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NDI Limited


Niederoestereich's leading defence, systems

and engineering company.

Technology solutions and services


Bushmaster $460 000 Niederoestereichian


The NDI Bushmaster family of vehicles has been developed jointly by NDI Limited and Niederoest Technology Limited to provide a unique combination of protection, mobility and comfort.This combination makes the vehicle ideally suited for a range of applications including policing, peacekeeping, troop transport, weapons platform and protected logistics.

The integral features provide the Bushmaster with a comprehensive range of performance and protection capabilities without the need for costly, bulky and complex add-on kits.

Bushmaster's durability and reliability are proven as a result of over 250,000 km of controlled testing.

The Bushmaster platform has been selected by the Niederoestereichian Army as the basis for their Infantry Mobility Vehicle, which is currently in production at NDI's Stockinbingal facility.

NDI is supplying 1500 Infantry Mobility Vehicles to equip infantry regiments with the capability of safe and rapid deployment incorporating a range of options. The vehicle will be supplied in six variants.


Crew comfort and safety


* Carrying capacity of up to ten fully equipped military personnel including commander and driver

* Ample floor to roof height and generous cabin space accommodating 95th percentile males

* Excellent visibility for driver and crew

* Outstanding levels of integrated ballistic and mine blast protection for the crew

* Advanced seating and safety harness designs

* Passenger amenities include airconditioning and cooled water storage facilities

user posted image

High Manoeuvrability


* Excellent cross-country mobility and handling characteristics. The Bushmaster was designed for the most daunting Europian terrains but is equally suitable in a range of environments and conditions such as highway, mud/snow and sand and emergency conditions

* Arvin Meritor all wheel drive independent suspension. Coil springs, wishbones and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers complete the suspension package with differential locks front, centre and rear

* Caterpillar six cylinder, turbocharged electronically controlled emission compliant diesel engine providing up to 330hp (240kW) and exceptional torque at low speeds

* Choice of ZF or Allison automatic transmissions

* A high cruising speed of more than 110kph (66mph)

* Extended on road cruise range capacity - only requiring refuelling every 1000kms (600 miles)

* An optional central tyre inflation system that allows the driver to adjust tyre pressures in transit

* An optional self recovery winch

* Maximum ease of repair and maintenance with modular power pack

* Variants of the Bushmaster include:

- Troop transporter (standard variant)

- Command and control

- Ambulance

- Direct Fire Support Weapon

- Combat Engineer

- Mortar



FireKing $20 000 Niederoestereichian




Newly designed and developed by NDI, the FireKing offers unrivalled crew and vehicle protection in extreme conditions such as:


* Bush fire fighting

* High value, sensitive sites requiring emergency vehicles

user posted image

Features and Benefits


The cabin of NDI's FireKing is constructed using a combination of specially sourced materials designed to minimise injury due to exposure to radiated heat, high temperatures and toxic fumes. This degree of protection is simply not available in commercial cab chassis based fire fighting vehicles.

A comprehensive range of innovative features includes:


* Fully enclosed underbody creating a cabin capsule that protects the vehicle's critical systems. This feature also ensures the design life expectancy of the NDI's FireKing is considerably higher than that of other firefighting vehicles

* Selection of materials to minimise exterior equipment melting or burning

* Sealing of doors and windows enabling significant protection from radiant heat

* 700 litres of water storage capacity dedicated to vehicle protection

* Up to 3,000 litres of water storage capacity for fire fighting

* Wheel water sprays for protection of tyres and wheels

* Constant 4-wheel drive and independent suspension

* A Caterpillar 3126B turbo-charged diesel engine

* Comprehensive through life support for all NDI's vehicles is available


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5.56mm F88 NAsteyr Rifle $3400 Niederoestereichian


A state-of-the-art weapon. It is manufactured by NDI and supplied to the armed forces of Niederoestereich, as well as other peacekeeping forces. It has been upgraded by NDI to accept various aiming devices mounted on a Picatinny Rail and can be fitted with a 40mm Grenade Launcher.


user posted image


22 Calibre F88 NAsteyr Training Rifle $2000 Niederoestereichian


NDI has developed a .22 calibre training rifle for use by the Niederoestereichian Army. The weapon provides an economical training alternative, with a very low ammunition cost, which can be used in environmentally sensitive training areas and indoor areas for special force training with reduced risk to trainees and instructors.



LPA Watercraft $120 000 Niederoestereichian


The watercraft are designed and constructed to DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Class notation +1A1 LC Crew R1EO and to meet the operational requirements of the Niederoestereichian Defence Force (NDF).

The design has been undertaken by NDI to meet the requirements of both the NDF and DNV.


The watercraft comprises an aluminium hull with bow and stern doors, water jet propulsion and self-contained crew accommodation. It is capable of independent operations or as part of the overall system to transfer a battalion between ship and shore. It is capable of carrying the range of Niederoestereichian Army vehicles from Land Rovers to Leopard tanks.

