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The Big Day

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* Symbol of the Akiiryan News Network appears on the screen, followed the title ?Coronation Special?, fades to a formally dressed older Akiiryan man, Manoraric Hanii.*


?Welcome to Akiiryan News Network?s coverage of the coronation of Prince P?Neonaric as the reigning prince of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu. I am Manoraric Hanii and I will be your host as the A.N.N. brings you the coronation ceremonies live from the Robjuth Monastery in Nimarci, the capital city of Akiiryu. Prior to beginning our coverage today I would like to express a special welcome to our viewers across Europa. Today is the first time the coronation ceremonies of an Akiiryan Prince have been broadcast outside of the Sublime Principate and we are glad you can join us on this momentous occasion. Before crossing to Nimarci, where ceremonies will begin three hours from now, we are going to start our coverage today by exploring some of the more important chapters in the Prince?s life??


*Royal Music, screen breaks into a montage of shots of Prince Neonaric from childhood, through his education, military service, university days in Katana, his marriage to Katherine of Vanarambaion, the birth of his two children, the final shots are of him leading the honour guard at his father?s funeral less than a week ago. All this time Hanii offers interesting tidbits about the Prince?s life and triumphs. Listeners learn that he is an expert horseman, an exceptional fencer, holds a double PhD from Vanarambaion?s Katana University, speaks a number of languages, and that his military service was spent in an Akiiryan Army Armored Division*


?We are now ready to cross to Timja Catherdral in Nimarci?s Robjuth Monastery, where a number of the Prince?s important guests are starting to arrive. Our reporter is Janaiya Utharii.?


*Screen blinks to shots of the (people packed) streets around Robjuth Monastery. Located in the medieval district of Nimarci, the streets contain a beautiful array of (OOC: for lack of a better term, although the style is some what different) High Gothic buildings. The buildings are dominated by the high-walled monastery which stands on a high and steep sided rocky hill in the centre of the district (OOC: similar to the way Edinburgh Castle dominates central Edinburgh). The monastery, although a place of worship is heavily fortified and the architecturally and military minded note that it would have pretty much impenetrable to a medieval army (OOC: Akiiryan Monasteries often served duel functions as places of worship and defensive positions. This is specially true of the Robjuth Monastery which has been the headquarters of the Boar Knights ? a monastic military order dedicated to the Akiiryan god of war ? and the Knights of the Stag since the middle ages). The Monastry and surrounding streets are bedecked in Akiiryan flags and the personal standards of both Prince Neonaric (OOC: A stylized bear on a red and green back ground. Above the bears head are a pair of stylized antlers encircled by a crown, indicating that he is the Prince of Akiiryu. All members of the royal family have the antlers on their standard, only the reigning couple have the antlers encircled by the crown. All detail ? i.e. the animals etc ? on the banners are white) and Princess Katheorina (OOC: A stylized dragon ? national animal of Vanarambaion - on a sliver-grey background). As the shot pans across the crowds and down the streets of the old district viewers catch sight of the first of the guests heading up the streets towards the monastery. Rather than being brought to the monastery in cars, the guests are traveling in traditional, and highly ornamented, Akiiryan carriages. Each carriage is accompanied by two Akiiryan horsemen in full dress uniform, as well as ? if the nation chose to bring their own military representatives ? 6 of their own cavalry men. It is quite a sight to behold. The viewers also note the street leading up to the front gate of the monastery is lined on both sides by Akiiryan troops in full dress uniform standing at attention.*


OOC: More to follow later.

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?Welcome viewers to our coronation special, here in Akiiryu?s capital city of Nimarci. The Prince has been blessed with a beautiful autumn day for the ceremony. The sun is shinning and the slight breeze is adding a refreshing nip to the air which will no doubt be appreciated by the crowds, many who have been camped out for two days in order to ensure they got a good viewing point along the route to be travelled by the Prince and Princess and their guests. We see now the first guests arriving at the main gate of the Monastery, where they will dismount from their carriages receive a traditional greeting from the Barons T?Nith, T?Rothric and T?Ka who are acting as the masters of ceremonies today. Once greeted the guests will proceed up the Green carpet (OOC: Green is the colour of royalty in Akiiryu) to the Timjan Cathedral where they will be seated by attendants?Ah, and the first carriage is arriving at the gate now. It is carrying the Prime Minister Ramsey of Adaptus.?


