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The Underground Coaliltion

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*** In a small beer hall in Newcastle a secret meeting was being held. *** (he he sounds familiar. forming of the Nazi party in Munich)


A man named Ivan Avesky had called a meeting of all the heads of the underground political groups of Adaptus. He represented the national anarchist party; Gremgor Troskov represented the national communist party, Simon Gray for the fascist party of Adaptus, Willson James representing the socialist party, and many other radical party leaders.


Ivon had the idea of forming a large coalition against the people?s party of Adaptus and Prime Minister Ramsey, his dream was to form a new ideology named Fartherisim, Fartherisim being a mixture of the far left, fascism and Nazism, anarchism, and such. He also, despised Ramsey for the great support he had off the people. Now the people would find a new leader in him.


All the leaders sat at a long table, at the end sat Ivon.


Ivon rose to his feet.


"Gentlemen I have called you hear this evening for one reason, that reason being Andrew Ramsey, the PM."


Nods and grunts of understanding came from the table.


"My goal for this evening is for us to unite. Unite against him and his party. Our ideologies, and believes are not powerful enough. For instance, Gremgor, no one believes in communism any more and Fredrik, no one is religious enough these days for Zionism. So my brother, I ask for us to unite and for a new party, and a new ideology. That ideology is Fartherisim."


"So what is this "Fartherisim"? Asked john Tony of the neo-Nazi.


"Fartherisim my friend is where everyone lives in a world of peace, the police are an extension of the military, where everyone is to afraid to commit a crime as the punishment, will mostly be death, there shall be one absolute ruler, with a council of advisors, the populace will refer to him as Farther. All companies are government run, it is a utopia.


OOC: to give you a better idea of what Fartherisim is supposed to be like, if anyone has seen the film Equilibrium, it's basically that, but without the sense crimes.




A cheer came from the table.


"Will you follow me into the abyss brothers, it will be a long hard fight, but will you stand by me my brothers, this is the start of the collapse of the people?s party, and the dawning of Farthers Party."


An even louder roar came from the whole room.


***later that evening***



Simon Gray, a renowned Communist, approached Ivon.


"So Ivon how are we going to go about this, it will take us years to gain political support."


"Ah yes. it would, but what we will do is, go nuts with publishing Farthers Party, we will gain as much support as possible, saying it's better that this, and then, once our army grows, we'll take to the streets, in the largest Revolution this country has ever seen."


"But that?s what the CLF tried. And they were crushed. Now security is tighter than ever."


"Yes, but unlike the CLF we have a vast underground network, all we need are the numbers. We have bombs set up ready to go off once we hear we have enough support. So don?t you worry?"


*** 6 0'clock news with David McDonald***


Tonight Ivon Avesky announced the forming of a new political party known as Farthers Party. He organised a large public speech in the northerly city of Newcastle.

And already as an aftermath it seemed he has gain huge support in the city, he is scheduling more speeches across the country. It seems we may be seeing a new prime minister in Ivon Avesky. But what dose the current Prime Minister feel like.

He realised this statement a few moments ago.


"I?m not afraid of this new party, we have huge support nationwide. In fact I am glad to see these groups going about things the proper and civilized way, unlike other organization. I wish them luck; they will need it IF they intend to beat me in the local elections in a few weeks."


So the prime minister seems confident, for the Local Elections, but will he be right, or will this be the start of a new era.


I am David McDonald, good night.



And so the seeds were sown for Andrew Ramsey's most turbulent period yet. Worse than the CLF.

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OOC: this is being told as a story until later on in the crisis, just to let people know about some things.




***At a Political Rally in Tyne Valley***


Ivon stood on his podium giving his speech; he had the largest crowd at his podium, even larger than the people?s party podium with the Lord Chancellor giving his speech.



"Will you stand by me, and be my sons, and my brothers, in the fight against the people?s party."


A large roar came from the crowd, by now over 500 in size.


"The Farthers party, and live a life of peace and glory for the Federation, it is our destiny."


Again the crowd roared.


As Ivon gave his speech, some of his cronies walked through the crowds, recruiting people into the underground army.


By now Avesky's support was emence; he had done speeches around the whole country. And the underground army was huge, about 5 million in strength, slough poorly equipped, mostly with old MP-44 and AK-47's and some even had shotguns and home made weapons. They had not a lot of money and things but were ready for the revolution.


