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Haken!! Hi tongue.gif


@NC: I do not follow you >=( i did not know you were here and thus i did not follow you tongue.gif


@Pirilao: Hi!!! tongue.gif No i don't write portugese O_o;; oh well tongue.gif


@Ide Jima: As of yet i don't need any weapons but thanks fer the offer ^^ but i perfer to develop me own weapons tongue.gif ^^;;


@Kant: Hey tongue.gif Tis be's goin fine tongue.gif Yes i be's stayin clean tongue.gif the question is...... got milk? tongue.gif Muahha!


I hope i got you all ^^ if i didn't then oops O_o;; Hopefully i didn't tongue.gif Thanks fer all the greetings and welcomings ^^and i'll be sure to get in an rp at some point tongue.gif

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Yai! Orange ^^ And 'ello Europa tongue.gif No hard feelings about the late welcoming tongue.gif i'll just go to this stragetically placed corner and work on breathing techniques O_o

If it looks like i'm crying then i'm not! crybaby.gif j/k tongue.gif Muahahh! Tank yee fer the warm welcomes tongue.gif

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