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IJBC, the Ide Jiman Broadcasting Corporation HQ

Headlines from the last week:

The Ide Jiman space program proposes the most ambitious program yet, a manned mission to Mars,

"By 2030," explained Professor Kynlan, "We will have launched a manned mission to Mars, a moon of Jupiter. This is unprecedented, and will be extremely difficult to carry out. Among the problems faced is the sheer distance of the journey, protection against cosmic rays and the storage of all necessary fuel and supplies.

For the first, we are aiming to design a very large craft, capable of carrying Taikonauts over this distance. Engine power will be provided by three 'Arbalest' engines - these are sped up Ion blasters, admittedly not the fastest of engines, but they are capable of amazing fuel efficiency, a sail will also be added to harness the power of the sun on the approach to the planet Mars. Secondly, we have developed a very complex system involving incredibly thin layers of lead, between which are layers of Promethium and Larwencium, to protect against the extremely harmful rays. Supplies for the 8 Taikonauts will be carried in the cargo hold of the large craft. This will be very difficult, and there is NO margin for error whatsoever".

Ylane Murtan, Vice President later explained how she thought the idea to be 'insane' and 'a waste of money'. Not everyone agrees though.


The President Arrives in Akiiryu for the coronation. 'Fantan' An upgraded Hermes Class carrier arrives off of Akiiryu to base most of the flyover contingent.

The presidential flight touched down in Nimarci Airport yesterday. The President was welcomed warmly by our Akiiryan allies, this was the first time an Ide Jiman leader had set foot on Akiiryan soil. Naval command today stated that the 'Fantan' had arrived safely to host the flyover, whilst a TU-160, the centrepiece had been flown to an Akiiryan airbase for refuelling. The presidential press release referred to the visit so far as being, "Excellent, and very well operated - so far everything has happened without a hitch".


Aichi Jiangwei, Ide Jiman War Minister announces the beginning of the development of the MK II Neutron Bomb.

Development was today made public. Following what was believed to be the MK I explosion three months ago in space, a second - more reliable - and less likely to explode off target - model was today initiated. Production is believed to be starting in Ide Jiman Aerospatial command's HQ in a bunker under the Taishan Ranges. It is believed development was started some time ago, but claims that this project has started due to heightened tensions were brushed aside in the War Office's press release.


Idekuedo-Native tensions explode in Cteisephon. Marshall Kunsan's 4th Reaction Corps moves in to stop the violence. 672 Are dead.

Explosions today rocked central Cteisephon. Moments later native minority members took to the streets in violent protest. Idekuedo Ka-Zen extremists started firing on the natives, but it was not long before a small war had started in the city. There was a feeling that the rage that had 'built up over the past 14 years' had been released, explained one onlooker.


XTFW awarded a 2 Billion contract to develop 8 superheavy railguns to operate in the vicinity of the Endless Summer Straits.

Head of the Naval Infantry dispelled claims that this was against the Ide Jiman pledge to not build anti-shipping weapons in the area. "These guns are in a Howitzer configuration" he explained. "They will be no danger to shipping whatsoever, due to complete inaccuracy against moving targets. They are designed to support possible invasions of TCN" He went on to say.


Other News...

  • The Ide Jiman Geographical Survey today warned of the rapid shrinkage of the Taishan Ice Cap, this could lead to a global sea level rise of 1 metre.
  • The Harbin Thunderers take the national basketball trophy in a dramatic victory over the Taishan Kondors.
  • KDC Awarded a 5 Billion contract to develop an air platform for the proposed MK II Neutron Bomb, the chairman is said to be most pleased.
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  • 3 weeks later...

