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Islands Annexed by Ide Jima

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On Board the Nordangger, an Ide Jiman Improved Kutsnetzov Class Carrier, flagship of the 2nd colonial fleet...


"Admiral sir!, the recon reports from the four islands are back".



"hmm?...let's see..."


Island #1 (Northernmost - Named Khamseenskay)


Terrain: Desert mostly. No fresh water.


Highest Point: Northeast Cliffs reach 900 metres above sea level.


Natural Resources: Diamonds, sand, lignite.


Scope for Settlement: Possibly, in the southeast of the island.



Island #2 (2nd Northernmost - Named Morutai)


Terrain: Again Mostly desert or Lava Flats. Some vegetation starting to take hold on the northern peninsular.


Highest Point: Mount Anaka, in the centre of the island.


Natural Resources: Oil, Iron. (some diamonds from volcanic activity but not enough to be mined efficiently)


Scope for Settlement: Only in coastal areas



Island #3 (Southwestern - Named Savo)


Terrain: Very low lying. Mostly tidal sand and mud flats, bar a ridge running the length of the island with dense vegetation.


Highest Point: The central ridge comes no higher than 100 metres above sea level.


Settlement: In some places, rocky outcrops provide possible location for settlement.


Natural Resouces: No, unless you consider mud to be a resource. Possible farmland on island ridge in the future.



Island #4 (Southeastern - Named Tinian)


Terrain: Only accessable by air at the moment. Thick reefs and high cliffs surround the island. The inland behind the cliffs is green and hilly.


Highest Point: - Not Known


Settlement: Only once proper access routes are established.


Resources: - Not Known.




"Very well then, move forces onto all 4 of the islands. Get me a marine engineer regiment onto Tinian, build a helipad or runway or something to get troops in there. Get on the radio to Serekan, tell them to start getting colonist groups together, the islands are open for settlement".







Meanwhile, back in Serekan...


Jiangwei: "I've just been on the phone to Utsure. He has told the 1st Marine assault squadron to move in to the Khamseen archipelago. From the outside it'll look like they are going to support the fleet based there. In two day's time they move to invade Vulcan island, in the next stage of this island hopping campaign. Other forces have been put on standby to attack Rarukai island. Throw in some colonists with those Marines, so it doesn't just look like they are sitting there doing nothing until they attack. Close all shipping lanes in between the islands to any non alliance shipping".


"Oh, and we'd better tell our allies about our plans for Vulcan island"...


Heavily Encoded Contact:

To: Akiiryu, Vanarambaion, Meteorola, Europtima and the other guy...

From: Ide Jima


We are on standby to annex Vulcan island. In doing this we are capable of blockading TCN with ease. Maybe now we'll be able to see what is on those Riderian ships we keep seeing enter they're waters. If any of you think this is a bad idea, we will be sure to reconsider.


Your Ally,


Ide Jima

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Under the cover of darkness the 26 TCSF operatives set off for Vulcan Island. When they arrived they would spilt up into 4 teams, and move to secret locations, and dig in. They were all supplied with equipment from SPA, in case they were captured. They all carried standard gear, but 2 teams carried sniper rifels, and 3 teams carried high explosives. The TCSF operatives were transported by TCNa, one multiple, small, power boats. They encountered no resistance, and upon arival split up into their designated teams, and moved to their locations.


For weeks after this all they did was observe, occasionally radioing back to base on secure lines. A lot was happening: buildings were being constructed, troops were being moved about, and security around Vulcan Island was being tightened to prevent anybody entering. Too late, stupid f**ks though one of the TCSF officers.

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1) Avoid the language. It is not necessary, and against forum rules. It doesn't impress anybody.


2) You've godmodded your guys onto the island with SPA equipment (changing the amount you have again). This is not cool. The is a huge Ide Jiman and Akiiryan Naval presence around the island (not to mention air cover) and has been for a while. Do you think you ships would just sail through without being noticed? Lets not forget Europtima's colony next door to the TCN.


Frankly TCN, I am getting sick of telling you this kind of stuff.

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At Vulcan Military Base...


Radar Operator: "Several Small Blips just approached from the northwest, could be boats, planes or even Albatrosses"


Commander:"There won't be any planes around, Albatrosses aren't in these parts nowadays, not in those numbers, they must be boats".


