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Massive volcanic activity

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OOC: i didnt know where to realy post this, but if it's not the right places, please move it to the right places please. oh and you might as well request your islands here too. just so it dosent get mized up with the main map request thread. and can i give 1 rule. 1 new island per nation please.



****Adaptus Broadcasting Center****


today a large amount of volcanic activity was recored throught Europa's oceans. as a reasult new islands have been formed around Europa, also on the subject of these new islands, and Adapton Satalite picked up a few more new islands on the very out skirts of the region's water. we have no idea to how these islands have never been found before. but, our government has sent out a colonization fleet to the lislands designated I2, and now these lands belong to the great Federation. over nations are entiteled to lay there claim to these islands if they wish.


i'm David McDonlad, good night.

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The recent events have shocked the nation. Many Riderians are eager for a new, tropical piece of HR land to enjoy their last years. Both scientists as generals whish to claim new Europa territory and a cult has risen up who had his own theory about this all, only to be rehabilitated by inspectors of the church of Haken Rider.


HinfoTech Industries have funded an expedition force, equiped to the task of ensuring HR interests, not to mention more potential new markets and resources for their own company.


The government itself has responded by rushing to the nearest island and, after explorers of Koku were discovered (OOC: I don't think this will give any problems), claiming it to be League-territory.

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-IJ War Office Statement-


Ide Jiman troops today stormed ashore the Desert Islands of the Khamseen Archipelago, formed in recent volcanic activity. The four islands (named, Tinian, Morutai, Khamseenskay and Savo) were occupied by three Colonial Motor Rifle divisions under command of FeldMarshal Roentgen.


The office also emphasised the high possibility of the invasion of the island formed east of Karpathos and Vulcan Island. All shipping lanes between the islands and the Ide Jiman mainland have been closed to all non-alliance shipping.

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