IJBC (not so) Weekly Broadcast


  • Massive Explosion in the Taishan Ranges as Ide Jiman Neutron Bomb is tested. Ahead of schedule, and not misfired (like the Hydrogen bomb test). This weapon showed promising results, creating an area of devastation almost 200 square miles in diameter. This powerful weapon is being ordered in bulk by nearly all branches of the armed forces. The MOD also set about building Trittium manufacturing plants - a measure neccessary to keep the bombs maintained in storage. So far 5000 have been ordered, orders have come from the airforce, the navy, the Naval infantry (presumably for ammunition in coastal rail guns), the Stormtrooper Terror Corps and the Marines.
  • Ide Jiman MOD announces a new nuclear attack system based around the new IJH-7 attack bomber. Less emphasis on the silo based missiles, said the MOD today, as an impressive new nuclear assault strategy was unveiled. Controversially, the system was based around a hypothetical war against the LT and other neutrals. No further details are allowed to be broadcast.
  • The 2nd Khamseen Army Front Moves on to Vulcan island following attacks. The 120,000 troops of the mighty Second Khamseen Army Front today landed on Vulcan island. The ultimate aim is to transform Vulcan into a highly militarised base for alliance forces. The engineering corps is also sending units to build defences from the volcano, which today showed signs of increasing activity.
  • The Ide Jiman deep space probe Ryujin is today blasted into space by a KDC-L15 Reisen Rocket from the Taishan space centre. The take off went smoothly, as this is expected to pave the way for a possible manned mission to the moons of Jupiter. The president attended the launch, and praised the Ide Jiman Aerospatial Command afterwards.
  • New Nuclear Power Plant is opened in Harbin by Vice President Ylane Murtan. The old plant at Harbin was a disaster waiting to happen. Many thought it a miracle that it hadn't blown up by the time it was closed down. The new, safer, more efficient and generally more nice to look at version was opened today by the Vice President.
  • An inquest is launched into 'operation riff-raff clean up', an incident in which as many as 1200 criminals and vandals were released into the Harbin Jungles and then hunted down and shot. General Keitel of the 3rd reaction corps deemed it 'neccessary training for guerilla war against religous extremists in the north'. 'So far we've got about 1000 of 'em' stated a Border Guard tank commander when questioned.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Weekly Headlines

  • Ide Jima's space launched missile system, 'Typhon' is to be disbanded according to the MOD in a speech today. The missile system is re-entering the atmosphere next week, and is expected to touch down in the Sevrun sea. From there, the missiles will be recovered by the Navy and placed in reserve in missile silos in Stantang.
  • Election preparations are getting underway, as Kaiten Utsure's national party faces very strong competition from the Social Front, led by Asashi Rekura. Such a swing to the left would dash hopes to restore the monarchy, and many other changes would take place, such as:
    • The banning of all private education.
    • A heavy increase in taxes for the rich.
    • Heavier subsidisation of industry.
    • Merging 'colonial' military units with the regular army. This would result in the Ide Jiman military being re-arranged along the lines of Rekura's general - Keitel.
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Main Headlines:

  • The polls open across Ide Jima as elections get underway.
  • Man arrested at a Democratic Party rally in Xian.
  • Boomslang Cruise missile demonstrated in Khamseen.

Other News:

  • The Taishan Condors smash opposition from Tutong AT to take top place in the northern basketball league.
  • Ailing Defence Corporation, Federal Industries has been nationalized and is for sale by the government for $43 Billion. Current bids are from arms giants SAC and XTFW, foreign deals will be considered.
  • The Ide Jiman Unmanned Saturn probe: Resolve blasted off from the Darhan space centre today, everything went smoothly.
  • The Ide Jiman government prepares to launch a massive nationalised tourism campaign, which sells package trips to mountain climbers and Jungle/ Desert trekkers.
  • The last original Marshal of the Communist regime has died. Kenisiri Ryuzen died in his sleep in a private health establishment on the island of Tinian last night. A massive funeral is being planned. Ivan Radomir (The last communist marshall still alive today) will host the funeral parade.