Radar Operator:"Yessir, shall I call alert on?"


Commander:"Yes, But don't have blaring sirens go on, If they dropped troops here, this will cause them to panic. Put all units on red alert, but do it via private messages to section commanders. Get the Assault group stationed in the bay to drop off the last of the marines"


Radar Operator:"Yessir"


Commander:"Triple helicopter patrols in the accsesible area of the island, and get the 4th flight to do a sweep of the area".


Outside, 5 Mil Mi-28N helicopters took off, and headed for the rest of the island. Down on the shore 700 marines marched up from the makeshift harbour. All around the base were entrenchments, behind those were an increasingly large number of concrete emplacements. Guarding the entrance to the base were two large IJ-20 'Tiamat' heavy tanks, along with large numbers of stormtroopers.

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OOC: Since we seem to be doing this here now.




The Akiiyan Sub-marshal looked over the report sent to him by the Ide Jimans.


"Tactics of children! Do they really think such an attack would go unoticed? Farathic!"




"Send 3 Taka Attack Helicopters and three airborn squads to support the Ide Jimans. Double the watch here."




"Then notify the navy, they have ships in the area, tell them to be on the look out for suspicious shipping. "




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"Activity is increasing a lot. What you suppose that it means?" asked one of the junior TCSF officers on Vulcan Island.

"It means that they know that we are here." replied Commander Jhons - He was in command of all the squads from the ground.

"Well. What should we do?" asked the same junior officer.

"Send this message securly to the other squads:


Team 1 is to ramain is position. Team 2 and Team 3 are to move to "Position Zulu" (OOC: 5 Miles NE of the main IJ encampment) and setup sniper positions. Team 4 is to perpare to attack the IJ encampment; move to "Position Omega" (OOC: 0.5 Miles SSW of the main IJ encampment). OUT!


"Move out men!" Jhons issued.

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ooc: The army base is on the southern peninsular on the island TCN, sorry for not mentioning it, but position Omega is somewhere underwater wink.gif


Ground Control unit at Vulcan Army Base...


"This is helicopter flight 230, our thermal imaging has picked something up, it could just be a cinder cone from the volcano, but the heat pattern is too dispersed..."


Ground Control:"Right, we're sending this to HQ. They have a lot on their hands, but I'm sure they'll take the time to look at this..."







"All units are to be put on red alert. All this evidence can't be a coincidence, call an artillery strike on the location and then lay down a smoke screen, send the stormtroopers in a formation to engage special forces, presuming this is what we're up against once it is over... forward this to the Akiiryans"


Outside, four AS90 Light SP Howitzers started firing in rapid succession at the suspect targets. Rocket units were also opening fire, covering the lower slopes in a thick smoke. At the main gateway, 600 Stormtroopers began to move in loose formation round to the east of the targets, to gain higher ground above the target. Twelve WAH-64D helicopters set off into the smoke to track down any other targets.


Smoke closest to the Target was laid down at very high temperatures, meaning that thermal or infra red imaging would not be able to pick out any of the Stormtrooper units moving up behind them in assault formation.




The lead group of stormtroopers...


Major: *Signals to the others to get ready to attack* *He gives another hand signal to a group moving up behind a rocky scree to get ready to attack*...Attack!


All units charged down the dry hillside, with drawn guns and fixed bayonets. Whoever was in the target area wasn't stupid and fire started already, but the height advantage and rocky cover meant that this fire did little damage. B team (in rocky outcrop) began to lay down fire to confuse the position, which was now coming under attack from two sides, having already been dazed by a barrage of artillery.


The Stormtroopers now entered the position, having surrounded it fully. They shouted "We have this position surrounded! Come out with your hands up and you will be spared!"...


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Having only just missed the artillery, Team 2 thought themselfes lucky to be alive.

The Commanding Officer of Team 2 knew that the longer he could hold up the stormtroopers the better, and the other teams could escape. He has only one option: he must comtinue fighting. The Smoke was still heavy ni the air, so he ordered his men to dig in on the ground, and create a 360 degree field of fire. Team 2 had a sniper, but that would be of little use until the smoke cleared. But the sniper was still setup in the hope that they could kill a officer, or commander. Team 2 tried to camoflage themselfes that best they could, and then wait for the smoke to clear.


