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The Borderlands of Bad Landing

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We, the Borderlands of Bad Landing, look forward to a long and successful cooperation with the region of Europa.


The Borderlands of Bad Landing is less of a country and more of a city state as the entire population is mainly centered around the capitol Bad Landing. Bad Landing is an old city, and it is situated next to a large lake. You can probably deduct how it got it's name. The reason almost the entire population resides within the city of Bad Landing is simple: It is the only liveable spot in the entire nation.

The rest of Bad Landings environment is a barren desert-like landscape not suitable for anything.


Bad Landing today is a very modern nation, high-tech in every aspect, and as wealthy as it is democratic. It is a good mix of socialist and capitalist political ideas, allowing room for both private and state enterprise.


Due to it's location Bad Landing is neither strategically or economically important and has thus avoided the attention of foreign powers. Because of this it has been able to develop in it's own way.

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