Utharii continues her commentary indentifying guests as they arrive at the gate etc, etc. Viewers see Ramsey alight from the carriage where he greeted by the three barons ? all in their robes of state (OOC: Think Theodan?s clothes in the post Helm?s Deep ?Party? in the LoTR, ie less heavy robe more practical riding clothes with detailed gold and silver thread ornamentation at the throat and cuff. All three men also wear gold torcs whose ends are shaped in the form of the heads of their clan animals, they also carry ceremonial swords) - before being lead into the monastery by an attendant. The next carriage to arrive carries the Prime Minister and Minister of State of Bhalman, they to a greeted and lead inside. They are followed by Premier White and Minister J. Partridge of Niederoestereich. These men receive strong formal, almost military, greetings from the barons who do the two men the honour of treating them like warriors. The fourth carriage to arrive carries Vice-President Roland Berger of Tamurin. Berger?s gets an especially friendly greeting from the barons and during the small talk that follows between Berger and his hosts a number of photographers can be seen to be taking photographs. There is a slight pause between the arrival of vice-president Berger?s carriage and arrival of the next guest, Lord Arris of The Orthodox Free Commonwealth of Nevareion Nova. When he arrives the barons greet him as an equal.


OOC: More to follow.

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"And now we see the arrival of the Meteorolan delegation, Hurricane Eric, President of Meteorola is unable to attend the coronation due to continuing troubles in the Meterolan State of Ekainak so Meteorola is represented at these proceedings by its diplomat."


*The Meteorolan diplomat is greeted in a friendly, but formal manner by the barons.*


"Following the diplomat from Meteorola, comes the Kaiten Utsure, the President of Ide Jima. For those interested in military uniforms, his carriage is escorted by 6 Ide Jiman Stormtroopers and 6 members of The Prince's Own Horse Guards. A dazing sight indeed! Later today we will witness a fly over by the Ide Jiman Airforce, and if the cut of the stormtrooper uniforms are any indication of things to come, it will truly be a spectacular event."


*President Utsure dismounts from the carriage and is welcomed by the barons with the highest levels of respect and formality by the barons. They then clasp his elbow one after the other in the traditional Akiiryan symbol of friendship.*


"Ah, and now comes the first of the royal carriages, that of the Emperor of Tagmatium (OOC: his carriage also receives an escort of 6 The Prince's Own Horse Guards). Some watches might be surprised that the Emperor was proceeded by the coaches of two of Akiiryu's allies, especially given that in Akiiryan culture the later one arrives at an event the higher honour an individual is seen to have (OOC: This doesn't mean if you turn up later your seen as having high honour, but rather in formal greeting lines the person greet last is the most important/has the closest relationship with the host - it has to do with not sitting around and waiting etc.) The explanation, however, is quite simple, Prince Neonaric has Tagamatine blood and is distantly related to the current Tagmatine royal family. Thus, Akiiryan culture dictates that family members - not matter what the relationship they hold with the host - must be accord places of high honour. Equally, it also dictates that in times of peace recognised members of royalty must be invested with great honour, not matter what the relationship they hold with the Akiiryan people"


*The Emperor and his party dismount and are greeted with the highest respect and honours by the three barons, including a bow. Those watching closely, however, note that the greetings do not carry the same warmth of friendship expressed to President Utsure. Nothing that could be taken as an insult/disrespect occurs (Akiiryans are far to drilled in formal occasions for that), but it is clear that the relationship between Tagmatium and Akiiryu is not as warm as it could be. The Emepror's carriage is followed by that of King Phil. The King receives a similar greeting to that of the Emperor of Tagmatium, although it is much friendlier.*


"Finally, here comes the carriage of the Emperor of Vanarambaion. As the brother of the Princess Katheorina his carriage receives an escort from both the Prince's Own Horse Guards and the Princess's Own Light Cavalry (OOC: 6 of each), as well as 12 Vanarambaion Home Guardsmen. He will also be greeted by Prince Neonaric himself."