Meanwhile Team 3 was rapidly escaping to 1 Mile W of Team 1; who had stayed behind. Team 4 had heavy explosives, and decided that this was the best time to act. With most of the stormtroopser away, Team 4 moved down the hillside, ready for their mission. They were going to set explosives on the fuel dump, and hopefully destroy the base. THey manages to scale the perimiter without being noticed, but once inside, came under heavy fire. 1 member os the squad was killed, but the others carried on unharmed, still under fire. They reached the fule dump, and one of the team began setting the explosives, whilst the other 2 covered their position.

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ooc: TCN, my base is on the southern peninsula, which is heavily defended. You would not be able to just walk into it with a few troops. It has massive trench networks and concrete fortification, not to mention heavy armoured support. I suggest we bring this RP to a close soon.



Vulcan HQ...


From concealed machinegun emplacements on the base perimeter, the next event was totally unexpected. A small band of troops appeared to be attacking the base. Once they were sure the attackers were not stray stormtroopers, the 50 or so concealed marine Browning M2 guns opened fire. This attack was not too well thought through, looking to officers in the base more like a rush decision. By now Ide Jiman FAA aircraft had approached the island, and were tracking units moving away from the smokescreen.


Behind the smokescreen, the Stormtroopers waited silently, uphill from the enemy targets. They had not fled yet, he could just make them out now the heat was starting to disperse. In the distance, thuds of machinegun fire opened up and the signal came through from HQ: 'Subdue targets. Try to take some alive'.


The Stormtroopers stormed down the hill. The enemy hiding place was closer than expected, but this didn't stop them from pouring automatic fire into it, all aimed at the arms legs and lower bodies. They outnumbered the targets, and some stormtroops were jumping over the parapet, into the emplacement with fixed bayonets. A sniper was seen by a sergeant, who emptied one of his Mechem BXP machine pistols into his target, before drawing another one and taking cover behind some crates.


Those enemies left in the emplacement were now hopelessly outnumbered, and stormtroopers were now calling for their immediate surrender.


The five WAH-64D helicopters were bearing down on other fleeing units. Most of them probably would not survive, as the on board computers dealt with each target one by one, in order of the level of threat it posed.


Down by the base, the tiny enemy attack force was clearly starting to have second thoughts. M56-IJ Pack Howitzers in the base had now opened fire, and were starting to cut swathes out of the attackers ranks. Additional Marines were now pouring out of the base.


FSJK (Paratrooper) Units from the first invasion force had moved up the beach, and were starting to bear down on the enemy from the east as they moved up the peninsular. Ide Jiman army snipers were now fully assembled with Barrett .50 calibre sniper rifles were picking off attackers as they blundered into the Ide Jiman army's base. Out at sea, helicopters from Assault Carriers bought more marines and some heavier vehicles.

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OOC: I aggree, we should clos this down.


IC: The remains of Team 2 knew that they had no chanse. The commander bagan priming the explosive that Team 3 had left behing in their rushed escape. After about 10 seconds the bomb was ready. The Commander had put a timer of 20 seconds and pushed the button.


19 seconds remaining


The Commander stood up and shouted: "We surrneder. We have no weapons!"

The Stormtrooper captain began advancing down the hill, flanked by his subordinates.


10 seconds remaning

Once they had made sure that Team 2 had no weapons they opened fire. All the remaining members of Team 2 were peppered with low-aimed bullets, and fell to the ground.


5 seconds remaining....

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ooc: How many are in a 'team' TCN?


As if by some stroke of miracle, the bomb exploded. Most of those who had launched the attacks were now either dead, dying or captured. Although the fuel dump had gone up in flames, the base was far from destroyed. Several non hardened shelters nearby had been obliterated, and one radio station was down. Overall 20 marines had been killed in the attack and another 12 stormtroopers had died too.


The stormtroops had taken several targets alive though. Most had at least one bullet wound, but they were not fatal. They would be taken by helicopter to Ide Jima and interrogated, until it was made clear which nation they were from.


Serekan sent out a press release demanding for a nation to own up, until then all captives would be interrogated, and the remains of their fallen comrades would be left out to rot on the slopes of Mount Vulcan.




After the team 2 incident...


