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yeah but i was thinking, some bigger ones, about the size of some of meteos isles. but yeah i'll add some of these, but what i will do is give them a number for examle I1, and then people can rp discovering them, and since there small i was thinking, not having the expantion rules apply to them. just say put a price on them like, say for one of the larger isles you need over 1000 post or something, how bout that?

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yeah, i think so too.


this is what i ment about the post thing for islands.


this is an examlpe


very small island = at least 50 posts


small island or 2 very small islands that are close to eachother = at least 100 posts


medium island = at least 500 posts


large island = at least 1000


how about that?

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I'm not sure. It doesn't reflect how active a nation is Role Play wise. I think it would be best to stick to the old map rules, where you have to role play for islands, and if this leads to a war, you have to win the war. Groups of islands could be plots. Plus it would be better if you kept the large sea off Sevrun clear, as it is more realistic to have a large, basically empty ocean.

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quite a few.


the main reason i was goin to add them was for existing nations, and we can reserve some for other members.


what i thought of tonight was this.


what we could do, is rp a volcanic thingy, then another thing is, we could rp a regional exploration team, where a few nations controbute an explorer, and say which island sector you are goin to explore, and what we can do is have the volcanic eruption close to another nation who wishes to have islands and they can clame them as theirs (and what i could do is put them close to a boarder area so we could get some action out of it). and if everyone who wishs for an island posts here, i shall add an island near their nation, but i will add an extra few, just for new members to start nations there. how about that?

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