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Inter-Europa Football League Season 1

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Inter-Europa Football League


The Inter-Europa Football League was designed to keep members of the region of Europa in-touch with each other, provide a friendly competition between fellow nations, and of course to have fun and play football! The league has many rules, but they are all simple. To submit a team all countries must read the rules, which are stated at the bottom of this post.


1. Any country that resides in the beautiful region of Europa may submit a team into our league.

2. Countries that are willing to participate in the league may submit a maximum of three teams.

3. To enter a team into our league, Countries most submit an entry form for each of the team?s they are willing to submit that will be posted at the end of this post.

4. The league will be divided into two divisions, East and West, and teams will be placed into these divisions by location on the Europa map.

5. Teams across the league will play each other four times each throughout the course of one season. Scores will be calculated by rolling dice. A win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point, while a loss is 0 points.

6. At the end of a season, the top teams of the each division will move on and battle it out in the play-offs, where the team that wins in the tournament will be crowned the Europa Champion.


To submit a team, please fill out this Registration Form


Team Name: (The name of the team, pretty simple. (Ex: Potsville Smokers))

Location: (Also simple, you need to put here the location of your team. (Ex: Santiago, Castillanos)

Team Colors: (Put here the team colors. (Ex: Black and White))

Home Field: (Please put your team?s home field here. (Ex: Potsville Field)

Team Coach: (The team coach?s name belongs here. (Ex: Maria Juana))

Team Roster: (Put here your team?s roster. A roster consists of 16 players, which includes Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards. You must also include the Starting Line-up and which players are Substitutes, as well as player numbers.

*Note: The starting line-up will consist of 11 Players; A goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards. For the last player, you can put a Sweeper, or an extra midfielder, forward, or defender.)



After you are done filling out the form, please post it below or send a TG to:


Andr?s Valli

El Ministerio de Deportes

239 Avenida de Independencia

Santiago, Castillanos




West Division

Rnk Team            
1.  Santiago (SH)        
2.  Paris (PS)             
3.  PhilenGrad (PP)             
4.  Punta Ballena (PB)           
5.  (Open)             
6.  (Open)           

East Division

Rnk Team                     
1.  Aldonville (AR)            
2.  Konstantinopoli (KB)    
3.  Fokaia (FG)                
4.  Thule (QT)               
5.  (Open)               
6.  (Open)   

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Top Posters In This Topic

OOC: I guess I'll post my team below...


Team Name: Santiago Heat

Location: Santiago, Castillanos

Team Colors: Red & Black

Home Field:Estadio Nacional de Santiago

Team Coach: Fl?vio Salvino

Team Roster:


GK: Victor Catiel

SW: Samuel Mendes

DF: Jos? Mayer

DF: Lucas Margutti

DF: Leonardo Villar

MF: Claudio Baricelli

MF: Giovanni Casceres

MF: Tony Ramos

FW: Paulo Figueiredo

FW: Luis Perez

FW: Reynaldo Gianecchini



Juan Carlos Batres

Leonel Campos

Paulo Monteiro

Oliver Gabriel

Jose Ruiz

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Team Name: The Aldonville Rangers

Team Colors: Blue and Green

Home Field: Aldonville Gardens

Team Coach: Karl B?hmdorf


Team Roster:


GK: Stan Romanescu


DF: Jens B?ffer

DF: Oliver Bahnhof

DF: Mike O'Kay


MF: Josip Roskic

MF: David Coddington

MF: Didier Pierrot


FW: Paulo Feretti

FW: Roberto Panini

FW: P?r Sm?lbergson


SW: Thomas Darvas



Jos? Luis Garcia

Peter Foppe

Alex Altmann

Dimitrios Kadopoulos

Sam Fang


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Team Name: The Greens

Team Colors: Two shades of light green

Home field:Fokaia Fields

Team Coach: Giorgios Theodorou




GK: Andronikos Mylonas


DF: Andreas Lamprou

DF: Ioannes Archontis

DF: Mario Toscanelli


MF: Dietrich Rettner

MF: Bardas Panagiotopoulos

MF: Derek Bishop


FW: Philippos Romaniotis

FW: Mikael Adamos

FW: Nikolaos Tzimiskes


SW: Theodoros Laskaris



Stefanos Deligiannis

Gregorios Illiadis

Boris Kornilov

J?se Maria Lorca

Gabriel Kouzof

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Team Name: The Blues

Team Colors: Two shades of light blue

Home Field: The New Hippodrom Sports Center (Konstantinopoli)