*As the Emperor dismounts from his carriage the three barons bow low, right hand over hearts, Prince Neonaric right hand over heart nods his head in respect - the traditional Akiiryan greeting between close friends and equals. He then grasps the Emperors elbow in the traditional Akiiryan sign of friendship.*


"You will notice that the Prince is wearing traditional Akiiryan armour (Again, think Theoden's armour in LoTR). This, in fact, is the coronation armour of P'Thayaric "The Uniter" 1st Prince of a united Akiiryu. This armour has been worn by all Princes of Akiiryu during their coronation ceremonies. The sharp eyed will also notice attached to the neck piece of the armour surrounded by gold and felt is a small piece of chainmail. That is a piece of chainmail comes from the armour worn by St Constantine, founder of Tagmatium. It was gifted to Prince Neonaric's grandfather on his marriage to the Princess Theodora of Tagmatium and signifies that the Princes of Akiiryu have Tagmatine blood." (OOC: I hope you like that Tag, I remember these things. That said, you might worry what some Akiiryans might take it to signify...)


We will take a short break and return you to coverage of the ceremony in a few moments.


OOC: More to come later

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Fifteen minutes later (The time has been filled on the broadcast by montages of earlier coronations and short history sound bites about the royal family).


*Picture opens with a wide angle shot of the inside of Timja Cathedral taken from the just inside the main doors. Music from a hidden choir fills the air. The inside of the Cathedral is well but subtly lit by carefully placed lighting and the sunlight streaming through the massive stain glass windows which make up the majority of the cathedrals walls on three sides (OOC: think Saint Chapel in Paris here, which, btw, is one of my favourite pieces of architecture in the world). Running down the central aisle of the cathedral is a green carpet. On each side of the aisle are heavy Kauri (OOC: a NZ native wood I had to get in a NZ reference somewhere) wood pews, beautifully carved and cushioned with heavy dark red felt pillows. In front of altar are two thrones, again made out of Kauri and beautifully carved. They are cushioned with green felt. The larger of the two thrones is crowned by a massive set of antlers (think Irish Elk antlers here folks?they are huge) that have been skillfully decorated with delicate carvings and gold and silver inlay. Watchers also note there are a number of empty chairs behind the altar. Each on these chairs contains a sword, a bow and a ivory crown, the one on the far right looks very new, whilst the one of the far left looks exceptionally old. The commentator explains these chairs represent the previous princes of Akiiryu, the bows and swords, she continues, were their weapons of state. Standing directly in front of the two thrones is J?Kaona, Arch Priest of the Stag. As viewers watch he is joined by the Baron T?Nith, 1st Minister of the Akiiryan Baronic Council.

The guests have taken their seats. On the right sit Akiiryu?s allies and close friends, including Lord Arris of The Orthodox Free Commonwealth of Nevareion Nova. Closest to the aisle sits The Emperor of Vanarambaion and his consort followed by President Utsure of Ide Jima and his chief aide. After the Ide Jimans comes King Phil and his consort. They are followed by Lord Arris, then the Meteorolan diplomat and his aide, the final seat in the right front row is held by Vice-President Roland Berger of Tamurin (OOC: The coronation occurred before the election). On the left sits (OOC: running from aisle inwards) the Emperor of Tagmatium and his consort, Premier White and Minister J. Partridge of Niederoestereich, Prime Minister and Minister of State of Bhalman, Prime Minister Ramsey of Adaptus and his chief aide, the last two seats are empty in order to honour the ill Chef Willy of Haken Rider.

Behind the guests sit assorted government dignitaries from the attending countries and Akiiryu. The barons sit in groups on the right, in front of the first row of guests and perpendicular to the altar. Facing them on the left are the high priests of the various Akiiryan gods.

