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Byzantine Empire claims land

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***Byzantine Newsweek Special Report***

Byzantine Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Trade have reached a conclusion after lengthy talk about the overcrowding of the urban areas of the empire. The report that the Ministries released suggests expansion and points plot 100 as an optimal location to expand. As this will be concerning Pirilao Byzantine ambassador in Pirilao has sent an invitation to discuss the issue.


(OOC: had enough citizens for next expansion, one more after this and then I cannot expand by annexing plots anymore.)

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The Council-in-Exile today issued a clarifying statement regarding the rumoured Byzantine expansion plans. The Foreign Miniistry indicated that this was not within Nevareies spheres of interest and so the Council would not be issuing an official communique. He did however say that the government would be considering offering the Byzantine Empire a development loan to assist in their colonisation of this hinterland. When asked whether this would be better spent at home the Minister explained that while the nation was short of homes, factories and goods it did have large currency reserves and would be happy to offer finances to any friendly nation.

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