An Election Rundown:

Party #1: The Social Front. (IJSF)

  • Leader: Asashi Rekura
  • Policies: Moderate Right wing.
  • Democratic: "Yes, if we have to."
  • Rundown: Under Utsure's strange collaboration of left and right wing politics, the Ide Jiman economy boomed. The boom shows signs of slowing, and many voters feel that Utsure ought to quit whilst he is ahead. The Social Front is capable of winning these elections, whilst most upper middle classes fear an assumption of power by the Social Workers Party. Such a swing to the left would cause economic disturbance Ide Jima can ill afford.

Party #2: The Social Workers Party (IJSWP)

  • Leader: Matzukate Ryuzen (son of the late Marshal)
  • Policies: Moderate to Extreme Left Wing.
  • Democratic: "Ok, but only because the army told us to."
  • Rundown: The chances of a left-wing victory are slim. Many upper and middle-class voters fear the Socialist rise to power. Policies include: Getting rid of plans for a monarchy, destroying private education, expanding the army (by means of conscription), and expansion of territory. A reversal to heavy reliance on industrial strength could signal bad things for the economy, as well as the threatened confiscation of SAC from private ownership.

Party #3: The Nationalist Party (IJNP)

  • Leader: Inishiro Heisan.
  • Policies: Far Right.
  • Democracy: "None of that 'round here!"
  • Rundown: The nationalists have been narrowly missing power by the vote ever since the collapse of communism. Economic prospects under a nationalist Ide Jima are the best out of the 4 parties. Heisan's heavy emphasis on private sector super corporations would stall the economic bust for at least 5 years. Policies include: Banning left-wing parties, Stopping elections, and heavy subsidization of raw materials and arms sectors. Overall prospects of winning are dangerously strong, especially following an announcement of a merger with the social front if IJSF performs poorly in the upcoming elections.

Party #4: The Democrats (IJD)

  • Leader: Kaiten Utsure (To be replaced by Yu Xihan)
  • Policies: Centre
  • Democracy: "Yes, democracy is a wonderful thing."
  • Rundown: Disappointingly, the Ide Jiman voters have no great faith in the pro-democratic parties, especially with only one in the top 4 parties. This situation is not helped by the lack of charisma and indecisiveness of the new leader to be. Many voters also harbor dislike towards the party due to the 'weakening' policies it holds. These include: Withdrawal from the alliance, the establishment of Ide Jima as a neutral, withdrawal from Vulcan, cutting defence budgets. Likelihood of a Democrat victory is low.

Other Parties:

  • The Communists
  • The Republicans
  • The Enlightened Party
  • The Fatherist Party*

*This party faces deletion. The IJSF, IJNP and IJSWP will vote on the future of the party. The party leader was shot dead whilst visiting Stantang Harbour two days ago. Many people suspect a stormtrooper hit squad carried out the task.


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Opinion polls are out, the following can be predicted:

  • IJSF 16%
  • IJSWP 3%
  • IJNP 56%
  • IJD 20%
  • Communists 2%
  • Republicans 2%
  • 'Enlightened' 1%
  • Fatherists 0%

A nationalist victory is expected, the final result will be out tomorrow, once all votes from soldiers stationed abroad have come in.

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Main News:

  • Inishiro Heisan Elected President.
  • Ide Jiman nuclear arsenal to be slashed to 10,000 weapons. Funding saved from this will fund three more 'Acheron' Class CVNs.
  • 'Acheron' the Ide Jiman flagship is today undergoing repairs following its launch. The massive ship listed in the middle of Seikan naval base. The accident is attributed to a faulty engine.

Other News:

  • Central airlines phase out its last supersonic airliner - the TU-144 today. A new SST project from SAC is expected to replace it fairly soon.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Main News

  • The tribune set up to investigate the alleged executions of four protesters without trial has been shut down by the War Office.
  • One stormtrooper company turns out to honor the Bhali leader as he passes through Serekan.
  • President Heisan speaks out against the 'Communist conspiracy' - and threatens to dissolve federalism in the name of a unitary democracy.
  • In response to the Deltannian conflict, 4 motor-rifle divisions have begun training in a temperate climate in a classified neutral territory.
  • Federal Industries is bought out by Serekan automotive for $30 Billion.