Ivon stood down from his party, to be swept by loyal supporters, but one caught his attention, it was Alexander Brown, a multi-billionaire, he approached Avesky and said.


"I believe in your views, and I also despise the peoples party, they don?t give my business enough room to flex its muscles, I what to become a member of your party, and I will also back your cause, I have heard of this Underground Army from some of your other members. I will give you money to supply them with equipment, and in return you make me Lord Chancellor."


"You have a deal my brother, only it won?t me Brother Chancellor, or Uncle Chancellor to the people."


"Why thank you Brother".


The two men agreed, and now Ramsey had his hands full.


***#9 Ataptainium Street, Ramsey's home***


These Fartherists aver too much support, I?m loosing the people, Ramsey thought to himself, just as a young advisor stepped into the room.


"Prime...Minister, I have a message hear from a PPA (peoples Party of Adaptus) loyalist groups."


"Let me see"


The young lad handed over the message.


we see you are having problems, and he have heard of an underground movement linked with Farthers Party, we send this message to warn you about this, and to tell you, we shall be your last defence, in your time of need we will be there.


"I see". Ramsey muttered to himself.

"We?ll wait and see what the local elections turn out like, then I?ll plan my next move."


"Yes Prime Minister".


The young lad exited.


***at a secret meeting at a small cottage on the outskirts of Tyne Valley***


4 senior members of the General staff met with Avesky.


"I want you to use your Regiments to hold off the rest of the Army, while my men take the capitol."


"And whets in it for us?"


"You will be given new titles and the highest ranks in the General staff, but you will have no authority over the Farther Force, which is our Underground Army."


The 4 generals nodded. And with that Ivon had the support of the military.

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One man who had attended the beer hall meeting was not a member of an Adaptan political party, nor was he even a citizen of the Federation. He was George Alacus, a Tagmatine from the Borean Principalities province, although he still thought of himself as a Borean, and resented the recent take-over by Imperial forces after many years of independence. Alacus had arrived at the meeting as a sceptic of the policies, thinking it another nutty fringe group, destined to sit on the borders of mainstream politics. He now saw it as the only way forward for Europa, if not the whole world. He would spread the word...




Several months or so later, George Alacus stood on a podium in a public meeting hall in the city of Boreapolis. He was standing for election to the Council of the Borea, the ruling council of the province, who advised the Princes of the City States that made up the province. He was still a follower of Fatherism, if not even more fanatical than before. Alacus had already got a following of thousand people, as he had continously preached his beliefs and how they would do well for the world.


"Comrades! Are you not tired of the yoke of oppression put upon you by the Imperial government? Fartherism is the way forward! We will unite the world in a new era of peace and prosperity! The way forward is Fatherism!" He was near the end of his speech, and he could see that the crowd was with him. Any disenters had been dragged out of the meeting by the Underground Army, and forcibly shown the error of their ways and the glory of Fatherism. The election in the next few days would be a clear victory for Fartherism, the first step on the way to the defeat of the Holy Empire in a democratic process. If democracy did not work, the Underground Army would...


EDIT: Changed "Fartherism" to "Fatherism"

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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*** ABC news !LIVE! at election center***


hello and welcome to ABC news, we are live at the election center in the center of Ramseygrad.


i have just been informed that the votes for the local elections has just came in.


here is Right honurable speeker David Paul to anounce the results.


the speeker stood on stage and began to read out the county election results.


Northwick County....Farthers Party

Newcastle.....Farthers party

Tyne Vally.....Farthers Party

Westerhope.....Peoples Party of Adaptus

Berwick.....Farthers Party

Leazas County.....National Liberals

Southbough.....Peoples Party of Adaptus

and finaly Ramseygrad.....


the crowd stood still, if Farthers Party took Ramseygrad to there would be no hope for Prime Minister Ramsey


Ramseygrad........FARTHERS PARTY


a huge roar came from the Fartherists, and Ramsey looked up, it's all lost, everything i've worked for. well i might was well start reading the country for the General Election in 1 month.


but little did Ramsey know there wouldnt be a General Election.


the reporter carryed on his report.


well it seems to be a great victory for Farthers Party. could this be the end of the PPA. well we'll just have to wait another month


i'm David McDonald, good night.