A lone horn sounds and all those gathered stand. The Prince and Princess walk up the aisle followed by their two sons, who are dressed in formal attire similar to that worn by the Akiiryan barons. P?Theonathric, the elder of the two young princes, carries the ceremonial sword of state held upright behind his father, while P?Khrispharic follows his mother holding a beautifully carved bow. When the reach the alter the boys peel off and go to stand on each side of their fathers throne, P?Theonathric on the right and P?Khrispharic on the left. The guests are signaled to sit. P?Neonaric stands before J?Kaona and T?Nith. The men jointly hold a light gold and ivory crown. P?Neonaric salutes them in old Akiiryan and they return the salute. The Prince then begins reciting, again in old Akiiryan. The commentators explain he is listing his ancestors in other to prove his birth right and calling on the past princes of Akiiryu to strike him down if his claim is false or if they judge him to be unfit to rule the Akiiryans. The Prince Pauses and waits, after 5 minutes standing bolt up right he starts to recite again (OOC: waiting for the judgment of his ancestors) This final part of the recitation, the commentators tell the viewers, is the Prince?s promise to the barons and people of Akiiryu to uphold the laws and honour of the state. The is another pause. The Baron T?Nith takes sole possession of the crown and turns to the right facing the barons. He makes a recitation in Old Akiiryan. The Barons stand and reply in unison with ?HO-YA!?. T?Nith nods respectfully to the barons and steps back to his position. He hands to the crown to J?Kaona who turns to the left and makes a recitation to the assembled high priests. They too stand and reply with ?HO-YA!? He steps back and returns to hold the crown jointly with T?Nith. The commentator explains that T?Nith and J?Kaona just asked the barons and priests if they accepted P?Neonaric as their Prince, and they had replied in the positive.

The two men now begin a dual recitation in old Akiiryan to Prince Neonaric. At the end of which the hand him the crown, which he accepts with a bow, he then places the crown on his head and removes it, turns to his wife places the same crown on her head and the removes it. He then hands the crown back to J?Kaona who takes it with a bow and walks towards the altar, followed by T?Nith. When he reaches the altar he places the crown at its centre and makes a short speech in old Akiiryan with his face up lifted to the sky, at this time watchers notice all Akiiryans in the Cathedral have their heads bowed. J?Kaona then moves to stand behind P?Khrispharic, T?Nith behind P?Theonathric. P?Neonaric turns to his wife and smiles. He offers her his hand, which she accepts, and together they mount the steps leading to their thrones, they sit down. The Barons and High Priests, supported by the hidden choir begin a long slow chant (OOC: blessing the new royal couple and promising loyalty to them). After which The Prince and Princess stand and turn to the barons and high priests and offer nods of acceptance and thanks. Outside the crowds can be heard to be cheering and the roar of the engines of a combined Akiiryan and Ide Jiman fly over. The Prince and the Princess then turn to their guests (first to those seated to the right of the altar and then to those seat to the left) and offer their respects and thanks before returning to stand in front of their thrones. Akiiryu has a new royal couple!


OOC: More to come?including stuff related to TCN!

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Throughtout the camps and half built residential zones of Nevareion Nova the ceremony was being watched on a syndicated broadcast. It was proving a popular programme amongst a people who valued high ceremony. Many were gratified to see their national representative, resplendant in his House robes of state, rubbing sholders with the leaders of other nations.

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ooc: clap.gif




The Coronation was broadcast by live all three national channels in Ide Jima. Up and down the nation, millions tuned in to see history unfolding in Akiiryu. In almost every major city, crowds took to the streets in celebration of what is considered to be one of the most monumental events in recent history. At the peak of the ceremony, nearly one billion Ide Jimans were watching the ceremony. Commemorative celebrations are to take place in the People's Square in Serekan, in light of this new development.

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Fifteen minutes later


*The camera opens with a wide angle shot of Robjuth Monastery?s large inner courtyard, Timja Cathedral is at the opposite end of the courtyard from the camera. In the space between stands the Prince and Princess?s honour guard made up of troops from Akiiryu, Vanarambaion, Ide Jima, Tagmatium, and Niederoestereich. On the right side of the courtyard sit the Prince?s honoured guests, Akiiryan barons and high priests in a covered pavilion. On the left stand are seated government officials from all the delegations, also in a covered (but less ornate) pavilion.

