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Breakthrough in Medical Science

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"Today is a historic day for Medical Science. Scientists in TCN had just released that they are researchingways to not only colne human beings, but Genetically Modify them as well. This will provide doctors with much more knowledge, and hopefully more medicines. Many people will now live because of this future breakthrough. Exact details are, for some reason, being kept a secret, but this is what we do know:

  1. Scientists with in TCN will be able to Genetically Modify Human Beigns to give them special, needed qualities, attributes, organs...etc...
  2. Scientists will be working on this project in secret for many years, for fear of Human Rights protestors.
  3. This service WILL NOT be aviable to the general public for the forseeable future, because of saftey risks.
  4. The locations of the Labs, and the Scientists are being kept secret.
  5. The Government has put, and will continue to put a lot of funding into the program, practically funding the enitre thing. Estimated costs are around T500,000,000 - so far.
This was Mark Dock reporting for The Chosen News Network"


T'Yay flipped off his T.V. He knew the real reason for the GM research, but that was not to be released till much later. But it would take a lot of funding, and a lot of time - he was sure.

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Experts in Nevareion Nova expressed scepticism today at the claims coming out of The Chosen Nations. They say that although early trials in animal cloning have been possible for some time they find the claims of fully viable cloned humans very suspicious and unlikely to be the full truth.

The Patriarch of Nea Nevareia used his sermon this morning, broadcast live on national television, to condemn the cloning of humans saying that it was blasphemous, evil and immoral. He called on all christian nations to place trade embargos on The Chosen Nations until they foreswear this line of research.

The Council-in-Exile refused to comment saying not enough information was available at this time.


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The Patriarch of Tagmatica, the leading religious figure in the Greater Holy Empire, stands by the comments of Patriarch of Nea Nevareia, and also calls for Christian nations, of all denominations, to unite in the comdemnation of such use of technologies.


Patriach Cosmas, who has been in office since 1989, declared the use of genetic modifcation "evil" and "against God's will". He has called upon the Greater Holy Empire to declare the current alliance on hold until The Chosen Nations has revoked its usage of such forbidden technologies. The High Chancellor, Gregorius Ford, has declined to comment on the matter. It is thought that the Government will continue with the alliance, but will not support the usage of the technologies. There will be no trade embargo against The Chosen Nations.


But seriously, TCN, did you purposefully ignore the comments of both the Role Play Moderators and numerous other people? This is getting beyond a joke. Please read the Guidelines and the OOC Thread concerning this. This must be at least the third time you have done this. I suspect that it is unitentional, but please follow the guidelines. We have said that this sort of thing would not be overnight, yet you have magicked this up. Please look at this quote by myself:

2. It would cost a hell of a lot of money to start such a programme, and a nation would not be able to bring these troops into action soon after announcing the programme. It take at least 10 (in game) years to be able to develope the programme to anywhere near "making super-people" level, and that might not be long enough.

And then Tamurin:

If you start today (2005) a program like that, I guess you'd be successful by 2015/2020, depending on money, support and good people.

At that time you could begin growing a number of prototypes, let's say 20, to see if the lab results are accurate and to work out last problems. A normal human takes ~ 20 years to fully mature. So, by the time of 2040 you're ready for "mass production", if the lab results were correct. Your soldiers would be ready by around 2060...

And also Akiiryu, who you may not get on with, but was the first person to bring the idea of GM'ers to Europa:

IF you try you're going to have to annouce it OOC and then rp a develop programme (gaining or training the right people, building or buying materials etc).

Oh, and Nev:

I stade out of this as I don't mind some tech if it is used to enhance roleplay but to suddenly have fully clonable and modifiable human beings with no research, with no set backs or problems and at modern+1 tech. Seems excessive to me.

Now, if you start again with all of this in mind, then you can have you GM'ers. By the way, what I have said is not a suggestion. You MUST take a while to do this. Have set-backs. Have public outcry. Have failed GM'ers running amok. That is what good roleplay is about, not this sort of thing. Learn from this mistake (for once). So, either re-write this your post, and say "I'm begining a programme", or start a new thread with this in mind.

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OOC: No, this is god moding - you say you can do it now and that you have working on it in secret for years:


[*]Scientists with in TCN can now Genetically Modify Human Beigns to give them special, needed qualities, attributes, organs...etc...

[*]Scientists have been working on this project in secret for many years, for fear of Human Rights protestors.

[*]As yet, this service WILL NOT be aviable to the general public.

[*]The locations of the Labs, and the Scientists are being kept secret.

[*]The Government has put a lot of funding into the program, practically funding the enitre thing. Estimated costs are around T500,000,000.


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FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Chosen Nations


We have decided that either:

A: You are wrong in keeping this secret from your public and the pbulic from everyone, and therefore are hiding something far greater than medical research, or

B: Reporting false information.


Deltannia asks that The Chosen Nations release all data on the matter, or the implications will be considered.


