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First open tests of new technology

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OOC: I?ve discussed these with Tamurin and these should be acceptable technology)


LOCATION: Remote military controlled area of southern Byzantium Nova?s desert. Near southern border against wilderness.


TIME: 0300 hours


Large bunker specifically build for this occasion was swarming scientists who made last adjustments to their equipment. Outside of the bunker several military APC:s were waiting for the scientists to ride them back to nearby military camp. In the camp HQ the commander of Byzantine Army was waiting the oncoming test to proceed as much of the nations following military strategies would depend on the success of these tests.


TIME: 0325 hours


Last of the APC:s had arrived to the base and the scientists had taken their seats in control room.


The base commander nodded to his communications officer who sent a heavily encoded message.


"Eos 1, come in."


The message was received in stealth bomber flying in high altitude near the test area.


"Eos 1, ready to proceed"


"Eos 1, execute"




The slender form of stealth bomber proceeded in descending towards the target area. The command center fell silent as everyone stared at the monitor which provided visual feed from outside of the target bunker.


Several moments later


"Eos 1, SOLAR launched"


"Roger, Eos 1 return to base"




TIME: 0330 hours


Suddenly the night turned into day as the raw forces of creation were unleashed against the bunker and it and large portion surrounding terrain vapourized in a huge explosion. As the huge orb of heat and light faded minutes later all that was left was large crater with glass surface.


"computer analysis coming now, the test was succesful. No other forms of radiation as heat detected. We need to observe the impact site at least several weeks to ensure that there is no residual radiation effects."


"Good, it would have been irritating to waste many years of research. Hopefully the other test goes as smoothly as this one."


"I?m sure of it, at least we already know that it works in larger scale."


(OOC: This little bomb is called N2-bomb and it is comparable to nuclear bomb of same size (kilo/megatons) only difference is the lack of nuclear radiation.)

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Next morning Byzantine ministry of Foreign Affairs releases following declaration:


"Last night Byzantine armed forced concluded a succesful test with new kind of weapon. The weapon in question is called N2-bomb and it is meant to replace our outdated nuclear weaponry. They are build just for safeguard and will not be used unless we are attacked first. There will be no increase in our ABC-weapon quantities, just upgrading, so we recommend everyone to not start building additional mass destruction weapons."

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