The Prince, still in his ceremonial armour, is mounted on a black horse. The horse?s mane and tail have been plaited in ribbons of Akiiryan Royal Green, its saddle blanket is also the same colour. The Prince turns, draws his sword, and salutes his guests he then rides slowly down the lines of troops, followed by the Princess Katheorina, the Barons T?Ka, T?Nith and T?Rothric. The Prince rides with the grace and ease of a person who had learnt to ride before he could walk, as do those who accompany him. When the Prince reaches the commanding officer of each unit he receives their formal salute (in the style of their nation) and returns it in the Akiiryan manner. If the unit he is inspecting is infantry he and his party then dismount and spend a few moments in friendly, but formal discussion with the officer before inspecting the troops. If the unit is a cavalry unit the Prince carries out his inspection on horseback. The Prince shows obvious interest in the Tagmatine Holy Imperial Household Guard and their Cataphract breed of horses. Despite the tension between Akiiryu and the GHET it becomes obvious to watchers he has developed a quick and easy, if somewhat formal relationship with the commanding officer of the guard, who seems rather overawed at the Prince?s familiar manner (OOC: hope that is okay Tag), and is complementing the Tagmatine horses.

As the Prince approaches the Niederoestereichian troops their military pipes and drum band begin to play a Niederoestereichian honour march (OOC: hope this okay Kant). The Prince stops his horse and listens to the music with solemnity. When it finishes he draws his sword and salutes the band. The then begins his inspection of the Niederoestereichian troops.


?.inspection continues?.


After the inspection ends the Prince climbs a podium set up in front of the troops and speaks.*


?Honoured warriors of Europa, The Princess Katheorina and I thank you for the honours you have bestowed on us on this day of our coronation. As a mark of our respect and thanks we wish to present you with these small tokens of our goodwill.?


*Members of the Prince?s Own Horse Guards ride through the gates facing the cathedral into the courtyard. They then peel off in pairs and ride up to the commanding officers of each of the non-Akiiryan units. Those facing foot units dismount, those facing cavalry units remain on their horses. The riders salute the commanding officer and then hand him two beautifully carved wooden boxes, one much longer than the other. Contain in short box are silver coronation medals for all the troops, while the long box contains a beautifully carved and mounted Akiiryan bow ? a gift for the men?s regimental mess. (OOC: Delegates and honoured guests have already received gifts from the Prince and Princess. In the case of delegates they received gold coronation medals, whilst honoured guests were presented with beautifully embroidered ? with gold and silver thread - traditional Akiiryan men?s tunics and women?s dresses. The heads of Alliance member nations, and the head of the delegation of Nevareion Nova, also received carved hunting bows with 12 arrows. The arrows, which are also carved, are of particular interest because they?re tips are made out of highly polished semi-precocious stones. All also received a written note of thanks from the Prince and princess. Delegates notes are printed, but signed by the Prince and princess, whilst heads of state received hand written notes from the royal couple. If you're worried about the poor Akiiryan soldiers, don't. The have already received coronation medals.)


The Prince waits while these gifts are presented and the riders leave the courtyard. He then begins again. He turns to face the pavilion of honour.*


?Honoured friends and guests, the Princess and I offer you our deepest thanks and respects for doing us the honour of attending this day of celebration. We also wish to thank you for your gifts.?


*The Prince bows to the pavilion right hand on heart.*


?Happy as I am on this day when I take the seat of my ancestors, I am also dishonoured.?


*Silence shoots through the crowd, some non-Alliance delegates, suspecting what might be coming next, look concerned. The Prince waits for affect.*


?When my father, P'Theodanaric?s - may the Stag guard his soul ? death was announced the honourable nations of Europa offered their respects to his memory. For that we were, and remain, thankful. The government of The Chosen Nations, however, chose to slur his character and memory. In committing this dishonourable act the government of the The Chosen Nations grievously insulted not only the spirit of P'Theodanaric, but also his ancestors, descendants, the Antlered Throne, and the Akiiryan nation. They have also dishonoured the people of Tagmantium. Let no one forget that my father's mother was a Tagmantine Princess."


*The Prince eyes rest on the Tagmantine Party and for a few seconds lock with those of the Tagmantine Emperor. As they do he raises his right hand to hold the small peice of chainmail that hangs from the neck of his armour. He smiles a thin, hard smile and then continues.*


"This is unacceptable. The government of The Chosen Nations have one day to offer a full formal apology and retraction of the dishnourable and insulting comments it made about my father Prince P'Theodanaric - may the Stag guard his soul - and pay weregeld suitable for Prince of Akiiryu. If the government of The Chosen Nations fails to comply with this demand the people of Akiiryu, led by my family, will, as is dictated by our culture, exact revenge on the their nation for the gross disrespect they have shown my father, his ancestors, his children, his grandchildren, the Baronic Council and the people of Akiiryu. Revenge will be swift and devastating. The Chosen Nations have been warned, and should count themselves lucky that in this time of mourning and celebration we have given them a chance to atone for their behaviour, our ancestors would not have been so forgiving."


