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Imperialist Crisis in Bhalman - Siege of Port Nain

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Major Wkumi Pol sat in the mobile command truck, ponding over what Fate the young State would have if he failed to stop the Imperialists. "Reports please," request Pol as he drawing his next plan of defense. "Major, the Imperialists have attacked the Elfrard and Jonar provinces and are moving their stolen tanks south towards the NE suburbs of Port Nain, they should be here soon," reported the Corporal, by the name of Irpa.


"Major," started Corporal Urlur, "The Main Imperialist Force have broke through the Western Defense Lines and are heading towards the Council of Chiefs Building," reported him. "Corporal, I want you to move your men to the building close to the Council Building, do not let the Imperialist Swine in for any reason."


"Sir, Yes Sir!" repiled Corporal Urlur and he leaves for his tasks. "What do you want me to do?" questioned Irpa. "I want you and your tanks to form a blockade around the downtown area, I want nothing to get through," repiled Major Pol. "It will be done," spoke Irpa and he leaves.


Several minutes later, Pol's phone rings. "Yes, Yes, Who is it?"


"This is Major Urbrald of Fort Baratar, we are on our way with 1500 men and 20 tanks, this is all we have left since the Imperialists stole our artillery in the night," repiled the Major.


"I'm so sorry to hear that, any other news Major?"


"Yes, I just got word that our allies in the League of the Treaty are sending forces."


"Good, that will be all, but hurry, Port Nain is on its last legs."


"We will be their in 48 hours, can it hold that long?"


"I think it is going to go down faster than 24 hours!"


"Well hold them off to the best of your training until we arrive, you have your orders Pol."


"Yes Sir," and he hangs up the phone. Port Nain is not going to last the night if those reinforcements did not arrive soon. Pol pondered who was behind the whole incident and then went back to his defense planning.

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In the Imperial Palace complex in Tagmatica, Tagmatium, High Chancellor Ford sat at his desk, going over reports and paper work that were essential to the role of High Chancellor, as well as the running of the Greater Holy Empire. As he sat at the desk, the door to the office was opened by the Imperial Guardsman standing outside. A minor offical walked into the room, began to speak.


"Chancellor, we have received information that Port Nain in Bhalman is under attack. They have requested support via the League of the Treaty. What, Chancellor, do you think we should do?"


Ford sat back. Most of Tagmatium could remember what had happened outside of the fortress-city of Gorytos, where by Ford had earned himself the nick-name of "Butcher of Gorytos", as his lack of ability to command had led several brigades to their deaths in pointless attacks. Many had doubted the wisedom of Emperor Commodus promoting him to such a high office.


Ford called a meeting of several officals and a military delegation. They came to the conclusion that it would be best to send to Bhalman a force consisting of a brigade of infantry plus supporting forces, commanded by a General Antony Trajan, another veteran of the Tagmatine Civil War.


The downside would be that they would not be ready to move to the Allied States in the next eighteen hours, and the flight to Bhalman would take at least six hours. It was thought by those with an eye on the conflict in the Allied States that Port Nain would fall in the next day or so. It would be a close call...

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or reserve LT force shall be sent to the crisis, as our main LT expaditionary force is in action in Unspecifistan. so we shall send the Federation LT SBR (Special Boat Regiment) to the problem, they will be taken over in 1 Trustian Class Assault Ship, and shall be supported by 1 Maximus Class Aircraft carrier and 410 Sqrn which consists of 8 F35 JSF's and 4 F/A 18 Hornets (this Sqrn is in the prosses of being requipt, so they will oporate 2 types of aircraft at the moment.)


so in sumary



Land Forces:-

Federation LT SBR


Sea Forces:-

1 Trustian Class Assault Ship - FS Santus

1 Maximus Class Aircraft Carrier - FS Adroptian


Air Forces:-

410 Sqrn - 8 F35's, 4 F/A 18 Hornets


ETA 2-3 days

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Lieutenant General Trajan looked at his watch. Still two hours away from Bhalman. He cursed the long flight towards the Allied States and hoped that the forces under his command would arrive in time.


He wasn't overly concerned with his forces them selves. The majority of them had served with distinction in the Civil War and all of the recent operations Tagmatium had participated in. He himself was a veteran of that conflict, and like a number of Tagmatine generals, was surprisingly young. This was due to the defection of large parts of the Tagmatine forces in that conflict, which had lead to rapid promotion of officers who had proved themselves capable of command.


"Pilot? How long to go now?"


