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Ide Jiman Troops in Vulcan Island

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--------Ide Jiman Defence Ministry Statement---------


The island of Rosario is secure. Rosario naval base (Now re-named Southwatch Air base) is open to receive visitors, and almost the entire island is open. In a perhaps more controversial move, Ide Jiman marine units marched into Konstantinos Space Centre claiming it for the Republic. So far the violence has been minimal, although there have been some clashes with disgruntled civilians. Thankfully, no deaths have been confirmed as of yet.




The MOD also released the permanent garrison statistics:


Permanent Garrison:


(FOR= Formed out of Rosario recruits)




1st Rosario Rifles (Based in Chiripa)

2nd Rosario Rifles (Based in Southwatch)

1st Southwatch assault brigade (Based in Southwatch)

1st Chano assault brigade (Based in Chano)

2nd Chano assault brigade (Based in Chano) (FOR)

3rd Chano assault brigade (Based in Chano) (FOR)



1st Southwatch Rapid Reaction Front (Based in Southwatch)


The independent army units are based around the assault brigades, light attack units which are able to launch massive attacks along the Argenland coast if neccessary. The Rifle regiments are used to maintain defense in Chiripa and Southwatch.


The main defense force is used to man defensed on the island overall, and also mans the considerable coastal defence system, which includes radar/satellite guided anti shipping guns with a 420mm calibre, and range extending almost halfway to Andro.



The 2nd Commerce Raider Squadron

The 9th High Seas Fleet

The 15th High Seas Squadron

The 16th High Seas Squadron

The 24th South Sea Carrier Battlegroup

The 2nd Nuclear Submarine Fleet

Air Wing 24B


There is a massive naval presence on Ide Jiman Rosario. This force is used to exert full Ide Jiman naval influence in the Southern ocean, the establishment of two new bases completes this defence initiative enabling the navy to operate 9 fleets in the southern ocean at any one time.



1 Regional Command (FOR).

2 Independent Nimrod MR.3 Squadrons.


Although usually the most prominent of all Ide Jiman armed forces wings, the air force presence on Rosario is small. 1 regional command operates about 260 aircraft off the island, plus another 23 Nimrod MR.3. These aircraft are used in defensive roles, and are mainly based in Southwatch, with a smaller airfield exsiting in Chani. There are facilities for much more aircraft to operate in time of war under contruction.



4 Marine Divisions

2 Independent Assault Brigades

1 HQ Unit

2 Assault Flotillas

3 Air Wings.


The exact units here are unspecified, mainly because the MOD is still debating over which units to send to the IJMC's new HQ in Kaeju. There is a powerful presence, as they operate in support of naval operations all over the southern ocean.


Naval Infantry/Stormtroopers/Borderguards:


The 3rd,5th,6th and 8th Naval Infantry brigades, rotate the defense of Raulan in 3 month long shifts.


Stormtrooper Presence on the Island is classified.


There is no need for borderguards on Rosario.

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OOC: My objection is that he made the statement without asking me. The SPA doesn't sell arms and is a military dictatorship. Moreover, given the relations the SPA has with TCN I very much doubt any Akiiryan would deal with TCN. Moreover, The SPA is far better run than Russia. Also keep in mind the TCN is effectively (although not actually) blockaded...how the hell is he going to get the equipment? I also want to know what he means by equipment. Weapons, I grant you, are a possibility, but "equipment" covers a wide variety of things

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Ok, from previous experience, I think we all know it's best if we do some planning here. TCN has launched a commando raid, and the ultimate outcome is as of yet unclear. The best thing to do is probably merge this issue with the Weregeld one, so there aren't two different threads for exactly the same war.

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