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Missing Naval Officers Recovered

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From the Serannian Gazette:



A military spokesperson announced today that three naval officers that had been missing at sea and presumed dead for more than four years made their way home yesterday afternoon. The three officers had been aboard a naval cruiser when it went missing for reasons unknown. The entire crew was presumed to have gone down with the vessel.


The identity of the officers has not been released, and there is no word on their story. Perhaps their recovery will shed light on the four-year-old mystery of what exactly happened to them and their ship on the day it went down.


The Gnorri was making its way back to Serannian after a routine exercise in the waters west of Serannian. At approximately 6:50 pm, the captain of the ship reported via radio communication of a dense fog suddenly rolling in around the vessel. After this, there was no further communication with the cruiser.


It has been speculated that the cruiser lost its way in the fog and impacted upon rocks jutting from the shallow waters off the coast. This theory, however, has caused much debate, as no trace of the wreckage has been found.

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FROM: Deltannia, Naval Department

TO: Serrania


After looking into records of logs made 4 years ago, the frigate Herra and sloop Noxor were in the vicinity. The captain of the Herra logged the following information (not actual log):


Ship spotted, 6:22 PM

Ship identified: Affiliation: Serranian, Name: Unknown, hull markings visible.

Ship disappeared: fog conditions, 6:48 PM

Explosion sounded, bearing approximately NE, within proximity of Serranian vessel

No contact established


The crew of the Noxor was further ahead in the fog, and the Captain logged the following (not actual records):


Ship spotted, 6:20 PM. Relay to Frigate DSS Herra, registry provided.

Ship identified: Affiliation: Serranian, Name: Unknown, hull markings visible

Contact established: Affiliation: Serranian, Class: Cruiser, Name: Unknown, connection sub-standard. Communications Officers ordered to boost signal.

Ship spotted: 6:41 PM, submarine-class, radar tracked

Ship spotted: 6:43 PM, unidentified vessel, distance unknown, size unknown

Weather report: Fog conditions, 6:50 PM

Explosion sounded to port: 6:52 PM, visiual contact established.

Visual contact lost, contact lost

Relay data to Frigate DSS Herra, registry provided.


We hope that this information will be of help. We will look into the records of the ships and locate the Captains of these two vessels, as well as retrieve any witnesses.


Deltan Naval Command, Admiralty

Naval Archives

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