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Unspecifistanian News Service

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Welcome to the Unspecifistanian News Service, or UNS for short. Here, we tell you everything about Unspecifistan's current events, even if you don't want to know!


So, here's the news from the UNS.


Car Bomb Rocks Wuli, International Troops Given Green Light To Move In.


A massive car bomb has ripped apart Wulis' shopping district, killing over 20 people and wounding at least 60 more. The bomb, detonated outside Wuli Central Police Station number 4, is beleived to be the work of the extremist Pechian group, the Pechian Freedom Front, or PFF. Amongst the dead were three police officers, and several women and children. The Director of Wulis' central hospital has reported that his already crowded A&E department is nearing bursting point, and he will need more medical back up if the hospital is to remain operational.

Further rioting has also gripped the province overnight, though San, where two protestors were shot dead yesterday night, has remained eeirely silent all night, the police having seemingly rooted out the rebel elements in the town with a string of dawn raids.

In the meantime, the International Peacekeeping troops have been given the all-clear by Premier Palaeologus to move into Wuli and begin to set up a DMZ between the warring sides. The Peacekeeping Force, now to be code-named International Force for Ouvaytym Mission or IFOM, is expected to be fully operational by the 31st October, at which date the Premier will hand over control over the peace talks to the International and Royal Consortium that is trying to reach an agreement.


Violence Fails To Dent USEXs' March Upwards.


The growing violence in the Ouvaytym Province has failed to stop the Unspecifistanian Stock Exchange, or USEX, index from continuing to draw in foreign cash and more investment. The share market, which has trebled in worth since being de-regulated on the 15th September, now has over 50 companies listed on it, and several more are expected to join in soon. The commodities market, which sells Lumber, Uranium, Cotton, Grain, Flax and Meat has also managed to remain calm, with its prices only increasing 3% on average in the violence.


Stock Exchange


USEX - up 12 @ 187

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