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An American in Australia

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A hurricane is making landfall in Australia!


Yup about to leave, wont be back until late this month. It would be a riot if I passed one of you Aussies on the street somewhere, none of us would even know. IK'm going to Perth, Melborne and Sydney. (I may go back in a few years for Adelade, Darwin and Brisbane.)


I leave Monday night (my time..)



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Just what Australia needs, more yanks....


Anyways, have fun in Australia. Don't get involved in any drinking games in a local pub.


Sydney has the Grand Final of Rugby League this Saturday, so watch out for that aftermath

If your in hurry, don't use the Sydney Trains, their in a shocking state of running late/being cancelled.

Watch out Crocodiles, American backpackers seem be eaten/mauled quite a bit in the last few weeks/months, but since you aint heading north, little chance of that.


Im up at Newcastle, 2hrs north of Syd, so you won't be crossing my path.


This a work related trip or pure holiday enjoyment?

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I just hope I don't walk into work the first day back and say something like, "G'day mate!" "No worries" became part of the way I talked after I was inundated with Aussies last year!


Thanks, and I will talk to "ya'll" (hehe, still haven't left Americana yet!) when I get back, and who knows, maybe there will be an extra post from Australia in the next two weeks!




PS Kant, I have a shirt that says "Yankees Suck" on it (the Americans know what I mean). Not all of us are Yanks, most of us aren't! None-the-less I don't where that shirt when I board airplanes!

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Hello from Melbourne! I'm having great weather and just stopped into an internet cafe on the way back to my hotel from Queen Victoria Markets! Going to the Crown Casino tonight and have plans to go to the city museum as well.


Ok.. thats all for me. Talk ya'll (desperately trying to hold onto my American accent down here..)



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