The pilot winced. It was like taking his two children on holiday, the constant "are we there yet?" of the General was really begining to get on the pilot's nerves. Clenching his teeth and counting to ten, the pilot answered.


"Sir, we are just under two hours away. The same as last time you asked."


Trajan nodded. There was still the problem of finding a decent landing zone. There was not much information to the Bhalman authorities. The scramble to get the Tagmatine forces airbourne had reduced the flow of information from the General's staff and the Imperial Government. Trajan turned to the transport aeroplane's communications officer.


"I want a roll-call of all the other planes, then try to contact the Bhali government. We need to know what is and what isn't in the hands of the Imperialists."




Trajan turned to the pilot again. "How long now?"

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General Hines was now a nervous wreck. He had been told that the 111th regiment and the 112th regiment were to be deployed. As he walked on the plane he wondered what the war was going to be like. He had his strategy ready but he didn't feel very confident. On the plane he constintly aggrivated Lt. Jones by asking him what time it was. All he could do was sit and wait for the moment the plain touched down.

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"General, the Bhali authorities report that there are Imperialist groups around the Port Nain International. That's the only airport capable of handling these 'planes in this area. Otherwise we would have to take a de-tour."


Trajan cursed. A diversion would prevent his forces from meeting up with the Bhali forces. But he'd never tried landing under fire, and he had no paratroopers with him.


"OK, get in touch with the other transports. Tell them we're in for a rough landing."


He repeated this to the soldiers on his plane, and returned to his seat and buckled in, not before putting on combat gear, just in case.


Port Nain Internation was in sight, and the transport 'planes began to descend for landing. They also began to experience snap-fire from Imperialist ground units, but nothing serious enough to force the Tagmatine aircraft to turn around or abort the landing.


The leading plane came in to land, landing gear coming down as it approached the tarmac of the runway. The pilots were sweating as they tried to land the large aircraft under incoming fire. As it skidded to a halt, the access ramps thudded down, and the fire People's Guardsmen jumped down and immediately came under fire from Imperialist positions. The Tagmatine forces suffered some casualties, but as more of the transports landed, numbers began to tell in their favour, and the Imperialist forces were pushed back beyond the boundaries of the runway.


Trajan was one of the first out of the aircraft, and had been grazed on the arm by a stray bullet. he grabbed one of his adjutants.


"Get me the Bhali forces. We need some support, or we're going to be overwhelmed if we can get a foothold in the main terminal buildings." Grabbing another officer. "Lieutenant colonel. Get your battalion and try to take some of those buildings."

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Back in Port Nain, the problem had gotten worse, Major Pol's forces were pushed back to the Central Plaza and the forces from Baratar Base were not going to arrive. "Colonel move your forces back the Government Palaces, initiate the traps and smokescreens we must survive this day," ordered Pol who had not sleept in several nights. "Major, news from the forces from Baratar, they seemed to be ambushed in the road on the way north, we have feeling that they will not make it and will be slaughtered by Imperialists..."


"Darn it, well we are on our own I guess, Corporal, take this message down word for word," ordered Pol who was getting shocked at the amount of dead bodies around him. "Begin sir..."


To all Nations of Europa,


We have been cornered into the government facilities in Port Nain and fear that we will not be able to win, any forces arriving to help and will appericated. We have gotten reports that Tagmatine forces have arrived and are helping clearing the way for others to arrive...Baratar Guardsmen Ambushed...Total Losses in the hundreds...HELP...




Akiiryu, now would be a good time for those talks.

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Fleet Admiral Paterson could see the Balman coast, and port Nain. just then a radio signal came in.


"Zulu five this is Tango two radio check radio check over."

"this is Zulu five reading you load and clear Tango two over." Paterson replied.

"ah Admiral, this is Brigadier Corbit. i am aproching your Vessal in an Sea-Monster (Ekranoplan), i am here with LT SBR 2 battalion, we've been asked to give you a hand."

"fair enough, i could use the forces of an Ekranoplan, there is a beach area next to Port Nain, land your men there and come in from that side, and Field Marshal Russle will take the main assault force and assault Port Nain it's self, understood."

"yes sir".



with that command Paterson turned to his radio man.


"tell Feild Marshal Russle the news, and them give him the code word".

