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Three questions

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Three questions tongue.gif :


Wouldn't it be a nice idea to make a topic were all RP players can post news from their nation? (Had this idea from our very own Malteaser)


I believe RP's will look alot more realistic and hopefully it keeps things more organised and clear.

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like to show news braod casts or say to show what our nations hold, like what units we have in our military and things?

That last thing already exists.


Several nations already have a thread to report news, perhaps we can create a general one where everyone may post important issues in their nation (like: launching of a new ship, sporting events, elections, maybe even announcing the annexation of a plot of land...).

I don't want it to be obliged, but personally I don't like making new threads all the time.

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And they said my reorganization of the army was too complicated.


No more forums. Use a thread if you have to, but all this forum nonsense will only insure that I no longer read any of the information put in there. I honestly don't see how any of this is broken, so I don't know why we're fixing it. Just my two cents.

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It depends. Some nations have purely news threads, such as Mendesia's and Kant's. They are more or less closed topics, with only them posting national news in them. Rather than splitting threads, we could say that only the creator of the topic can post in it, rather than anyone else. That way it keeps it as purely one nation's news topic. A lot of forums do have this, such as European Affairs and the Federation of Allied Nations. That way, it would just be a task of moving some threads from either Military or Politics, and inserting them into the new sub-forum.


I can't see myself making a Tagmatium News Channel or anything, but I can see that it does appeal to a lot of other people. I think it would be good to cater for them. As you can see from the above replies, the vast majority are definately for this idea.

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