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There was another man that wasn't an Adaptan national at the meetings. Backed by the Vanarambaion government, he was a national spy given the assignment of keeping an eye on the underground societies and radical third (or second) parties. When the man approached Spike Simpson, offering him a place in the "Underground Army," it would have been hard to believe that the 5'10", 200 lb muscle man was a secret agent. But Spike was good at his job. He joined the army, with the intention of sending anything pertinent to his superiors at the Vanarambaion Embassy, who would then send it back to Thule. Adaptus was a backwater assignment, with a low level of threat coming from their government. But the government had learned that such assignments were crucial in deterring major terrorist strikes against Vanarambaion, so when the recruiter offered Spike a low-level job in the Underground Army, Spike agreed in a non-chalant, brutish attitude.

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It was 2 weeks to the general election, and Ivon stood at his balcony, and thought to himself.


*sigh* I?ll never win the election; we don?t have the seats in parliament yet. We may have plenty seats in the local councils but we ont have a combined 43 seats.


He stared into space for a short while when he finally decided on his next move.


It?s time for the Equilibrium plan.


OOC: HA HA stolen




He ran to his phone, and started to call Tomas Akov, brother of Dison Akov, the now dead leader of the CLF military.


"Tomas, its Ivon"


"Ah yes Ivon how my I help you sir"


"Are Fathers Children Ready?"


"Yes of course Ivon, always"


"How many strong are we"


"I don?t have an actual number, but we defiantly out number the Federation 3:1."


"Good, good."


"But what?s all this info for Ivon?"


"Tomas, on the day of the election, all members of all political parties in Adaptus will be in Adaptuanium (parliament building). That means the Equilibrium plan will have a perfect chance to strike"


"Ah ha Ivon you Genius"


"Oh yes, Tomas ready my children, it's time"



Then with that command, Ivon sealed the fate of the Federation and all its peoples for a long time to come.


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In Tagmatium, or more correctly Boreapolis, it was the day after the election. George Alacus was giving a post-election victory speech. It had come as no surprise that the charismatic Borean had one the election, especially when his two opponents, one a pro-Tagmatine civil servant and an ex-priest, were so lack-lustre. His policies were regarded as sensible, and his independence from Tagmatica was begining to make him seem a saviour for the Borean Principalities, freeing them from the tyrannical rule of the Holy Empire.


George Alacus stood in the glare of camera lights, looking down at the massed ranks of reporters from around the nation, as well as across Europa. One woman stood up from down the front.


"Councillor Alacus, have you any connection with the so-called "Undergrounf Army?"


Alacus had been fairly dreading that question. He knew what the UA did was for the betterment of the world, but a lot of others didn't.


"I have no connection with the UA, nor do I condone their actions."


"But, Councillor, they have reguarly appeared at your meetings, and have apparently beaten up dissenters."


"This is an untruth. They have..." Alacus droned on in true politician's style. Once the conference was over, he noticed two men in dark suits and glasses approaching him. He thought they were UA men from Adaptus, but as they got closer..


"Councillor Alacus, I'm Inspector Samuel from the Internal Intellignece Inspectorate. I'd like you to come with us." From the tone of the man's voice, Alacus suspected that he had no choice.




"So, Councillor Alacus, is there anything you would like to tell us?"


They were in a small room inside of one of the shadowy Internal Intelligence Inspectorate (III or 3) offices, which were located around the GHET.


"Like what, Inspector?"


"Like you are part of an organisation that admits it wants nothing less than word domination, Councillor."


"It is, in fact, an organisation that will one day unite the world in a new age of peace, Inspector."


"Really? Well, we can get you on charges of Insurrection, Heresy and Treason, Councillor."


"Really, Inspector? So why haven't you moved already?" Alacus got up and left. The two Inspectors didn't make a move, as they knew he was right.

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***Adaptanium, Election day***


Prime Minister Ramsey stood nervusly with his top ministers awaiting the results of the General Elections.


"good luck Ramsey, dont let Avesky worry you, i already have won this election."


"ha ha, thank you my good friend Tomas, even though your brother was a lost cause you have stood by me in my times of need i thank you my friend."


"ha, ho problem mate, what are friends for"


Tomas laughed in his head at Ramsey for he had no idea how Tomas would betray him.


the speacker sat in his chair ready to read out the election results.


"in 5th, the Adapton Conservative Party.


in 4th place the Libatairian Movement.


in 3rd place, the Democratic Libaral of Adaptus.


in 2nd place."


the polticains stood still, would it be the PPA or Farthers party running the country.