*The Prince stopped and let his words sink into the deathly silent crowd. Sharp eyed watchers note many of the Akiiryan barons nodding in silent agreement with their prince's words. They also note the shock on some of the other delegates faces (OOC: rpers do what you will...but be warned rash acts maybe considered insults). The Prince then smiled warmly at his guests.


"Now honoured guests I invite you all to join the Princess and I for dinner and entertainment.?


The Prince bowed once more to his guests, turned on his heel and walked from the podium.


The courtyard was silent, may non-Alliance delegates looked stunned, they had not expected such a day to end in this manner.


OOC: There you go guys.

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ooc: Excellent!





In the Robjuth Monastery...


Having heard the Prince's speech, some of the Ide Jiman presidential group nodded, following the ceremony a contact was wired to the Akiiryan government...



To: Prince Neonaric, Monarch of Akiiryu

From: Ide Jiman Presidential Office


We listened to the speech you made today, and cannot help but agree. What you stated clearly highlighted the wrongdoing of TCN, and we pledge our aid to you in extracting the apology and Weregeld. With your consent we will deliver an ultimatum to TCN.


Your Ally,


Ide Jima



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OOC: Couldn't your president just say that to the Prince in person? If you don't mind I will rp it like he did (or that the Prince was given the telegram while the president is still in Akiiryu).




*Later that night after the formal coronation dinner*


The Prince grasped the Ide Jiman President right elbow in his right hand in the traditional Akiiryan gesture of friendship.


"You are an honourable man Utsure. I accept the offer of the people of Ide Jima with an open heart."


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At the formal presentation for the banquet the Nevareies Lord spends some moments exchanging pleasantries with the new leader of Akiiryu whilst the Giftbearer brings the engraved gold scrolls containing the first international agreement signed by Nevareion Nova. His Lordship presents the gift before bowing low and withdrawing to take his placeensuring that he takes the opportunity to display the luxurious heavy brocade and gold chain of his House to the assembled guests. It is clear he is a somewhat vain man but the observant may notice a steel beneath the surface. Once seated he watches the room with interest, noting the power plays at work under the formal politeness. He will have much to report on his return home.

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-Note Passed to Akiiryan Prince-


Firstly, on behalf of the Niederoestereichian people let us convey our congratulations on this your day of your coronation. It is great honour to have witnessed such an event.

Please accept a gift of marbel statues of yourself and of P'Theodanaric from the Niederoestereichian people, we hope it is fitting.

On the matter of which you spoke about Chosen Nations, we do agree with you that their actions in dishonouring P'Theodanaric are wrong, and were uncalled for. We will not stand in your way to extract what you see as a fitting weregeld if there is no formal apology, you have our support


Niederoestereichian Premier

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Commodus James felt vaguely annoyed at the thinly-vailed attempt at driving a wedge between the Chosen Nations and Tagmatium. After all, the two nations were allies, and the Greater Holy Empire stuck by its allies. The Sublime Principate and the Greater Holy Empire had, however, previously almost come to blows. The Iceberg Incident was still a contensious point whenever Tagmatines and Akiiryans met. It would be down to the himself to decide whether or not Tagmatine honour had been affected, especially over the grandchild of a princess who had been shipped off to an out-of-the-way place so as not to upset Courtly politics. But it would not have been at all polite, or politic, to mention either issues in the presence of his honoured guests or at such a ceremony. He took a small golden crown from a servant, before turning to the Akiiryan Prince.


"Your Majesty, let me present you with crown as a coronation gift."


OOC: Uh, does anyone know how an Emperor would address a Prince? Sorry, Aki, this is it for the moment.

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OOC: Tag, "Brother", "Friend" or something similar. The Title might be "Prince" and seem lesser than Emperor, but it is just a poor translation of an Akiiryan word. Moreover, the SPA is bigger than the GHET so politically they are probably the same (even if it hurts the Emperor to admit it). Talk as if they were equals 9(although I like the way you play up the Emperor's distaste...much like the Byzantine Emperor's unwillingness to believe in one equalled or better them in spite of realities). Oh, it wasn't a threat as such...well, not yet anyways.






