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Greetings from Alan Martel, governor of this province of the Transcosmic Civilization of Nexus Alpha.


Our presence in Europa may be just a small nation, but it is just an outpost of a much greater civilization called Nexus Alpha. This civilization spans thousands of worlds in 37 seperate universes, and is connected by a complex network of artificial wormholes. Its seat of government is a planet called Malachi.


It is the policy of the Nexus Alpha government to deal respectfully and peacefully with the original inhabitants of a world and to act, as far as is possible and practical, as a neighbouring nation.


However, the main purpose of this outpost is to train soldiers and harvest natural resources for the war. Nexus Alpha has been at war for almost two millenia, against another transcosmic civilization we call the Trikos. This enemy attacks without warning, cannot be reasoned with and indiscriminately kills every other living thing. We have barely held our own for the last three hundred years.


That is all I have to say.



Alan Martel

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Phil IV welcomes you warmly to our dear region here, and hopes you will be very welcome (although he does like to remind you that most of the RP's in the RP section use modern tech, and so interdimensional-space-time-warp-laser-cutter-shredder-weapons are not really practical for day to day usage tongue.gif )


anyway, as per standard Philian welcoming procedure, here is a large Philian Welcoming pie, stuffed full to the brim with warm garvy, and chuncks of piping hot steak and onion.

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