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XINDA - New Government

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New Government


After the elections, the Arch-Imperium has elected a new government, a new Prime Minister, and by royal appointment, a new Imperial Proxy to oversee the isolationist nation. For the first time ever, XINDA is broadcasting to an international audience after a long era of isolation.


The Arch-Imperial News Agency, XINDA is deticated to broadcasting information about the Xheng nation to the rest of the world.

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Arch-Imperial Forces increase in training, cost and size:


3,450,000 Full Time Servicemen

26,000,000 Reserve Servicemen

55,000 Heavy Tanks

120,000 Medium Tanks

220,000 Light Tanks

410,000 Miscellaneous Ground Vehicles


Today the Imperial Stratagem made public the expenses already used to increase the military's force to a formidable nearly 3.5 million standing men in full service, for the army alone. In addition a reserve of more than 25 million men stand prepared for full national mobilization. An additional 350,000 tanks and 400,000 other ground vehicles, including anti-aircraft, artillery, supply and supplementary vehicles have been added to the army.


2500 Interceptor-Type Aircraft

2000 Fighter/Bomber-Type Aircraft

1000 Bomber-Type Aircraft

800 Airforce Transport-Type Aircraft

2100 Attack-Type Helicopters

1000 Transport-Type Helicopters

4000 Auxilary Aircraft/Helicopters


The Airforce is already standing at more than 5000 aircraft, all state of the art, rendering older obselete aircraft to training and scrap. Already, the Arch-Imperium's miltary forces have met a substantial increase in budget in light of the recent reports of genocide in neighboring countries. The airforce is not without a substantial naval presence either:


16 Nuclear Level Aircraft Carriers

120 Cruisers

600 Destroyers

400 Conventional Submarines

150 Nuclear Submarines

3000 Patrol Ships

5000 Auxilary Ships


The naval forces as well have been upgraded. With 16 aircraft carriers and 20 more being planned and built, the Arch-Imperial Navy is prepared for any type of military action.

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Previous Stated Military Naval Power:


16 Nuclear Level Aircraft Carriers

120 Cruisers

600 Destroyers

400 Conventional Submarines

150 Nuclear Submarines

3000 Patrol Ships

5000 Auxilary Ships


Re-scaled Naval Power:


16 Nuclear Level Aircraft Carriers

120 Cruisers

180 Destroyers

120 Conventional Submarines

150 Nuclear Submarines

3000 Patrol Ships

5000 Auxilary Ships


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All Xheng military forces have begun mobilization for border patrols. In the current situation this means all fleets, airforces and armies are on active patrol and preparation for military service and action.


As for why the military has been fully mobilized is unknown, at least to the public.

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The Arch-Imperial Army and Air Forces are preparing to march directly into territory 107.


In addition there are signs that the Byzantines and the Arch-Imperial Government are seeking to partition Territory 148 between them...

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Massive Tax Cuts!


The Arch-Imperium has reduced tax rates of its citizens from an astounding 93% to a moderate 91% tax rate. This comes during a time that immigration to the Arch-Imperium is reaching new levels, closing in on a population nearing 1.5 billion people. The Arch-Imperium's newest tax relief program is particularly generous to large businesses that fuel its massive corporate infrastructure that heavily relies on the arms manufacturing industries.


Half of 148 incorporated


Five hundred thousand troops of the People's Armed Militia today entered the north-east portions of territory 148, declaring it an addition to the province of Qin-Xheng. This section, long since inhabited by many Hans has been invited to join the Arch-Imperium. In addition the people welcomed their liberators with open arms and wishes for the Arch-Imperium to recognize it now as a merged identity. The Han people in Qin-Xheng now wish for representation within the Imperial Stratagem. New seats are expected to be added for the Hans of Qin-Xheng.


Space Program Announced


The Imperial Stratagem today has announced a $15 billion dollar commitment to the establishment of a space program. This program is expected to harness the potential of satelite systems for better communications between corporate bodies and nation states themselves. In addition, the addition of the space program was encouraging to the military, in hopes of developing sophisticated technology for anti-ballistic missile defense.


Fleets kept on alert


Recent territorial ambitions of The Chosen Nation has brought Imperial Stratagem Representatives concern regarding potential conflict between the extremely hostile and rogue nation and the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty. As a result the Arch-Imperial fleet has dispatched a force of 20 warships near the waters of The Chosen Nations to make a stance that the Arch-Imperium shall not tolerate territorial imperialism.

