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The Art Gallery

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What's the Art Gallery about?


Well, images, really. Flags, Signatures and the creative products of our members.


You can show your works right here, but the most important service of the Art Gallery would be the requests.


Please do not post inappropriate images (e.g. nudity, offensive symbols etc.). It will not be appreciated and we will delete those.


Chapter A. What can I request? And how??


I. REQUEST A FLAG! (and/or Avatar)


You can choose a standard flag from the Nationstates flag database, but a custom flag gives your nation the recognition it deserves! You can make your own flag using MS Paint or some more advanced program, like Photoshop etc.


A flag must be:

  • in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • about 107x71 pixels in size
  • no larger than 10KB
  • appropriate. This means conforming to site etiquette and being suitably flag-like. Images likely to cause widespread offense (e.g. nudity, swastikas) are prohibited, and your nation may be deleted if you post them.

You can also request a flag, if you think others can do it better. Here's how:

  1. Make a new thread. You must put Flag/Avatar in the thread's title, so we can see what the request thread is about.

    Do it like this:

    Flag/Ava: <insert your nation's name>

  2. Describe what you want on your flag/avatar, what images, what theme etc.
  3. Be patient.
  4. If there's a result, tell the creator if you like enough it or what you'd like to see changed. (That's not rude. It would be rude to walk the earth with a semi-good flag/avatar. wink.gif)

Question: I made a flag/avatar for someone else. Am I allowed to post it?

Answer: Ofcourse! laugh.gif We encourage all members to make flags and banners for others.


II. REQUEST A SIGNATURE! (a.k.a. Banner)


Signature banners look nice on your posts. You can make one yourself or, just like flags/avatars request one here. Here's how:

  1. The title should say signature/banner, just like the flag/avatar threads, like this:

    Signature/Banner: <insert your nation's name>

  2. Describe what you want, for example: the text you want on it, style, colors, links to images you'd like to have in your signature banner and maybe a link to something similar if you are having trouble describing it.
  3. Be patient.
  4. When your signature is done, it will be posted in your thread, so be sure to check and comment on the result, if it's not entirely satisfactory. (I say it again, it's not rude to comment!)



If you really want to request other things, you'll just have to make your own guidelines. I can't think of anything else to request though...


Chapter B. ImageFAQs


Question: I have an image that I want to post here. HOW?

Answer: You can use this great, free service by Imageshack. http://imageshack.us or any other image hosting service on the internet. To show the image on the forums, you can use the img-tags

[img=<link to image here>]

(For all forum-tags and codes click here)


Question: I want a signature-image on the forums! HOW?

Answer: If you want to put your signature banner in the signature space, do the following:

user posted image

(Click for larger image.)

Please notice that the format for images is the following:

[IMG=<insert link>]


Chapter C. Something I made. Where to post it?


If you've made something that's not a flag/ava or signature banner, you can also post it in the Art Gallery. You may make your own thread or post it here.


Once more: You can host your images at Imageshack: http://imageshack.us (You might want to consider bookmarking it, too.)


Chapter D. The End


Most threads will eventually end up in the archives (the two subforums). This is to keep the Art Gallery a bit tidy...I hope to have informed you enough. Now go do something useful. laugh.gif


NOTE: There have been some problems with imageshack.us, where links to that site would disappear mysteriously... The cause of this is yet unknown. Any alternatives can be used on the forums, as well.

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