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Dictator Seizes Power in 'Holy Land'.

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*Certain regional news networks find their signals beginning to fade in and out until a pirated feed begins to slow come into focus. A large mob of armed men appears to be celebrating a victory as an overvoice begins*


"Pademonium enveloped the often-contested city of Jerusalem as a group of Pro-Israel militants, dubbed 'Warriors of The Covenant, spilled into its streets and many other small villages dotted across the country, apparantly claiming power over the lands of what they are calling 'the homeland of all Israeli Supermen.' Their leader, a man known only as 'Prolifik', released a statement to this anonymous media organization, claiming that 'my destiny has been fufilled. This land is ours now.' Other citizens have also been pouring into the streets in celebration of an apparant coup on the ousted government."



*The datafeed is barraged by waves of intense static before it resumes, now focused on a somewhat thin man standing infront of the former government's Headquarters, surrounded by militants.*


"People of the world, I am the man that you know as Prolifik. My destiny, and the destiny of all Israelis has been fufilled. We have liberated the people from the infidels who sought to destory us. This country belongs to The Covenant. We will NEVER relinquish her again."


*Abrubtly the datafeed ends and normal broadcasting resumes.*

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*A report from the now ousted government is issued, once again, via the pirated datafeed. There is nothing but text.*


"On this day of the 24th of August, the Republican Party of Israel has accepted the ultimatum issued by 'Prolifik' and his followers. It has long been our responsibility to represent the will of the people, and, after the events of the previous days, we recognize the will of the People, and are now stepping down. Our senior Party members will remain to oversee the upcoming elections, and will concede power to the majority rule. We now ask of the leaders of the world respect the proceedings in the Holy Land. May The Lord Almighty bless us with His grace as we strive for peace."

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*The newly created Holy Judaist News Network (one of many to be formed and then banned by this rp dictator) begins its first broadcast with the results of the 'election'. Note that this is the first ever show to ever be displayed on the previously non-existent channel 1 of most major broadcast providers, a symbol of the 'people' of Israel's will and determination.*


"Shallan shalom to all of the people of Israel. I am your host Karl Koyanivich, and we begin our maiden broadcast with the results of the national elections. In a marginal victory, the great Fashid Al-Rassad, former leader of our liberators The Warriors of the Covenant, has been elected as Premier of blessed Israel. Today marks the beginning of a great day in the history of our people."


*The view changes to the steps infront of the Parliament building in Jerusalem. All seems peaceful, though in reality and beyond the view of the camera law enforcement and militants are beginning to cordon the city into administrative sections. Standing at a podium with the Star of David draped over is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Israel, 'Prolifik', and a member of the Supreme Court justice administration staff.*


"Greetings to all in attendance, as well as the world watching. I, Rakoul al-Hamin, Representative of the Supreme Court of Israel, am standing here as the man who will watch over the transfer of power from the Republican Party of Israel, whose Chairman is present today, and the new Premier, Fashid al-Rassad. *the man then holds up a large Torah and gestures for both 'Prolifik' and the Chairman to place their hands on the cover.* It is by the power, invested it me...by...the people of Israel, our nation's law, and with the blessing of Yahweh, that I hereby proclaim...Fashid al-Rassad...our new Premier."


*patriotic music of a notable granduer and gradiose manner is played as the Chairman and the justice are both escorted towards a motorcade by five men of the local security precint as the camera fades out, whereupon broadcasting returns to covering mundane domestic issues.*

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes [(TT)STRAMS]has issued a strong disapproal of the region's United Nations members for allowing this travesty on the civil rights of the citizens of the Israeli Supermen. The Confederated Council on International Socio-Economic Relations(created as a result of the ratification of the MMRTA Initiative and is an offshoot of the Tribal Tribunal) has issued a recommendation to the Tribal Tribunal that it cease all economic affiliation and seek to persaude other United Nation members to act on "the illegal seizure of power by a minority at the cost of several innocent lives".


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