Other news

  • 12 Die in Mudslides in the Central Ranges.
  • The ancient temple of Kha-Nral in the central ranges (Ide Jima's highest structure) opens to tourists.
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  • 3 weeks later...


Main Headlines:

  • Stantang is to be sold to another nation. At the moment the Arch Imperium of the Xheng Dynasty is the only nation to have shown interest.
  • Field Marshal Eric Von Turnow re-organises the army along similar lines to the colonial corps. It now takes on a more offensive role. President Heisan also increased expenditure, giving the army a projected peace time manpower of just over 2 million front line troops. The following organisation was released today, along with the new high command:


Ide Jiman Army Units

Army Groups:

  • 5 - (North, South, Centre, Serekan and Taishan).(In peace time)(1 is always activated at any one time)

Reaction Corps:

  • 11 - (Laoshan, Serekan, Xian, Khamseen, Stantang, Kherson, Weihan, Batavia, Drakkensburg, Nordangger, Aktau.)

Divisions in 1 Army Group:

  • Armoured (Panzer) Divisions: 34
  • Motorised Infantry Divisions: 42
  • Mechanised Infantry Divisions: 29
  • Heavy Infantry (Jager) Divisions: 12
  • Artillery Divisions: 1
  • Aviation Regiments: 34


  • 6 Panzer Divisions can merge to form a Panzer Corps.
  • 14 Motorised Infantry Divisions can merge to form a Front.

Luftwaffe Support for one Army Group (in peace time😞

  • Transport Helicopter Wings: 22
  • Attack Helicopter Wings: 6
  • Assault Helicopter Wings: 18
  • Attack Fighter Wings: 11
  • Air Superiority Fighter Wings: 7
  • Air Defence Fighter Wings: 14
  • Ground Attack Fighter Wings: 3
  • Transport Aircraft Wings: 34

In time of war, this can change according to need and size of the operation in question.

Note: 1 Wing = 2 squadrons.

RR Corps contain a mixture of unattached divisions - which are rotated frequently. In a case of war, the RR corps are responsible for defense.


Army High Command:

Commander in Chief: Field Marsal Erich Von Turnow

Army Group Marshals

  • North: Field Marshal Aichi Jiangwei
    AG:N Is based in Tutong. It contains one of the largest artillery sectors in the Ide Jiman military, and has massive Luftwaffe support. It is intended for use in offensive operations in the case of war, otherwise it is a defensive force.
  • South: Field Marshal Kanitsiro Mayutsen
    AG:S is the largest AG in terms of sheer numbers. It is intended for use in massive offensive operations in case of war.
  • Central: Field Marshal Edler Von Kurzbach (Transferred from Stantang)
    AG:C is used primarily for defence, but with several other forces in the region, it doubles up as an effective force, capable of launching a blitzkrieg style attack if neccessary.
  • Serekan: Field Marshal Baltus Van Diemen
    AG:SE is an offensive force. The defence of Serekan is the responsobility of unattached RR units. In the case of war AG:SE would be used to secure occupied land, or to launch offensives where they were needed most.
  • Taishan: Field Marshal Danishiro Karukai
    AG:T is responsible for military bases in the central ranges. It has direct control over most of the Ide Jiman nuclear arsenal - based in Silos deep in the mountains. In case of war, it would act as the last line of defence, making central Ide Jima into a fortress. In peace time it is also responsible for the Heer (army) air wing. In war, the army air wing would be used to supplement RR forces.

The Luftwaffe:

Air Marshal in Chief: Matsuren Heizhei


  • Army Support (1 Group for each army group)
  • Air Defence Command
  • Ground unit Command (The IJL operates 12 Ground infantry Regiments and 60 FlaK/Missile regiments).
  • Bomber Command
  • Logistic Command
  • Transport Command

Other Forces remain the same, as most have recently undergone a restructuring.

