide assistance in salvage operations to remove these vessels from their current locations if it is the wish of the Tagmatium government. Weather conditions are a limiting factor on salvage operations


If you do require aid in this, you know where to find us



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Xian naval intelligence, sector 7G...


"Excellent, they're worrying... they think that we're going to try and rush the straits. We need to keep them focused on that... every moment that we spend distracting them gives the marines more time..."


"But we still won't be able to send anything through, Admiral... the GHET is capable of handling more than one problem at once... every nation in Europa is..."


"That's true, it's only so long before they see that we have sent a small group of troops through the neutral territories... But what else can we do? We just have to act like we were before... hell, if we're really lucky, they might even let the fleet through!... And to pile on some more pressure, send a group of TSR.2IJ to launch a torpedo attack on a GHET ship... covertly that is..."


"I wouldn't do that straight away sir. Rumour has Niederoestreich is going to clear the wreckage. That may shed some valuable light on matters..."


ooc:Sorry, More to come soon...

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The few guards they met on patrol they shot as they came out of the sewer system.


They were now on the far western outskirts, attempting to reach any allies nearby. Their force would be hunted down without support soon.


"This is Force Grey, outside New Delta, moving NNW, need assistance, please respond..."




The DSS Legacy was moving right through the Borean Straits. The weather was barely raining, the overcast over them.


"Those liars," the Captain said, listening to the broadcasts they were receiving from Tagmatium.


"Send a message to the fleet. Tell them to move north, full speed. Keep a watch out for Tagmatium."

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