Team Coach: Leo Papangelis




GK: Ionnikios Eksarkhos


DF: Alessandro Buonaventura

DF: Petros Spanos

DF: Gabriel Vasileiadis


MF: Bartolomaios Nikolaidis

MF: Stefanos Kapodistrias

MF: Steve Murch


FW: Ioannes Polykrates

FW: Sabas Ieropoulos

FW: Alain Fourcade


SW: Pantoleon Khelidonis



Per Franssen

Patrick Bensen

Mikael Pappas

Manuel Giannakopoulos

Gerasimos Paparigas


Then a little warning: clashes between the supporters of the Greens and the Blues have very bloody and long history.

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Excellent! Both of your teams have been accepted to the league under the East Division. The Pre-Season will begin soon, and the 1st Season will start once we have 12 Teams.


Pre-Season Matches

Santiago Heat vs The Blues (To be played at the Estadio Nacional de Santiago)

The Greens vs the Aldonville Rangers (To be played at The New Hippodrom Sports Center)

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I'll join.


Team Name: The Quaker Terrorists

Team Colors: Black and White

Home Field: Ahmish Corporation Field

Team Coach: Dir Addrobryn


Forward:Glannyn Gweodd

Forward:Len Gweogh

Forward:Raecyn Gweonnyn


Sweeper:Tyr Yrecyn


Midfielder:Yrorraent Saryn

Midfielder:Dor Blocyn

Midfielder:Meoc Laenvan


Defender:Rinry Migh

Defender:Seryn Taeryn

Defender:Yruddy Vogwyn



Sewn Saeryn

Rhaec Gwecyn

Glygh Carubryn

Addribryn Careodd

Cyllyn Addrygit

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The Allied States would be more than happy to participate.


Team Name: European Sabres

Location: Paris, Empire Europe

Team Colors: Black, red and silver

Home Field: Stade de France

Team Coach: Mats Bergen

Team Roster:


GK: Patrick O'Driscoll


DF: Mario Aslendrano

DF: Roberto Forenza

DF: Niko Constinos


MF: Pierre Thiburge

MF: Mark Struas

MF: Pete Smith


FW: Ruael

FW: Sean Owen

FW: Stefan Andersson


SW: Pablo Micraor



Didier Schulte

Emmanuel Petre

Rafeila Bajieo

Colin Parker

Mikael Fortaine

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Phil IV wishes to make a healthy contrbution to its new reigon, and submits the following team to the tournement


Name: Team Phil

Location: PhilenGrad, Phil IV

Colours: Red top with Black sleeves, away strip is the opposite, black shorts

Home Stadium: HalfPint Road

Team Coach: Prince Raphael Sart'Du



GK: Franco Munich


DF: Harold DeepRoot

DF: Nikolas Vidnsor

DF: Trevor Gregeast

DF: Wayne Bruce


MD:David Reily

MD:Laurence Smitherman

MD:Arimoto Khan

MD:Alan Faust


FW: Bill Rooney

FW:Mike Chant



Morgan Fletcher

Phil Rattail

Alex Sideshaw

Harry Badgrent

Stanley Crompton

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Excellent! Both Teams have been added to the league, also, here are the results for the Pre-Season Matches:


Santiago vs Konstantinopli 2:1

Fokaia vs Aldonville 4:1


Also, the Season has officially started, and the first days match ups and scores are:


Day 1

Santiago at PhilenGrad 6:1

Konstantinopoli at Thule 3:1

Paris at Aldonville 4:2


Day 1 League Standings


1. Santiago: 1/1/0/0/6/1/3

2. Paris: 1/1/0/0/4/2/3

3. PhilenGrad: 1/0/0/1/1/6/0



1. Konstantinopoli: 1/1/0/0/3/1/3

2. Aldonville: 1/0/0/1/2/4/0

3. Thule: 1/0/0/1/1/3/0

4. Fokaia: 0/0/0/0/0/0/0


*Games Played/Games Won/Games Tied/Games Lost/Goals For/Goals Against/Total Points*


Day 2

Santiago at Paris

Konstantinopoli at Fokaia

Thule at PhilenGrad

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Day 2

Santiago at Paris 2:2

Konstantinopoli at Fokaia 6:4

Thule at PhilenGrad 3:6


Day 1 League Standings


1. Santiago: 2/1/1/0/8/3/4

2. Paris: 2/1/1/0/6/4/4

3. PhilenGrad: 2/1/0/1/7/9/3



1. Konstantinopoli: 2/2/0/0/9/5/6

2. Aldonville: 1/0/0/1/2/4/0

3. Fokaia: 1/0/0/1/4/6/0

4. Thule: 2/0/0/2/4/9/0


Commentary: In the West, Santiago and Paris lead with four points each while PhilenGrad steadily increases its points, staying at number three. In the East, Konstantinopoli dominates with a whopping six points, while Aldonville, Fokaia, and Thule fight for a win to make second place in there division. In the entire league, Konstantinopili is number one, while Santiago and Paris tie for number two, and PhilenGrad is at number three. The top goal scorers are Reynaldo Gianecchini of Santiago with 4 goals, followed by Len Gweoh of Thule with three points, and Rueal of Paris with two goals. In the next game day, the addition of the Punta Ballena Islanders will be added to the West Division.


Day Three

Aldonville at Thule

Punta Ballena at PhilenGrad

Paris at Konstantinopoli

Fokaia at Santiago



Team Name: Punta Ballena Islanders

Location: Punta Ballena, Castillanos

Team Colors: Blue & Green

Home Fielod: Estadio del Punta

Team Coach: Raul Santos

Team Roster:


GK: Victor Catiel

SW: Ali Meyor

DF: Pedro Leyva

DF: Simon Fernandez

DF: Jos? Artiga

MF: Gabriel Barba

MF: Benjamin Veloz

MF: Rivaldo Estefan

FW: Mateo Alonzo

FW: Andres Roman

FW: Manuel Santos



Travis Martin

Raul Sonora

Julio De La Cruz

Henri Monteih

Pablo Sanchez

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Day Three

Aldonville at Thule 4:6

Punta Ballena at PhilenGrad 5:4

Paris at Konstantinopoli 5:3

Fokaia at Santiago 4:4


Day 3 League Standings


1. Paris: 3/2/1/0/11/7/7

2. Santiago: 3/1/2/0/12/7/5

3. Punta Ballena: 1/1/0/0/5/4/3

4. PhilenGrad: 3/1/0/2/11/14/3



1. Konstantinopoli: 3/2/0/1/12/8/6

2. Thule: 3/1/0/2/10/13/3

3. Fokaia: 1/0/1/1/8/10/1

4. Aldonville: 2/0/0/2/6/10/0


Total League Standings

1. Paris

2. Konstantinopoli

3. Santiago

4. Punta Ballena

5. PhilenGrad

6. Thule

7. Fokaia

8. Aldonville


Day Four Schedule

Punta Ballena at Fokaia

Aldonville at PhilenGrad

Thule at Paris

Santiago at Konstantinopoli





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The ruckus following the win by Thule's Quaker Terrorists with a punishing 6 goals was supposedly heard in the lands of Orioni and Phil IV. Aldonville players were invited, as always, and celebrities from all over Vanarambaion were seen raising glasses. Even the conservative Emperor's massive frame was seen on the balcony where he makes his addresses to the nation, raising a glass of ginger ale. A beer-filled slip-and-slide was set up on Main Street for those not so restrained as our great leader, and the party dragged on for three days.