"Get the ones still moving back to HQ for medical!...What are these guns?...Akiiryan assault rifles?...That's weird, these guys aren't Akiiryan, they have no tattoos... someones trying to frame them..."

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TCN Press Release


The Government of TCN would like to take this opportunity to comdem to attacks on Ide Jima. Peace is a very fragile thing, and it only takes something very small the shatter it. The Government of TCN very much hope that war in Europa will not be a consiquence of these wreckless actions. TCN pledges support to Ide Jima, and with permission would like to send helecopters to Vulcan Island.


Meanwhile on Vulcan Island:


Urget assistane requried STOP We have been detected STOP Teams 2 and 4 have been destroyed or captured STOP Team 3 is without weapons STOP We have no escape route STOP


The TCSF operative put down his radio. He knew he was going to die on Vulcan Island. He began thinking of home: but suddenly his radio began to crackle:


Alpha please copy STOP

Said the transmission


This is Alpha: we copy STOP


We are trying to pursuade the Ide Jimans to let us put some choppers onto Vulcan Island STOP Hopefully we can extract you without detection STOP Hide and wait for futher instruction STOP





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The Akiiryan intelligence officer examined the rifle his Ide Jima counterpart hand given him and let out a snort.


"This is A18e1, the export version of the A18. The serial numbers are scratched off, but I am willing to bet this was one of the weapons stolen in Akiiryu a couple of months ago. By the Stag! who ever was using this didn't know much about caring for weapons in the field, look at all this field damage!"


The officer hand the weapon to one of his aides who would send if off for closer inspection. He then turn to the Ide Jiman intelligence officer. And smiled a thin, wolfish smile.


"Right, shall we proceed with the interrogation of the fools who attacked you with this?"





The sub-marshal read the statement from the TCN and shook his head. How stupid did these childskins think the Akiiryans and Ide Jimans really were? There was no way in all the frozen wastes in hell that anyone from the TCN would be allowed near Vulcan. Surely TCN government had the brains to realise that? Moreover, the sub-marshal thought, why would a government so hostile to both Akiiryu and Ide Jima suddenly be so keen on helping them? What in the Stags name were they up too?

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From: Ide Jima


What exactly would you plan on doing with these helicopters?


Encoded Contact:

To: Vanarambaion

From: Ide Jima


We are in the process of establishing an alliance military base on Vulcan island. If you wish to, you can send a military force to add to the garrison.


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To: Ide Jima

From: TCN


War is never a pretty thing, we should know. Vulcan Island is very close to TCN, and the government of TCN believes that is it both our benifits to exterminate and problems before they explode - nip it in the bud if you will. We plan to use the helecopters to search the detain any rogue agents. With your permission of course.

The government of TCN hopes that you will accept our offer.

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The Baron T'Ka read the TCN response and let out a laugh.


"By the Stag, I do believe the TCN are implying that we can't defeat these fools ourselves. Bloody stupid childskins, why would they want to help us by hunting out "rogue agents"? They've got something to hide!"


The Baron looked at the message again and a thought struck him...


"They called them agents..."

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CC: Akiiryu, Ide Jima, Meteorola

From: Vanarambaion


Keep your military hardware out of Alliance airspace. You are still at war with the Holy Confederacy, and we will have no problems whatsoever in snuffing your helicopters from the sky if you continue with your actions. Alliance airspace is closed until we find out who is responsible for these under-handed attacks. You are certainly far from a neutral third-party. Consider yourself warned.





To: Ide Jima

CC: Akiiryu, Meteorola

From: Vanarambaion


The attack on this base is unacceptable. Three ShadowCorps Squadrons are being readied and will be at the disposal of the Alliance Commanding Officer to track down these criminals and any accomplices in the area. We apologize for not responding sooner to this crisis.

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Encoded Contact:

To: Alliance Members

From: Ide Jima


TCN's offer is out of place. Why would a nation which released outcry over our invasion of the island now seek to help us mop up? I think we should consider TCN a suspect given the possible places boats the size of the radar signal we picked up could have come from.


The Ide Jiman 2nd Khamseen army front is moving to Vulcan island, to reinforce alliance presence there. We are interrogating three enemies we captured alive, once we have finished, feel free to interrogate them yourselves. Until another nation or group owns up to this attack we should consider TCN a suspect.

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