"in 2nd place, Farthers party. so this means for an historic 4th term, the PPA is once again in office."


a large cheer rang trought the Adaptanium, but one man wasnt happy, Ivon. in his pocket ivon carried a small radio, and as he sliped into the shadows, he drew the radio and a small Glock 17 from a holster. at the same moment Tomas swept back into the shadows also.


"Tango Delta it's time Echo to launch"


"roger the India Alpha. Echo is a go"



and with that, the Revolustion had started.


OOC: he he suspence i love it.



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Willy was relieved when he heared the results. Not only was the winning party a proven ally, he didn't trust the Farthers party. Their drastic ideas could damage the image of the League, not to mention the tought of discussing with them round the League-table. Sadisfied he put the television out, more complete information will be send to him within a matter of hours anyway.

His fear seemed to be ungrounded: everywhere in Europa right parties lose support, the League is getting organised and the latest unrests seemed to have been putten to a stop... the effect of the LT, perhaps?

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as the crowd cheered a dark figure rose from a drain cover that had been lefted up, he schoured the area, and then on his radio said.


"sir it's clear."


Avesky replyed as he left the Adaptainium with Tomas.


"good, the Equilibrium plan is a go, now thets rock this show".


as he said that the shadowy man, who how reviled himself from the shadows as Robert Chechov, leader of Farthers Children on the ground. he rose up and turned to the rest of his men who were rising from other drains.


"come on comrades it's time".


as he said that, he places a MP3 player headphone in his ear, with underground music playing.


OOC: the music is like techno, but with realy fast lyrics.




with that command, him and his men charged the steps of the Adaptainium, the guards burst out, but were overwelmed by the sheer numbers of revolutionists. they plowed throught the door and charged toward the main government debate room, were all of Adaptus's highest officeals were., they brust through the door shooting blindly at anyone who moved.


in the mists of the chaos, Ramsey and 4 of his most trusted followers and of his most trusted bodyguards fled out a sectret door, and into an underground tunnel, toward a nuclear fallout shelter, where a getaway car awaited.


"i knew this would happend, i lost my nation, my military and most importantly, the people, i know what Fatherisim will bring to the Federation, but i carnt stay here now."


"what do you mean Ramsey"


"i have to go into exile, otherwise they will find me and kill me."


"then we will come with you sir"


"thank you my friends."


"but where shall we go sir"


"you know the new islands the were formed after the great volcano insedent, well he never realsed one extra island we annaxed, it is much further south than the others, and there is a military base there, with an airfield and a dock, we must get to the secret docks, and take the fastest boat there and before the Rebles at comrole of sonar, we will slip out and head toward the island."


"good idea sir, but will we ever return...."


and with that the 5 ran off toward the getaway car, an sped off toward the secret docks.


the Federation had caved to Fatherisim, and Ivon Avesky now ruled it, this is the start of the darkest period in Adaptus's history.


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Ide Jima maintains complete neutrality in this matter, we assure the region that we will not let Ide Jima's position on the moderate right cloud our opinions here. Our recognisation of Fatherist government in Adaptus will come as default once 4 other nations have done so. If, however atrocities are committed by this extreme government, we will take action.

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-News Report-


The Council-in-Exile of Nevareion Nova has refused to make a public statement on the events. However sources close to the Finance Ministry indicated that the country would be prepared to deal with any government that honoured credit and trade agreements.

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As the men arrived at the docks, they were greeted by a man dressed in foreign combat gear, wearing a beret. "Prime Minister," he started, then realizing the man was not alone, continued, "...and friends...I am Spike Simpson. I have been authorized by my government to offer you political asylum in Vanarambaion. I have a fishing boat waiting here to take us to a Vanarambaion hospital ship heading to North Vanarambaion. Or you can continue down the dock and see what this new Fartherism government has waiting for you on whatever boat you plan to steal. Either way you decide, my boat will be leaving in five minutes, as my cover is blown and the Farthers will soon figure this out. Make your decision, gentlemen." With that, he walks up the gangplank of a long, sleek boat equipped with trawling gear and enters the cabin.

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i would be glad to take this offer, we have an island just south of the resently colonized islands, and it has never been anounsed to the public, we have loyal men stationed there, and this is all that remains of my Federation. there is 700 troops stationed there and 1 Sqrn of Europa fighter typhoons there. i am hoping to regain the support of the Federation military, but it may take some time, and i may need some international support. i have no suvalence or intel facilities, could anyone help me gain some info on the Fatherists, i will repay you at a later date.

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