The watercraft was designed for modular construction, with fabrication being undertaken at several locations. Consolidation of the modules and outfit of the vessel is being performed by NDI's workforce at its Wirraway Naval Construction facility.


user posted image



Length: 26 metre

Draft: 1 metre

Beam: 7.6 metre

Speed: 11knots light

Lightship Displacement: 58.7 tonnes

Full Displacement: 135 tonnes

Cargo Capacity: 65 tonnes

Range: 720 Nm (30% fuel Remaining)

Crew: 4

Waterjets: Doen DJ260

Engines: Detroit 6062

Gensets: Caterpillar 5054



High Mobility Engineering Vehicles $75 000 Niederoestereichian


NDI's High Mobility Engineering Vehicle (HMEV) is the world's only self deployable, purpose-built engineering vehicle capable of travelling at high speed with a military road convoy. Its high-speed mobility, both on and off road, is more than a match for most wheeled military vehicles. The vehicle can travel long distances at high speed and on arrival perform an impressive array of engineering tasks. HMEV has been selected by the Niederoestereichian Army and delivery of the required 270 vehicles is complete. .


The vehicle also provides a suitable platform for a wide range of commercial and other non-government applications. Local and regional governments and companies involved in the road construction and maintenance, power generation, mining, grape growing and forestry industries would also realise significant benefits from HMEVs.


The Journal of Niederoestereichian Military Engineers, reporting on testing of a HMEV prototype has described the vehicle as a 'significant advance on current commercial and military vehicles' providing 'outstanding' mobility on all surfaces and 'exceptional' on and off road performance.

user posted image


Features and benefits


NDI's High Mobility Engineering Vehicle possesses a unique range of features such as:


* Rapid self deployment

* Cross-country performance of a four-wheel drive vehicle

* Highway speed of up to 100km/h (62m/h)

* Powered by the Cummins 6 cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine rated at 185 hp

* Earth moving functions of a tractor with a comprehensive range of optional attachments including:

- Front-end loader with 4 in one bucket

- Backhoe auxiliary hydraulics

- Earth auger

- Forklift with quick hitch

- Hydraulic winch

- Rock breaker

- Add on armour mine fragmentation kit

- Optional passenger seat

- Trailer towing capability of up to 8,000 kg (17,600lb)

* Rollover and falling object protection

* Ergonomically designed, airconditioned and positively pressurised cabin providing superior driver comfort and performance

* Air transportable under CH-47 Chinook and in C130 Hercules

* As with all NDI military vehicles a through life support plan customised to individual requirements can be developed

* Optional operator, maintainer and parts training are available

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Kuringai Class Battleship $25 Billion Niederoestereichian

user posted image


66,103 t light; 70,892 t standard; 84,619 t normal; 95,600 t full load


Dimensions: Length overall / water x beam x draught

984.24 ft / 942.91 ft x 121.06 ft x 39.37 ft (normal load)

300.00 m / 287.40 m x 36.90 m x 12.00 m



12 - 18.10" / 460 mm guns (4 mounts), 2,964.87lbs / 1,344.84kg shells, Breech loading guns in turrets (on barbettes)

on centreline ends, evenly spread, 4 raised guns - superfiring

12 - 6.10" / 155 mm guns (6x2 guns), 113.49lbs / 51.48kg shells, Breech loading guns in turrets (on barbettes)

on side, evenly spread

4 - 24.0" / 609.6 mm above water torpedoes, 4 - 24.0" / 609.6 mm submerged torpedo tubes


Niederoestereichian AA missiles CLASSIFIED*

Niederoestereichian Cruise Missiles CLASSFIED*



Armour: (Niederoestereichian model armour CLASSIFIED*, Foreign construction standard displayed)

- Belts: Width (max) Length (avg) Height (avg)

Main: 16.1" / 410 mm 612.89 ft / 186.81 m 13.19 ft / 4.02 m

Ends: 2.76" / 70 mm 329.99 ft / 100.58 m 13.19 ft / 4.02 m

Upper: 5.71" / 145 mm 612.89 ft / 186.81 m 8.01 ft / 2.44 m

Main Belt covers 100 % of normal length


- Torpedo Bulkhead:

1.77" / 45 mm 612.89 ft / 186.81 m 37.83 ft / 11.53 m


- Gun armour: Face (max) Other gunhouse (avg) Barbette/hoist (max)

Main: 25.6" / 650 mm 7.09" / 180 mm 13.4" / 340 mm

2nd: 3.94" / 100 mm 1.30" / 33 mm 3.15" / 80 mm


- Armour deck: 7.87" / 200 mm, Conning tower: 12.60" / 320 mm



Oil fired boilers, steam turbines or Nuclear Reactor

Geared drive, 4 shafts, 198,677 shp / 148,213 Kw = 30.00+ kts*

Range 11,500nm at 25.00 kts

Bunker at max displacement = 24,708 tons



2,479 - 3,224


Distribution of weights at normal displacement:

Armament: 4,618 tons, 5.5 %

Armour: 28,261 tons, 33.4 %

- Belts: 7,249 tons, 8.6 %

- Torpedo bulkhead: 1,520 tons, 1.8 %

- Armament: 5,567 tons, 6.6 %

- Armour Deck: 13,402 tons, 15.8 %

- Conning Tower: 523 tons, 0.6 %

Machinery: 4,753 tons, 5.6 %

Hull, fittings & equipment: 28,388 tons, 33.5 %

Fuel, ammunition & stores: 18,516 tons, 21.9 %

Miscellaneous weights: 83 tons, 0.1 %


Overall survivability and seakeeping ability:*(Niederoestereichian Model CLASSIFIED)

Survivability (Non-critical penetrating hits needed to sink ship):

117,128 lbs / 53,128 Kg = 39.5 x 18.1 " / 460 mm shells or 17.8 torpedoes

Stability (Unstable if below 1.00): 1.08

Metacentric height 7.7 ft / 2.3 m

Roll period: 18.3 seconds

Steadiness - As gun platform (Average = 50 %): 64 %

- Recoil effect (Restricted arc if above 1.00): 0.72

Seaboat quality (Average = 1.00): 1.06


Hull form characteristics:

Hull has a flush deck

and transom stern

Block coefficient: 0.659

Length to Beam Ratio: 7.79 : 1

'Natural speed' for length: 35.16 kts

Power going to wave formation at top speed: 49 %

Trim (Max stability = 0, Max steadiness = 100): 60

Bow angle (Positive = bow angles forward): 32.00 degrees

Stern overhang: 20.21 ft / 6.16 m

Freeboard (% = measuring location as a percentage of overall length):

- Stem: 33.79 ft / 10.30 m

- Forecastle (20 %): 21.49 ft / 6.55 m

- Mid (50 %): 21.49 ft / 6.55 m

- Quarterdeck (15 %): 21.49 ft / 6.55 m

- Stern: 21.49 ft / 6.55 m

- Average freeboard: 22.47 ft / 6.85 m


Ship space, strength and comments:

Space - Hull below water (magazines/engines, low = better): 74.6 %

- Above water (accommodation/working, high = better): 147.1 %

Waterplane Area: 92,003 Square feet or 8,547 Square metres

Displacement factor (Displacement / loading): 113 %

Structure weight / hull surface area: 233 lbs/sq ft or 1,138 Kg/sq metre

Hull strength (Relative):

- Cross-sectional: 1.00

- Longitudinal: 1.00

- Overall: 1.00

Hull space for machinery, storage, compartmentation is excellent

Room for accommodation and workspaces is excellent


*CLASSIFIED - Information on this technology is being withheld, In the case such as AA abilities, nation will have to fit their own systems

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MiG-35 $130 Million Niederoestereichian


The standard fighter intercepter for the Niederoestereichian Air-force. Under contract from Mikoyan-Gurevich, NDI Limited may construct and build airforce for foreign nations.


user posted image


To give an idea of its capabilities, the MiG 35 would be able to outperform the F-22 Raptor. Although the primary mission of the MiG 35 is air-superiority, unlike the F-22 the MiG 35 is also capable of performing strike mission, and thus in both conception and configuration is more directly comparable to the similar multi-role EFA2000 Eurofighter. Like the F-22, the MiG 35 has a thrust vectoring system that allows it to make sharp turns. It also has similar stealth capabilities, with the canard, wing and fuselage structures incorporating carbon-fiber and polymer composite materials. Other stealth features include radar-absorbing covering, screening of radar-visible structure elements, and reduced heat signature. The fifth-generation pulse-doppler radar has a phased-array andtenna with electronic scanning to simultaneously attack over 20 targets. The aircraft can carry long-range air-to-air and air-to-surface guided missiles, and it is armed with a 30-mm cannon


user posted image



Function: Multi-role fighter

Crew: 1

Engine: Two Lyulka AL-41F vectored-thrust afterburning turbofans, 39,340 lb thrust each

Wing span: 15 m / 49 ft 3 in

Length: 19 m / 62 ft 4 in

Height: 6 m / 19 ft 8 in

Canard span: 5 m / 16 ft 5 in

Weight (approx.): 33,069 lb empty /44,092 lb max. take off

Ceiling N/A

Speed at altitude: In excess of 2,448 km/h / 1,521 mph

Speed at supercruise: In excess of 1,224 km/h / 760 mph

Range: N/A

Armament: 30mm cannon, plus various missile payloads

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Trafalgar Class Multipurpose Vessel

Prices vary from $25 for basic model to $5000


For navys on a budget, or revolutionaries wishing to go head to head with their corrupt government, NDI brings to Europa the brand new Trafalgar Class. This fine vessel features:


* 2 Wooden Oars made of solid Tasmanian Oak

* A solid hull made to withstand the toughest seaweed

* Rust proofing on Oar mounts

* Reinforced timber hull

* Pending model class, can be fitted with ether

- .30cal MG

- Fishing rods

- Anchor

- 3x Mosin Nagant Rifles

- Basic Transistor Radio equipment

- 6x Molotov Cocktails


user posted image

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