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The Proconsul advice the Mendesian Citizens to vote in next Sunday elections.


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The Proconsul advice the Mendesian Citizens to vote in next Sunday elections.


Proconsul of the Republic of Mendesia, His Most Eminent Highness Guido de Marco advice the people so next Sunday they chose their own Government. In the Republic, Mendesia has the Proconsul to act for Head of Government and Chief of State. The Senate is composed in 400 Tribunes with the Cabinet and the Proconsul incharge of the Senate. The Procnsul must chose his Cabinet from the elected people. In the elections are contesting these parties:

  • The Mendesian Nationalist Party
  • Mendesian Socialist Party
  • Mendesia Royal Party
  • Mendesia Fascist Party
  • Mendesia Communist Party
  • Mendesia Liberal Party

The Nationalist is expected to bring the same votes as Socialist and form a coalittion in the Senate.

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i see you have no Fatherist Party evillaugh3.gif


**turns and wispers to the man standing next to him, and whispers**


"lets try and get a Fatherist ragime emposed"


Muhahahahahaha Muhahahahahahaha


OOC: Fatherisim is a made up ideaologie, i made it up, it's sort of a mix between far left and anarchisism.




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The Mendesian Fascists Party under Edward Fenech Adami won the elections suprisly!!.


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The Mendesian Fascists Party under Edward Fenech Adami won the elections suprisly.


The Proconsul of Mendesia few minutes ago declare officialy to winner of the elections of the Mendesian Senate. Before the elections the national poll indicates that Socialist Part will win these elections. The Poll was wrong. The Mendesian Fascist Party leaded by Edward Fenech Adami won the elections by 54% of the votes. For the first time, The Mendesian Proconsul is going to give his Head of Government right to a new created Chancellor. Edward Fenech Adami was proclaimed Chancellor of the Mendesian Republic. The Chancellor Fenech Adami soon make his new Government Council. Fenech Adami says that Mendesia needs reform. He says Mendesia need to be Meritocratic, Military Power, Giant Ecoinomy in Europa. Fenech Adami also talk aout the illegal immigrants that s comming from the Xheng Empire. the Chancellor said that even Xheng is ally we must repatriate them to Xheng. Fenech Adami also soon make Constitusional reforms in Mendesia.


The Mendesian Nationalist Party - 20%

Mendesian Socialist Party - 10%

Mendesia Royal Party - 13%

Mendesia Fascist Party - 54%

Mendesia Communist Party - 2%

Mendesia Liberal Party - 1%

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Mendesian Republican Chancellory



The Mendesian Government will work and collaborate with his allies. The Mendesian New Fascist Government will work to remove corruption and be restored Nationalisim in Europa and will be moralistic Region.


--Chancellor Edward Fenech Adami

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New Ministerial Council

user posted image Few minutes ago The Proconsul of the Republic of Mendesia & The Chancellor of Mendesia meet in the palace to make some constitusional changes and be appointed the new Ministerial Council. These New changes are: The Title of Proconsul will be President with many other small. Then Chancellor Edward Fenech Adami propose a New Ministerial Council. Few minutes after the President accept that. This is the New Council:


President: Guido de Marco

Chancellor: Edward Fenech Adami


Minister of Defence & Vice Chancellor: Laurence Gonzi

Minister of Finances & Economy: John Dalli

Minister of Justice & Home Affairs: Tonio Borg

Minister of Health: Louis Deguara

Minister of Social Affairs & Labour: Josef Bonnici

Minister of Agriculture, Fishing & Enviroment: George Pullicino

Minister of Culture & Church Affairs: Frances Zammit Dimech

Minister of Trade, Investment & Industry: Austin Gatt

Minister of Development & Infrastructure: Ninu Zammit

Minister of Energy & Resources: Jesmond Mugliett

Minister of Transport & Communication: Censu Galea

Minister of Education & Research: Louis Galea

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy: Michael Frendo


There was also other appoints. About the Chief Justice was left Vincent DeGeatano & Delegade to the "Non Aligned Movement" was appointed Dr. Joe Borg.


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The Chancellor, Edward Fenech Adami


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His Most Eminent Highness, President Guido de Marco, by the Grace of God, Catholic and President of Mendesia, Leader of all of the Mendesians, Lord of all of the Southern Seas, Lord Protector of Osemosburg, Protector of the Mendesian Republic, Defender of the Holy Catholic Church, Commander of the Republican Armed Forces, Savior of Mendesia, Hero of the Great Mendesian Civil War

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