"aye sir"


once the code word was given the FS Santus assault ship charged past the FS Adroptian which Paterson was onboard. and at the same time the whurle of engies flooded the air, as the mighty Sea-Monster powered it's 10 huge engiens. and then at 300 Kh it roard past.


the port shuck with the sound of the Ekranoplans mighty engiens. as it shot past the assault ship, and toward the beach. then the 4 Hornets aboared the Adroptian took off ready to patrol the air over Port Nain. as the reached the port, the Ekranoplan plowed into the beach, and the front opend up, and 300 crack SBR troops stormed out.




the 4 Hornets roard over the port, reconing the area, as the main assaul ship opend it's bays just off the Port Nain docks. as it's bays opend 10 LVTP7 amphibius assault APC's charged out and behind them an armarda of light landing caft, each carring about 20 men. the LVTP7's hit the port and emedeatly unleashed fire into the nearby urban areas, and then the landing craft hit the docks and the SBR men pored ashore. just then the 4 Hornets saw a larg buliding with imperialists fireing out the windows at a group of Bhalman soldiers. the hornets lined them selfs up and unleashed a screen of missiles toward the bulding.


meanwhile. Fleet Admiral Paterson stood on the Bridge of the Adroptian, overlookin the carnage, and thought. i wounder what the chefs are making for diner tonight?




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Major Pol was in a pickle, he had been shut into the Central Plaza surrounded on all sides by Imperialists, he had lost 300 men at least and hundreds more wounded and he couldn't take it any longer. "Corporal, update me please..."


"Yes Major, LT Forces from Adaptus, Tagmatium and Sarvoski have arrived but have received heavy resistance. Adaptuian Forces have sent a few flyers out, I think that should clear somethings, your orders sir?"


"Contact me Khabara Airforce Base, I need an urgent bombing run at the following locations of A.77.I.12 and at A.77.I.11, tell them that should hold back some Imperials," repiled Pol. "At once sir...Major, I have been just given several messages over the wire and I think they should be good," spoke the corporal. "Let me see them," answered Pol who grabbed them out of the corporal's hands. "Intresting, Tagmatine Forces need assistance, Corporal, contact Irshah Military Base and tell them to high tale it to the airport," ordered Pol who was getting more and more agressive. "At once sir, anything else sir?"


"Any news from the Prime Minister?" questioned Major Pol. "Not as of yet, he is still in Akiiryu and I have a feeling he shall be their for awhile more. "Darn, I need to contact him at once because I can only moblize the Council Guards with his authorization, where is that bombing squad..."


"This is Marauder 1 and 2, commencing bombing run...Targets locked...Dropping Payload..."


A large-scale bombing run happens destroying several buildings and wrecking others, this allows the Government Forces sometime to regroup and come up with a last bold plan, meanwhile a mysterious man watches and waits for his moment from afar. Meanwhile at the Airport...


Heavy gunfire and mortar shells explode all over the place, Port Nain Airport was a place you would not want to be at this time as it was utter chaos. Imperialists had taken over the control tower and started closing in on the terminals, Tagmatine Forces prepare for the oncoming onslught, however a Bhali Government Battalion arrive from Pimsu Naval Base and draw the enemy fire away from the Tagmatine forces.


"Greetings Tagmatine Commander, I am Sub-Commander Eryldar in charge of the 2nd Regiment of Pimsu, glad we came when we did, go, we shall cover the enemy fire from you, keep running towards Port Nain, their are some vehicles for you some way down the road, Welcome Again to Civil-Torn Bhalman." finished the Sub-Commander before returning unrentless counterfire into the enemy flank.

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Trajan gave the sub-commander a nod.


"Good evening, sub-commander. Thanks for the assistance." The lieutenant general found a member of the 285th, the battalion that Trajan had sent off to clear a terminal buildings. "Guardsman, get Lt. Col. Attaces to bring his forces back here. We're going to pull back to Port Nain."


"Yessir!" The Guardsman ran off to locate the command squad of his battalion.


Trajan paused for a minute, looking around at the chaos that was the airport. Two of his four battalions, 196th and 231st, were firing upon rebel positions, the third, the 285th, were retreating under the covering fire that the first two were giving. The final battalion, 252nd, were dragging heavy equipment of the transports. As Trajan turned around, he saw the Bhali troopers giving disiplined burst of fire into more Imperialist postions, as his own forces began to withdraw off the airstrip. Any casualties were being taken with them. Trajan reckoned his forces must have suffered a fair few losses, either dead or wounded, but the hectic situation didn't really enable him a true assessment of the casulties the Tagmatine forces had suffered.