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After PhilenGrads continuing poor form in the leaguecertain members of the squad have been heavily criticized in the national media, the goalkeeper, Franco, has especially been panned, after letting in 13 goals in just 3 games, including the disaterous 6-1 defeat that opened the league for them. For the next game the reserve goalkeeper Phil Rattail will start in goal, while Alex Sideshaw will replace Mike Chant up front, and Harry Badgrent replaces Nikolas Vidnsor in defence.



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Day Four Results


Punta Ballena at Fokaia 4:1

Aldonville at PhilenGrad 8:6

Thule at Paris 2:3

Santiago at Konstantinopoli 2:1


Final League Rankings



1. Paris: 4/3/1/0/14/9/10

2. Santiago: 4/2/2/0/14/8/8

3. Punta Ballena: 2/2/0/0/9/5/6

4. PhilenGrad: 4/1/0/3/19/20/3




1. Konstantinopoli: 4/2/0/2/12/9/6

2. Aldonville: 3/1/0/2/14/16/3

3. Thule: 4/1/0/3/12/16/3

4. Fokaia: 4/0/1/2/9/14/1


Final Standings


1. Paris

2. Santiago

3. Punta Ballena

4. Konstantinopoli

5. PhilenGrad

6. Aldonville

7. Thule

8. Fokaia


IEFL Championships


The Inaugural Season of the IEFL has come to an end, and it is now time for the championships, to be played in Valencia, Castillanos, a city between Santiago and Punta Ballena.


Round One

Paris vs Fokaia

Santiago vs Thule

Punta Ballena vs Aldonville

Kontstantinopoli vs PhilenGrad


IEFL Season Two Information


Yes, I know the first season was short, but I barely had time for it so I hope you all enjoyed it. To sign up a team for season two, just fill out a sign up sheet found at the beginning of the thread and send it to Castillanos via PM or Telegram, oh, and putting the team roster is know optional. The next season will be better, and hopefully bigger with the expansion of more teams. More news on the new season, to start after the IEFL Championships, will be posted here.

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For the playoffs, two stars have returned from injured reserve. Sewn Saeryn will be starting at center, and Addribryn Careodd will be starting on defense. Rhaec Gwecyn has finally been cleared to play by the Vanarambaion Football League after fighting violations last season. Glygh Carubryn will start at keeper after the injury of the current keeper.

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Round One


Paris vs Fokaia 3:1


Paris advances into next round while Fokaia eliminated in first round of tournament. Paris will play Konstantinopoli in next round and Fokaia will play Thule in next game.


Santiago vs Thule 3:2


Santiago advances into next round while Thule eliminated in first round of tournament. Santiago will play Aldonville in next round and Thule will play Fokaia in next game.



Punta Ballena vs Aldonville 1:2


Aldonville advances into next round while Punta Ballena eliminated in first round of tournament. Aldonville will play Santiago in next round and Punta Ballena will play PhilenGrad in next game.



Konstantinopoli vs PhilenGrad 3:1


Konstantinopoli advances into next round while PhilenGrad is eliminated in first round of tournament. Konstantinopoli will play against Paris in next round while PhilenGrad will play Punta Ballena in next game.


Round Two

Aldonville vs Santiago

Konstantinopoli vs Paris


Compensation Games

Punta Ballena vs PhilenGrad

Thule vs Fokaia


IEFL Season Two News Flash


The Castillanian Sports Department has announced two new teams to be added to the league, to be based in Villa Real and Valencia. The new teams, the Villa Real Falcons and the Valencia Senators, have already begun training and the official information will be published soon.

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes has put together its first nation-wide soccer team.



Team Name:Rottborg Wraiths


Home Town:Rottborg, STAMS


Team Colors:Blue and Gold


Team Coach:Alexander Lindstrom


Team Roster:


GK: Marcus Lobonsky

SW: Katul Kai-shek

DF: Raoul Gurney

DF: Sven Borislad

DF: Xander Darovich

MF: Yvar Renkun

MF: Karl Reinen

MF: Ivan Karlsbad

FW: Andre Gurnevich

FW: Geoff Borthwick

FW: Gustavus Formin



Gonji Ramul

Daniel Horing

Fredrick Darnala


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