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ooc: It gives an idea of structure - admittedly it doesn't look like it leaves much to the imagination, but that's just what IJBC knows about it. It doesn't give away too much sensitive stuff - just commanders, numbers of units and locations for where there are obviously bases. Hopefully I'll get to put it to use one day biggrin.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Weekly Headlines

Main News:

  • 8 Motor Rifle Divisions move into Weihan, a further 12 Aviation wings with airborne infantry are moved into Darhan.
    Increased military presence today ocurred in these northwestern towns, the MOD has released nothing as to why this is.
  • Preparations get underway for the reinstatement of the monarchy.
    Many of the preparations for the event are in place - which is hopefully going to take place in the new year.
  • SAC commercial rocket test 'hopeful'
    The Serekan - Tianjin airspeed record was broken by an SAC-340 experimental rocket propulsion system. The aircraft touched down just outside Tianjin, although the structural integrity was severely shaken, this sytem is the first stage of the SST programme for Ide Jiman airlines.
  • Mars Program in final stages of design - Head of the Military Aeronautical Department.
    Nothing was released other than that the program was nearly developed and that it was ready to go public in the next week.
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IJBC News Headlines


Top Judge in the State of Centre/ Darhan resigns

Following the alleged underage execution of three 'petty criminals' the supreme judge of Ide Jima's largest state today resigned. He himself avoided a jail sentence on behalf of Presidential intervention. This comes as Serekan is about to revert to using the death penalty.


Head of the Kharzai religious extremist group shot dead

A Stormtrooper group today stormed the mountain village where the leader was holed up. In the past, he had been responsible for several bombings and assassinations. Around 40 stormtroopers were involved in the battle, along with support from a STAC AH-1.


Ide Jiman nuclear testing moved to the Tinian military zone

The Taishan ranges are no longer subject to one of the most intensive nuclear testing schedules in the region. The last nuclear test bomber squadron was today reassigned to Nanchang, to resume operations over the island of Tinian. Despite massive cuts in the nuclear arsenal recently, nuke numbers have been rising. The Neutron bomb program is threatened with closure due to the high maintenance costs of the Trittium monopoly.

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Ide Jiman News Headlines

1) The new Nuclear Reactor reactor block at Felanzhau opens

Supplying power to over 4,300,000 homes, the Felanzhau reactor complex today received a new addition. 12 reactors built by Southern Electric and designed by SAC, began operation. These reactors will increase the output to a point where the reactors will power 5 million homes across southeastern Ide Jima.


2) On the Ide Jiman stock market:

5 Biggest Growers:

  • Trachnoi Mining Corporation +21.5 (239)
  • Serekan Automotive Corporation +18 (2031)
  • Ide Jiman Tobacco + 15 (920)
  • Central Rail + 15 (821)
  • CP Cruises + 12 (148.5)

5 Biggest Losers:

  • Khamseen Defence/ Shipbuilding Corporation - 19 (1214)
  • Khamseen Defence/ Aerospace Corporation - 14 (1121)
  • Hainan Shipping - 14 (342)
  • Northern Farm Group - 12 (1293)
  • ND IT Solutions - 11 (562)


3) Mount Luzon 'Growing'

As the tectonic plates beneath Ide Jima converge, the central and Taishan ranges are 'growing' at a geologically astounding rate of as much as 41 centimetres a year. This comes when Mount Luzon was reported to be 4 metres higher, than at its last measuring 10 years ago. The total height of this mountain now comes to 10,345m. Mount Kianshan, is trailing close behind, with a spectacular 10,321m amd is expected to overtake Mt Luzon in the next 200 years, as it is situated on an area of greater tectonic activity.

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  • 4 weeks later...

New Defense Spending Plans Announced!



