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Niederoestereich expands borders

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Niederoestereichian News


Making news today


Our valiant troops have began their march into the area designated ##, to secured it for Niederoestereich. Several Infantry and Armoured Battalions Crossed the borders earlier this morning after the Premiers pledge in government to bring the region under Niederoestereichian administration.

?After several failed governments in the area, its time we bring stability to this area, and bring the Niederoestereichian culture, customs and defence to a greater number of people?

This is can also been seen as a move to secure the southern half of Niederoestereich from possible attacks, to secure the upper Locus river running through western Niederoestereich, and to provide rich and fertile floodplain soils to allow for greater growth in wheat and animal produce sectors.




Up next, NNNC cuts 500 jobs


EDIT: cut plot number out, will add once map issues have been resolved

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