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The Arch-Imperium grants partial indepedence to the Principality of Shang-Xheng


In internal negociations between the long struggling Principality of Shang-Xheng and the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty, the Imperial Stratagem has voted on a 5/6 majority, to grant formal independence to the Principality of Shang-Xheng. Due to sovereignty issues and cultural links, the Arch-Imperium shall still maintain certain responsibilties.


The Principality of Shang-Xheng shall have:

Full control of domestic administrational and judicial affairs.

Full control of law enforcement affairs.

Full control of sanitation, and infrastructure

Full control of taxation and democratic governance.

Full control of foreign relations, with coordination with the Arch-Imperium.


The Arch-Imperium shall have:

Full citizen rights of its citizens which still remain to keep Arch-Imperial citizenship.

Full defensive and military control within the Principality of Shang-Xheng


Official Name: The Principality of Shang-Xheng

Capital City:Shandong

Government type: Parliamentary Democracy with Emergency Monarch Authority

Number of Legislative Branches: 3, Hall of Deputies (100), Hall of Councilors (75) and the Council of Princes (30).

Federalist or Unitary: Unitary

Provinces/Territories (if applicable): None

Formal Head of State: The Prince of Shang-Xheng

Political Head of State: The Prime Minister

Official Language: Mandarin and English

Official Religion: None, but major religions include Khan Buddhism and Taoism.

Population: 12.5 million

Major Minorities: Han, Nipponese, Choson

Separation of Powers: None, all a part of the executive branch.

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The Arch-Imperium creates 2 more provinces.


Adding to the collective of imperiums under the administration of the Arch-Imperium, the Imperiums of Li-Xheng and Sui-Xheng. The Li and Sui families since have been added to the dynastic line of succession and domestic autonomy. Posessing smaller populations and territory, the two new Imperiums are expected to grow amongst overseas and new land posessions.

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The Principality of Ming-Xheng joins the Arch-Imperium


With the recent purchase of a massive amount of territory from the nation of Ide Jima, a new establishment of an overseas colony has been acquired by the Arch-Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty.


Today the Emperor declared the Unification of Ming-Xheng and the Arch-Imperium. The territory named, was formerly known as the Stantang Enclave. The Enclave was previously occupied by a massive Ide Jiman military force which hastily abandoned the area leaving its 3 million inhabitants without much left. However, the Arch-Imperium immediately dispatched three mega conglomerates, the energy giant, PetroEnerGen, the Construction monopoly, Dynastic International, and the Entertainment and tourism juggernaught, Royal Star Enterprises, into the Enclave.


The Representatives of these three conglomerates reported back to the Imperial Stratagem, that Stantang was a previously unknown land of milk and honey, and that there was fantastic potential for a massive income of money, particularly if tax rates were low.


The Emperor, was more than aware that the Hang Seng Bank, as well as the International Imperial Investment Bank was also watching carefully what was going on after a huge investment of over 100 billion Imperial Euros was funded to this project. It is estimated that the key to the funding of a self-sustaining overseas territory, was:


1.) Granting of freedoms and rights to the Ming-Xheng people.

2.) The Viceroy of Ming-Xheng shall be one of the locals.

3.) The Representative government shall be elected from the local population.

4.) Massive influx of money shall be used to fund extraction of natural resources, as well as promoting the use of hydroelectric power.

5.) A large economic free investment zone, for the use of foreign investment.


The Arch-Imperium has already dispatched a core of more than 300 political advisors to assist in the creation of a constitution of a local government with the Viceroy acting as head of state representing the Xheng Emperor.


In addition, the formation of the local government will extract large benefits from growth of a new massive international entertainment and trade zone. The funding will come from private investors as well as investments made by state owned Xheng Enterprises such as the Hang Seng bank, and Imperial Networks.


Royal Star Enterprises

- 1 Large Amusement park

- 10 4-5 star international hotel resorts

- 10 Casinos


Dynastic International

- Rapid Transit systems linking the Royal Star Resorts

- Renovation of Lin Zexu International Airport

- Conversion of Taihang Naval Base into a massive cruise ship dock.

- Expansion of Ming-Xheng University


Imperial Networks

- Construction of GlobalWorks Media Film Studios



- Improved infrastructure for the use of Hydroelectric power.

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IXS Kangxi Launched!