This year's total defense spending budget was today released by the presidential office. Spending this year has peaked at 14 trillion Ide Jiman Dollars, with the focus being on the upgrade of the Ide Jiman navy's carrier and cruiser fleets. Coupled with this, a carry over of 2 trillion dollars from previous years is being planned. Whilst all airforces requirements have been met or successfully awarded to contractors, the navy is in for a massive renewal.


Total Spending:






$3 Trillion: Army


$3 Trillion: Airforce


$1 Trillion: Marines/Stormtroopers/Naval Infantry


$4 (+2) Trillion: Navy


$2 Trillion: Space Programme (+Undisclosed amount from private sponsors)


$1 Trillion: Admin/Recruitment




The Army and the Airforce will be kept in operation, with no major new contracts coming through in the following year. The Navy has already issued the following targets and requirements:





-A move away from primary (RL) big ship types by the end of this financial year


-Less emphasis on WMD strikes


-A greater amount of defensive carriers







- A New CVG (Carrier with an ICBM capability)


- A New CVGN (Nuclear Carrier with a conventional ICBM capability)


- A New CVS (V/STOL carrier)


- A New CVP (A carrier for commerce raiding)


- A New CGN (A Nuclear Power cruiser capable of operating in shallow waters)


Contracts are open to all bidders, and will be announced shortly




ooc: I wouldn't like this to be viewed as godmodding, I'm only after two or three of each type, given as most of these requirements are filled by aging russian/british carriers at the moment, three new programs is a bit excessive but my navy is quite short on new big ships

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Naval Inventory Targets (end of 2006)


Total Aircraft Carriers: 39 (+ 7 reserve)(+12)

Total Battleships: 12 (+ 4 Reserve)(-1)

Total Cruisers: 31 (+12 Reserve) (+7)

Total Destroyers: 54 (+31 Reserve) (+6)

Total Frigates: 54 (+43 Reserve) (-7)

Total Corvettes: 69 (+31 Reserve)(+15)

Total Large Patrol Craft: 53 (+24 Reserve)(+16)

Total Small Patrol Craft: 134 (---)(No Change) (Many SPCs are based in assault ships)

Total Amphibious Assault Ships: 25 (+10 Reserve)(+6 Marines)(+5)

Total Minesweeper Vessels: 78

Total SSK: 39 (-8)

Total SSN: 47 (-1)

Total SSBN: 29 (+14)






Big Ships:


Aircraft Carriers:



Type 22 Acheron Class Supercarrier:3










Type 22BAcheron B Class Bomber Carrier:1




Type 14 'Raiden' Class CVN:7










Type 14E 'Raiden' Class Assault CVN:2





Type 12 (Kuznetsov) Class CV:4


-Sevrun Sea

-Sword Coast

-Comrade Radomir

-Comrade Chang


Type 13 (Krechyet) Class CVG:6









Type 15 (Nimitz) Class CVN:12















Type 18 (Ocean) Class CVH:4









Under Construction:


Type 26 Kongo Class CVG:6

Type 28 Naresuan Class CVGN: 4




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  • 3 weeks later...

Ethnic Groups Begin Fighting!



In northern Ide Jima, rioting today erupted into violence, with 4 police shot dead as automatic fire opened in a street. Following weeks of a building up tension and of minor clashes between Idekuedo and Jimantai groups, the state of Cteisephon - Darhan has been plunged into small scale war.


Army units are already being moved in, and police units are being armed, but some fear that the damage may have spread too far already. IJBC teams report blasts rocking central Cteisephon as Jimantai buildings are targeted. These attacks have been met with brutal resistance from the furious Jimantai minority in the region. Natives in the country around the city are also said to be taking part in trying to get rid of the Jimantai. A statement is expected later from the president.


user posted image

Ide Jiman Army FI-53M Helicopters Arriving Outside Cteisephon

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To: Ide Jima

From: US State Dept.

CC: CIS US Attach?





We would like to send Humanitarian teams to help with Clean up, and also to care for the Wounded civilians in and around Cteisephon. These teams are unarmed, and are transported by a Single MedStar Transport. We would also like to set up Triage facilities for any wounded Soldier or Civilian, so as to better and properly care for the sick and wounded.

