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Recently the two main mars regions, Mars, and The Planet Mars, have figured out a way to RP together using interdimensional warp technology. However now that we have discovered a way for multiple universes (yes I realize that word is a paradox) to interact it is important to figure out where everyone else falls into this, therefore I would like to know, are you from the universe with The Planet Mars in it, or are you in the universe with Mars in it?


The Mars forum is: http://s10.invisionfree.com/Mars_Region/index.php?

and The Planet Mars forum is: http://s4.invisionfree.com/The_Planet_Mars/index.php?

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Since Europa does not have interdimensional warp technology

Erm. Speak for yourself. wink.gif

that as maybe, but you still can't use future tech in Europa RP's however (there have been issues about this fairly recently), although reading your introduction RP, a decent excuse is probobly somthing like your intergalactic-nation-thingamie-watsit's special space travel warp jumpie stuff doesnt work on Europa, or that you use it for transporting stuff to space, but are banned from using it for any othr purpose on such a 'primitive' planet as the one Europa is on.


I am happy with you having a future tech nation, as long as you RP some excuse so that you can only use vaguly modern tech technology in our RP's, just so we dont start having a war, and then see a giant 60 foot tall robot-laser-killing-death-thing come over the horizon...


(oh, and nice one Van smile.gif interwting insight into the multiple dimensions of Europa biggrin.gif)

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well, i'm happy for you to stay here, as long as you can RP yourself around not usin giant spce lasers or warping around the region. just say your superiors wont allow you to use heaviily advanced technology on such a primitive world or somthing, but if you want to RP other space battles or somthing, then this region just odoesnt have that sort or scope to it, sorry sad.gif

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