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Status of former Abyssio

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FROM: President Martin Sumner, United Republic of Tamurin

TO: The european community, especially Orioni, Amnalos, Tagmatium

RE: Status of former Abyssio


Fellow europeans,


many months ago a multinational stabilization force entered former Abyssio to help the people of Abyssio after its government collapsed. For some time, a tamurinian task force has been helping Tagmatium in the north.


It's the prime directive of the isolationist movement in Tamurin that every nation should govern itself.


It can't be that our stabilization forces remain in Abyssio forever. We have to let the people choose.


A large group of people in Tamurin feel that our relatives in Abyssio should form a government of their own as an autonomous part of the United Republic of Tamurin. Just like the Republic of Ormpetarr, an autonomous part of the United Republic of Tamurin, a Republic of Abyssio could join Tamurin. The federal government would only be responsable for matters of joint interest, while the people of Abyssio could decide all local matters.


It's time to decide what to do.



Martin Sumner

President of the United Republic of Tamurin


(OOC: Abyssio is the nation south of Tamurin; at the moment it's divided into three zones of control; Tagmatium, Amnalos and Orioni each control one)

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To: President Martin Sumner, United Republic of Tamurin

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Status of ex-Abyssio


We agree with you entirely upon this. We have been considering approaching yourselves with the idea of Tamurin incorporating Abyssio in to the United Republic. However, we did not feel it was appropriate to broach the situation after the death of President Hartman or during the election to find a successor, lest Tagmatium be accused to attempting to alter the outcome.


When our soldiers pull out, we feel that there either should be a seamless transition to Abyssio becoming part of the United Republic, or that there is an election organised to see what the Abyssioans themselves wish for the future. This isn't our business, it is entirely up to Tamurin to decide.


Whilst our soldiers withdraw, we wish to retain Kilnor island for a short period of time. I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement.


Gregorius Ford,

High Chancellor

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TO: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

FROM: President Sumner


Dear High Chancellor Ford,


I'm grateful to see that we are in agreement on this matter.


As to your request to keep soldiers on Kilnor Island - I and my staff agree that it would be wise to keep tagmatine soldiers there for some time to make the transition as smooth as possible. We could also talk about a permanent tagmatine base here in the south of Europa if you wish.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you on this matter and to hear from the other parties involved.



Martin Sumner



OOC: Amnalos is more or less away. Tag told me that he abandoned his nation. We'll just assume that his nation will join the majority on this, so it's up to Orioni. Btw, I'll be gone this weekend, so before monday I won't be able to continue on this...

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OOC: Jog any memories, Mr. Akiiryu?


To: President Summer

From: High Chancellor Ford


We would be very grateful if we could accept your offer of a permanent base on Kilnor Island. We ask if this would be in the form of a military base or of the a city or town (like Hong Kong was). The stationing of Tagmatine soldiers would help to keep the transitional process smooth, as our soldiers have gained quite a beneficial image in the area since the pacification of rebel elements of the ex-Abyssioan army after the Holy Empire's collapse.


We too would like to hear from any other parties in the area, although we do suspect that a certain confederacy may be less than welcoming on the matter.


If Tamurin needs any further assisstance, we would be only too glad to offer to help.

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From: Orioni

To: All involved






The Orioni Government has no objections to constructive developments in the area of ex-Abyssio.


However, due to our long presence and interests in the area in question, we would like our opinion to be heard.


We agree with all involved that Tamurin may cease control of the area.


We would however like to keep control of a small part of our current, and soon to be former, protectorate.


The area in question which we are keen on keeping under our control is located on the southern tip of the peninsula. (See appandix A)


Rest assured, our intentions are purely peaceful and not agressive of any nature.





1. H.R.H. Empress Orioni

2. Dr. Chandra Pristo








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