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Your Majesty,


We most humbly apologise for the insult against you, your nation and your ancestors? honour that we, the Chosen Nations, recently made. This was a grievous andmost dishonorable mistake for which we offer our full repentance. Please accept these gifts, which we supply as a token of our sincerity of our apology, and also to pay the debt of weregild which we owe towards the memory of the departed Prince Theodanaric. These gifts will consist of 100,000,000 SPA Ler as the weregild price, as well as a statue dedicated to the memory of Prince Theodanaric, which will be funded by the Chosen Nations and may be placed by the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu where they see fit.


In honour of the crowning of the new Prince of Akiiryu, Neonaric, the Chosen Nations would also like to present to the Sublime Principate ten golden were-hounds as a symbol of congratulations.


Our humblest and most sincre apologies to both the Prince and People of Akiiryu,


T'Yay Themis,


Leader of the Chosen Nations



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