The Prince accepted the scrolls from the Nevareies Lord with a formal nod. than then speaks, a friendly smile on his lips.


"My friend, there is no need to bow so low to me. My people have a saying, 'if you offer your neck, someone may take your head' crude I know, but worth remembering I think. I thank you for the honour you and your people bestow on me and my heart is gladdened by the growing friendship between our two nations. I do hope you will join me later for a drink."





The Prince read the note passed to him by the Baron T'Rothric. His face showed no expression, but he turned to the Niederoestereichian Premier and his party and bowed slightly, hand on heart. He then turned to T'Rothric and dictated a reply.


"Honoured Niederoestereichian guests, I thank you for your most generous gifts. The statue of my father shall be given a place of honour in Tamja Catherdral. My statue will be placed in the Assembly Chamber of the Baronic Council (OOC: In the centre of the Baronic Chamber is a table on which rests the Prince's sword, bow and crown of state. This symbolises the authority of the Council. Yet Prince usually also places something else in the chamber to represent their presence if they are unable to attend council meetings...Neonaric has chosen the statue to fulfil this function). I must also thank you for your support and understanding on the subject of the TCN, you have demonstrated the great honour of the Niederoestereichian people."






The Prince ccepted the crown from the Emperor Commodus James with a slight bow.


"Thank you brother, it is truely a beautiful gift." (OOC: Now, how can I use this...LOL)

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The Bhali Prime Minister (Soon to Become Dictator), Janiank sat next to his Minister of State. He had recevived a scroll from the now crowned prince.


"Very Good, I shall speak with him later", as he puts the scoll inside his pocket. His Minister of State, a timid 32 year man was nervious. "Why are you nevious?" asked Janiank as he took a sip of wine. "Sir, I fear that your plan to take absoulte authority of the Allied States will not work," said the Minister. "Nonesense, in time I shall succed, are you with me or are you against me?"


"I am with you my soon to be dicatator," replied his Minister. "All I need is the support of the Defense Ministry and my ascention shall be complete. An aide walks up to the Prime Minister and hands him a urgent message. "Oh great, not again..."


"What is it Prime Minister?" questioned his Minister of State. "Nothing, I will deal with it later..."


After they finish this brief conversation, they both go back to joining in the celebrations of the new Akiiryuian Prince. Within 30 seconds of doing so, any rememberence of the disscussion was forgotten.

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The Holy Emperor of Vanarambaion had not been seen, except in Tamurin, outside of Vanarambaion in years. Few pictures had even been seen outside Vanarambaion and Alliance borders, as the media was so tightly controled. It may have taken many heads of state by surprise that the physically powerful mover and shaker of regional politics was the clearly aging man that alighted from the carriage at the beginning of the ceremony. This being said, the Holy Emperor was dressed in a dazzlingly white robe that covered his massive seven-foot frame. A thick torque was around his neck, encrusted in three levels of gmestones - the top green, the middle white, and the lower orange. On his feet, he wore simple slippers, the same color as his robe, and on his head was the Crown of the Emperors, a huge, gem-encrusted crown that had previously not been taken outside of Vanarambaion proper.


When the altercation about TCN was brought up, Christoph smiled his knowing smile and watched the guests seated around him for their reactions. The Vanarambaion delegation had been warned previously that this might be a topic the new Prince might choose to discuss this day, were under strict orders not to let out a whoop, a necessary order from the looks of total agreement on the faces of some. He then looked at the other Holy Emperor in attendance. His face showed minor irritation, a totally expected reaction, although Christoph agreed with the Prince that Tagmatium should be dishonored. With that, the Prince was finished, and he moved into the next hall for dinner and entertainment.


At some point later that night when things had begun to quiet down for the night, Christoph approached the new Prince and Princess, kissing him on both cheeks, as was the Vanarambaion custom for greeting long-absent famly members. "You know, P'Neonaric, that you have Vanarambaion's support in this matter. We will be side-by-side on the front lines if and when this conflict comes to a head. But let's not talk of such things. How have the two of you been?" The banter continues long into the night.

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