A half-hour later, and the People's Guard Battalions were on the road to Port Nain. As it had turned out, out of the 2800 combat soldiers, they'd lost about 200. This figure didn't include the walking wounded. The Tagmatine forces, due to the rushed deployment, had not got off to a good start.


"Major, once we get to Port Nain, remind me to put in a request to Tagmatica."


"Sir. What is it you will be requesting?"


"Some heavy bloody armour, major."




To: General Headquarters, Tagmatica

From: Lieutenant General Antony Trajan, commander of the Bhalman Expeditionary Force

Re: Heavy Armour




Due to the unpreparedness of our first group of forces, I request that you send me forces from either the Cataphracts or Cabalarii. This would enable me to better help the Bhali government in the way that I have been ordered to.


General Antony Trajan




Gregorius Ford was annoyed. News of the recent Chosen Nations press release had finally reached Tagmatica. And it had not caught them in the best of moods. The gist of it was that the Chosen Nations would not aid Bhalman, even though duty bound to support them via the League of the Treaty. If this were the case, Tagmatium may have to return the favour if the Chosen Nations was in an hour of need.


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The TCAF Chief General was reading the report on the attacks in Bhalman. The Imperialist were doing well. But as soon as the Tagmine (OOC: Is that correct?) re-enforcements arrived, they would surly be crushed. He had to stop those re-enforcements....but how? He could not fire upon TCN's oldest ally - that would be crazy. A majour problem if the Imperialist Forces were to win. In fact 1st Majour Johns didn't really care who won, just that Bhalman became a smoking crater in the ground. He couldn't not fire upon Tagmine aircraft, but if he could just stop them from arriving in Bhalman.....The idea suddenly hit him....TCN couldn't fire upon Tagmine aircraft, but "rogue" TCSF and TCAiF operatives could. How would inform the heads of TCSF, and TCAiF of his idea.


3 Days Later


TCN Press Release


It is our unfortunate duty to inform the world that rogue agents from inside TCSF have stolen 6 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet's from TCAiF bases around TCN. We believe it to be a large operation, and we have killed or captured 20 rogue agents. We believe these rogue agents will strike TCN, but we also believe that they will strike our allies. TCN therfore warns all nations to heavily guard their air traffic, or even better, not fly a all until we can re-capture these aircraft. All the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet's managed to exit TCN airspace, and we do not know thier location. They could strike at any time, at any location, and against any target.

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both SBR 2 battalion and 1 battalion had managed to link up and already 3 of the 10 LVTP7's had been destroyed. there just wanst enough of them, and there was no more LT reserves to help, just the LT SAR, but that was also a small Regiment, they needed a full sized regiment to help them out.


Field Marshal Russle stood up to look at what was going when, and as soon as he did, an RPG round flew past his head and hit another LVTP7.


"ah, bolicks, we need reinforcements. i only have 700 men on the ground. were not a frontal assault regiment, were the special forces for gods sake, not the Marine Commandos.AAAGGHHH"


just then the radio started to speack.


"Zulu four this is Echo niner, come in Zulu Four"

"this is Zulu Four, reading you loud and clear, Echo niner." Russle replied.

"areet sir, this is Leftenant General Richardson. look out to see sir, i think you'll be relived".


just then Russle turned and looked out to sea to find 4 Ekranoplans roaring toward the shore.


"my god"

"thats what ya hoped for isnt it sir". a Sergant said.

"my god it's a miricle"


the 4 Sea-Monsters cashed into the shore, and the drop doors opend. Russle took up his Binoculars and had a closer look.


"JESUS, it's the Federation Marine Commandos. ah ha, there not LT troops, there the full whack".

"sir look".


Russle turned to face the docks where his men had first assaulted, and there he saw an armarda of heavy landing craft, on each craft was 3 Challenger 2's, and under closer insection he saw the flag on one of the Challegers.


"my god, the 7th armoured, the Desert Rats."


these were the most elite armoured regmiment on the Federation.


"we're saved, 4 ekranoplans full of Commandos, thats 1200 men, and 1st battalion of the Desert Rats, thats about 60 tanks. wow, those Generals back home in the FDM have realy outdone them selfs today.


just as he said that the 8 F35's took off from the Adroptian, and the hornets followed.


"reds this is red leader, do you copy over"

"red leader, this is red 2 we copy."

"good, now come on lads, lets secure these docks. TALLY HO"


and with that the 12 jets broke formation and attacked their designated targets.


"ha ha, i'm loving this now" Russle shouted.






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