OOC: I agree. You can't just do stuff all of a sudden. Work into it, and this can be much better.

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-Niederoestereichian Statement-


Religious and Political Leaders alike across Niederoestereich condem the Chosen Government in their plans to modify humans. A strong Catholic bases exists in Niederoestereich, and thus these actions are seen as corrupt, immoral and the tools of the devil. Archbishop Peterson from the Amberly District is quoted to saying that

"The Chosen Nations are meddling in the affairs of our God and his actions. It is now becoming more evident that perhaps the anti-christ exists in Chosen Nations and is preparing to create/summon his demon hordes by genetically tampering the very essence that makes us mortal and human. If our lord wanted us to have increased aglity or higher pain tolerence, he would have made it so"

Some high priests have put forward to the government the idea of cleansing the Chosen Nations if such actions are followed through with a religious crusade.

As of this time, Niederoestereich has made no attempt to block trade or cut off links to Chosen Nation, but future enterprises may be re-considered due to this immoral practice.

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"We have suspected that there would be an attempt at genetically modifying humans for military purposes for some time. Intelligence has pointed to such a development by at least one nation at the present time. The fact that it is The Chosen Nations is a bit of a surprise."


This was a meeting on the current "medical breakthrough" by the The Chosen Nations, in a room deep within the bowels of the Imperial Palace complex in Tagmatica. Brigadier Darius Guildford, commander of the Imperial Guard Research Battalion had just finished speaking to the rest of the people in the room, which included the nominal Commander of the Army, Vice-Chancellor Philip Commneus and the operation head of the army, General Compronymus.


"So what does this mean?" Commenus spoke. "Several religious figures have spoken out against this, in the GHET and abroad, calling it blasphemy and abomination. But this is all hot air, gentle men. The worst thing that is going to happen the religious will make a lot of noise, and then this will fall off after a while. I doubt very much that anyone will go to war over such an issue. How far is the TCN forward in this, Brigadier?"


"We don't think that far, sir. They admit themselves that it will take time. But they are going to be keeping their cards close to their chests. The only similar thing we have is the plasma cannon research, and we only took the amount of time we did as most of the technology was intact when the "Ilia" was downed."


"Do we have any similar sort of research?"


A be-spectacled man in the corner of the room talked next. He was George Monomachus, a Government scientist. "As you know, sir, we cannot publically try anything of this sort. We have, however, secretly been looking at the possiblilities of genetically modified crops. Humans, or even animals are a different matter..."


"There is no need for such soldiers in the People's or Imperial Guard, so we have never wished to go down this route" Compronymus said. "Under current law, any such person, whether foreign or Tagmatine, would count as a weapon or tool, rather than a sentient being. This is literally speaking. The religious would also have a field day against the Government."


"Do we have anything that could possibly aid our allies in the Chosen Nations?" Commenus asked.


Both Guildford and Monomachus shook their heads. "We don't have, in either military or civilian fields, much in this way. By and large, your average citizen won't touch this sort of thing in fear of eternal damnation. You know how they are."


"There are a few scientists in Government service that could add something to this programme, but mainly we are behind most other nations in this field."


Commenus thought for a bit. "If it is shown that we are aiding the Chosen Nations' programme, it could damage relations with both Nevareion Nova and Niederoestereich. Both of them are utterly opposed to this. So, we will wait on this. We will see what other nations say, especially those in the League."

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The Council-in-Exile, having considered the issues and advice from the Patriarch of Nea Nevareia, makes the following statement:


We recognise the need for research into genetics and genetic engineering for medical and scientific purposes. However we utterly condemn the use of humans in such research or the use of such research to alter the human genome. We condemn any nation which declares this as it's aim to be immoral and ungodly.


We do not posses armed forces at this time however we do possess wealth and a budgeted amount that will in future pay for armed forces. Until such time as we posses the forces to carry out our will Nevareion Nova will offer a bounty of:


$257 billion (Approximately half of it's yearly defence budget according to NSeconomy)


This bounty will be available to any nation that undertakes armed conflict with a nation that is proven to have undertaken research on the genetic modification of humans or to have carried out genetic modification of humans.

[edit]billion not trillion...doh!

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"A bounty! HAH! Surly no-one would go to war over such an issue" T'Yay snorted.

"And if they do?" asked Kayne.

"Then we prepare for war, just in case. Call it a training exercise." responded T'Yay.

"I shall see that it is done" Kayne, left the room.

T'Yay sighed: more war was a possibilty if things carried on this way.

"KAYNE!" T'Yay shouted down the hall. Kayne span round. "Get some intel on The Council-in-Exile of Nevareion. Try and get an insider; bribe one of the staff, or something. We need to know their plans. Put TCSF on Amber Aleart."

"Yes, sir" Kayne exited T'Yay's sight.


TCN trops were to be mobalised, and setup for attack. TCAiF, TCHG, TCLD would prep for missions, and the press office would call it an exercise.