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ooc: Nothing that bad has happened... yet wink.gif




To: CIS US Attache

From: Ide Jima - War Office


You transport has been granted passage to Serekan international airport, where your teams are to wait until further notice. Greater conflict is sure to erupt imminently, so your teams are welcome.

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Ide Jiman News Headlines

Main Stories:

Ide Jiman MOD considering increasing operational anti-tank weaponry teams following the massive build up in tank arsenals and future projects across Europa

The MOD announced earlier today that future anti-tank weapons systems were to be developed, following the revelation that a powerful armoured warfare system was under development by several member nations of the league of the treaty. This weapons system, most likely to take shape in the form of a helicopter, either of a new or existing design is expected to enter development immediately with XTFW, the chief helicopter manufacturer in Ide Jima. Entry into service will not occur for a long time, but the MOD claimed that this was 'a step towards security in southern Europa'.

user posted image

:pic: Generals Sharjan and Kae-Jaolong of the Ide Jiman arms procurement agency
announce the new project when questioned by an IJBC reporter.




Ide Jiman Airforce sinks a ship carrying narcotics into the Serekan straits


Just off the sword coast town of Korgan, a vessel of unknown nationality was today sunk, under the belief that it was being used to ferry drugs into the West Ide Jiman coastal towns. Two airforce A-10A thunderbolt jets destroyed the boat using Sea Skua AShMs. The boat was sunk almost immediately, and it is as of yet unknown as to how many survivors there were amongst the crew.


user posted image

An IJAF photograph, taken by the second of the two jets to pass over the ship

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ide Jiman Military Placed on High Alert!


All major combat formations of the Ide Jiman army are being placed on high alert. Several major rapid reaction units are also moving into airbases for possible deployment in the next day or so. The MoD has released no comment as to why this is, but it can be expected that this mobilisation has something to do with recent actions taken by the government of upper strathclyde regarding Ravenhelm, not helped by accusations made by the US government.


The Ide Jiman 9th fleet has been seen leaving Seikan naval base, heading west, with the likely intention of sailing into northern waters, given the current political climate.


Military firms put forward designs for the Ide Jiman anti tank requirement


The following solutions have been proposed as to the military requirement for an anti tank system. No competitors have released further details at the order of the MOD.


SAC have proposed a new build helicopter, built around the SAC 'SRVRAATGM' (Swing role/ variable range advanced anti tank guided missile) project that was rejected five years ago. The helicopter and the missile system would be state of the art, and would likely be very expensive.


KDC, the main competitors, have proposed a variant of the widely used AH-1 helicopter to carry the KDC-AGM19 'hammerfall' missile, known to be incredibly destructive against most ground targets.


Smaller companies have proposed APC mounted missiles, or 'hammerfall' armed UCAVs. The MOD has released no statement as to which contractor is likely to win the IJ$5 billion contract.

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  • 2 weeks later...

MOD comes to decision over anti tank unit upgrade


Today, the MOD opted for the anti tank weapon to be a mainly airborne one. KDC's 'hammerfall' missile has won the contract, and the company is now under orders to produce 600,000 of the missile, with a further 10,000 each month following completion of the order. The missile is less expensive than SAC's missile, and appears to perform better, being able to penetrate thick armour, albeit at a shorter range than it's competitor.


The order is for:


user posted image


800 Army and Airforce UH-60s to be upgraded to AUH-60 standard, capable of carrying 8 of the missiles in addition to a detachable gun pod on the underside of the fuselage, and two larger Mcdonnell Douglas 'Maverick' AGMs.


user posted image


450 Of these AH-1Y helicopters are to be purchased. 200 by the IJMC, and 250 by the IJAF. These helicopters use:


1 M197 Three Barrell Cannon

8 Hammerfall Missiles

2 Sidewinders (or) 2 Mavericks

+++ Dumbfire Rocket Launchers



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