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The Republic of Mendesia joins Europa

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IC: The Mendesian Republic joins Europa!, The Proconsul of the Mendesian Republic, His most Eminent Highness Guido de Marco salutes all the European Leaders!.


OOC: Hello guys!! i moved here to start play with you. I hope that i integrate here and be part of you. I will appologise from now on for my errors in the language because im not good in English. rolleyes.gif

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Thanks!! biggrin.gif


im proud that im Maltese, over 80% of the island has computers we are 400,000 on the Archipelago! and im sure that not only me am maltese in NS. Mendesia is based on Malta but Super Power Malta. We Maltese have very rich Culture. Anyway this is not Malta Thread this is Mendesia thread tongue.gif

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Well because my language and some of the memebers hated me because my langage. Even a bit abuse from power. this start 6 months ago where supposly rp between me and my friend finiished 3/4 of Europe declaring War on me. i finish 1/10 of my land and i left for while. the war mod hates me of that time he favored my enemies. now my ally maked war with this person that was center of everythink the 6 months ago war. i and my allies joind him and attack himn. this huy has no ns nation so when he saw wer gona win he and his friends in moderation null everythink. even they ban me from rp because i was poor in rp (Learning more how rp). i decide to leave Europe and find better home. i found here. You seems very nice people and i wish to stay here and enjoy here. i also try to my friends to join here. here is very nice place.

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