Divisions of TCAF will soon begin conducting training exercises. Air and Land aspects will be involved, but will not leave TCN airspace. TCN kindly asks nation to stay away from TCN airspace for the forseeable future. Commerical flights are still planned to enter TCN, but must keep out of the designated training areas.


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[OOC]For information on the type of Government the Council-in-Exile is please check the wiki page of Nevareion. Whilst not impossible the family House system does make spying from abroad tricky as the individuals who might be bribed are more loyal to family than nation and are appointed through nepotism.

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***Encoded Message***


To: the Chosen Nations

From: Tagmatium


Dear allies,


We have noticed that your armed forces are gearing up for a training excerise. This is so soon after the threat of a bounty from Nevareion Nova. We have put two and two together and surmised that this is a cloaked threat to our brother nation of Nevareion Nova. We do not wish to be dragged into a war with a nation that we respect through the League of the Treaty, but we do honour our alliances. We recommend that you ignore such an action by Nevareion Nova. War is not the answer to the majority of situations. Give a witty retort, making light or fun of the situation.


***Encoded Messages***


To: Nevareion Nova

From: Tagmatium




We know that the use of such tecnology is an affront to God and an abomination unto His Eyes, but we feel that the offering of money towards a country to take violent action against another, how ever disgusting an action. We think such an amount of money would be better invested either furthering the Word, or put into programmes that save lives, rather than end them. It could be invested in teaching TCN citizens in the evils of such a programme.

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From Nevareion Nova

To: Tagmatium


We are seeking to provide a disincentive to any nation seeking to aquire such technology which we feel would have grave implications both politically and morally. We did stipulate a proven programme would need to be present for the bounty to be payable and we doubt TCN has such a thing. If they wish to call the bluff of the international community then we call it. They can remove the possibility of them being subject to such a bounty very easily by refuting their frankly ludicrous claims.

In brotherhood,


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***ABC News***


good evening this is David McDonald.


tonight updates were realsed about the reasent kidnapping of the young 14 year old girl Sophie Johnson. local police said that when they found her body, hit had been brutaly mutated, not but stabbings or gun shots, but by experiments. a group of citizens were enraged and acused the new Government of tyring to geneticaly modify her body, but the experiments must have failed. many other citizens belive this also. as 3 more bodies have been found in reativly the same condition.


tomorow protests wi.........


the screen cuts into snow.


then 2 mins later returns to a new studio and a new reporter.



....sorry about that there.


good evening, i'm Gordon Ferguson.


this news channle hase been canseled, and is now under government control.


and more news has just came in about the missing shcool girl Sophie Johnson. she has been found alive and well, and has been returned to her perents.


and in other news. Ivon Avesky staged another miliatary parade today, introducing his new regiment, and his Partys private army, the FA. the FA and the new regiment, the Federation Hounor Guards Regiment, both abore some of the new armor, introdused into the armed forces. (OOC:sort of like the imperial guard cadians from warhammer 40k, and these arnt GM troops but genome theropy troops, like from MGS 1). it was such a great day our glorious leader thought he could not be oposed and outlawed all political parties also....

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***Public Information***


The GM issue currently dividing Europa has shocked the Riderian population. The clash between conservatives and science was to be expeced, but not this nation against nation debacle. HR hasn't exactly used such technologies on anything else except food products, we do, however, strictly control the birth proces and destroy inferior genes. This isn't only approved, but indeed supported by the Church of Haken Rider (the only accepted religion, the only right one).

Apart from this, we don't govern other nations and expect the same from any other independent state. Free speech is a nature right for people AND governments.


Grand Bull Willy.



EDIT: Creepy stuff, Adaptus. ok01.gif


EDITbis: What is it with him and that word. \/

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well realy they didnt, they arnt realy super soliders yet. but there just 2 new regiments, with cool armor. and it's just to let people know which regiments will be the GMed regiments for larter. so it's just sort of like an intro to the regiments. sorry about that. should of made it clearer.

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Deltannia sees the use of such training exercises coinciding with the approval of a genetic modification program as evidence that The Chosen Nations is planning some form of genetically altered humans soldiers. Deltannia's stance is such that we encourage cloning technology for medical science only. Any breach of this policy will cause Deltannia's normally neutral/positive stance to change.




*A Note at Military Command...*


Reporting from within The Chosen Nations. Unable to verify completely, however large instances of training military have begun. Genetic program is not only medical research, very little output in medical science seen. Massive funding into program. Armies are assmebling. Have remained undetected, but will need to move into countryside for security. Reports will be scattered from now on.

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Nevareion Nova repeats the call for The Chosen Nations to revoke their claim to posses this technology and to publically state it will not seek to modify the human genome or to carry out genetic engineering experiments on humans except in the case of pressing medical research needs. We further call on all Europan nations to seek to create a treaty outlawing such programmes.

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