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The IXS Kangxi, the first of the long reign of Xheng-Class Freedom Ships has been officially launched. (IXS = Imperial Xheng Ship). With already 30,000 registered passengers, and a third of them full time residents living aboard the vessel, the Kangxi is going to make its maiden voyage soon, to Ming-Xheng for a grand tour of the massive gambling and entertainment establishments.


Dynastic International Shipyards has already been enlarged to begin construction of 2 more Freedom Ships. One is expected to be purchased by Pirilao, the other to be used in the Royal Star Fleets.


Maglev Deployed!

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The first Imperial Xheng Maglev Transportation system has been opened in Ming-Xheng connecting the major casinos and airport routes. The Maglev Train is the first mass produced system in Europa and has already exceeded expectations with a lower cost than expected. Thanks to Dynastic Transport Incorporated, Dynastic International's Transportation division, the ability to build these trains at low cost-effective methods. Mass productions and a Government Corporation controling the entire method of construction from natural resource extraction all to the way to marketting has allowed a growth in jobs and an effective manufacturing.


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The Xi'an Maglev is expected to replace the aging subway systems in Xi'an.


Mass Militarization

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The Imperial Stratagem passed the Imperial Defense Act. The Imperial Defense Act was created to allow the formation of a massive land-based army to defend that nation should it come under attack. It involves the enacting of emergency powers by the Xheng Emperor that could be delegated to the Imperial Proxy, or the Prime Minister.


The activation of the Imperial Defense Act suspended democracy in almost its purest form. This was a controversial act in itself which meant that terms of elected officials on all levels would be frozen as the act was in use. In addition to this the armed forces swelled significantly to match any need. For any type of event the Imperial Defense Act would allow the armed forces to commandeer any vehicle, technology or property for defense.


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The Nuclear Defense Initiatives Program of the Arch-Imperium has develpoed and officially released the DF-6 Intercontinential Ballistic Missile. Estimated at a range capability of over 15,000 kilometers from Arch-Imperium territory, the missiles have been already been fully installed throughout the Arch-Imperium for the past 2 years. It was only recently that they were announced to the public.

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The IXS Kangsi has been launched and is on its way through the sea for a multinational tour of various countries. As a civilan vessel, the Kangsi does not have any military escorts of anykind but it does posess an internal civilian police force as well as coast guard patrol vessels to assure that a vessel of its size and population does not become harassed by pirates or other such unsavory forces.


The first stop will be the nation of Ide Jima.

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Hidaya Miliki Indepdence!


The Nation of Hidaya Miliki has been granted absolute independence from the Arch-Imperium's status as a Protectorate. Though the Akina-Xheng Militia is to maintain order throughout the nation, the Provisional Akina Assembly, shall constitute a de facto government in the midst of a missing King. So far the Tiffu line is expected to take the throne in a much more limited Constitutional Monarchy.


At the request of the Akina Assembly which shall be hosting nation-wide elections, the Arch-Imperium shall request a neutral panel of international monitors to oversee the elections to make sure that they are not biased or rigged.

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The Emperor greeted the Imperial Proxy today in a joint press statement, issued by a Minister of State. The statements of Europan peace have been issued to all nations by their respective embassies as the Arch-Imperium pulls away from all negociating tables while its military forces stand on high alert. With the navy pulling back to Arch-Imperial waters supported by long range artillery and nuclear weapons on standby alert, it seems unlikely that any nation would attack the Arch-Imperium directly despite the propaganda.


Most notable is that the nuclear arsenals are on alert, but the Emperor has yet to order them into action. In all consequences they are a last resort measure. Posessing long range ballistic missiles capable of obliterating whole cities with a single hit, the Arch-Imperium has long been a nuclear power with the reluctant to show its nuclear force. It is important to note that to assure the protection of his people, the Emperor will do all that is necessary. It is also important to state that the Emperor will not act offensively, he will only act if pushed to the breaking point, which is possible.


TagEdit: Thread split and cleaned. And I've removed the offending ship part, as you can't continue to ignore people, as it's begining to verge on the stupid, and possibly even trolling Plus, about the nukes:

5) Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Attacks


Ok, first off, nukes should be a last resort no matter what. Now, the decision is when to ignore nuclear attacks and when to accept them, because they are very damaging.


If a nation ignores a perfectly well-based and well-planned attack, then they are wrong. If they ignore a stupid idiot attack made for no reason, then the attacker is definitely wrong.


Because they are normally associated with poor RP and have wide-ranging effects, nuclear weapons, orbital weapons, and other devastating WMDs are not allowed, unless both the moderators and the victim specifically allow for them to be used.

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