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P'Theodanaric, Prince of the Akiiryans, Dead

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******* Akiiryan News Network *******


The Baronic Council announced today that P'Theodanaric, Prince of the Akiiryans, died in his sleep last night at the age of 77. The cause of his death was not provided.


The Baronic Council immediately announced a two week period of mourning.


The Prince will be succeeded by his eldest son P'Neonaric (OOC: not his eldest child, who is a woman, P'Yaojaith. Akiiryans have something similar to Salic Law). Aged 35, the new Prince of Akiiryu is the most highly educated individual ever to sit on the Antlered Throne. He speaks a number of languages fluently and holds a double doctorate in History and Political Science from Vanarambaion's renowned Katana University.


Prince P'Neonaric is married to Katherine, the sister of Emperor Tinsman of Vanarambaion. They have two children.

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is the most highly educated individual ever to sit on the Antlered Throne

By Akiiryan and Vanarambaion standards, right? Still an uncultured, barely educated barbarian, though. tongue.gif





Holy Imperial Press Statement.


Although rarely on the best of terms, Akiiryu and Tagmatium have a long history of interaction. The Greater Holy Empire mourns the death of Prince Theodanaric, as one should mourn the death of all great men. This has been the second time this month that Europa has lost one of the leading men in its politics, and the Greater Holy Empire is saddened by this double blow.


Tagmatium will put all flags on half mast for the duration of next week, as befits the passing of such a man, even though his nation has almost consistently acted against Tagmatium. Tagmatium honours a good enemy as much as a good ally.


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The Holy Confederacy is horrified at the statements made by TCN at this most critical moment in international relations. All relations and trade have been cut from the upstart renegade nation, and the Vanarambaion High Command is considering a blockade of the TCN shipping lanes. This is a totally unnecessary escalation of previously tepid relations, and with the close relations between Akiiryu and Vanarambaion, we take this matter very very personally.


On a personal note, the Holy Emperor himself will be present for ceremonies honoring the late Prince. The Vanarambaion Parliament has declared a similar two week mourning period for the Prince, which will be accompanied by services in his honor in the Church of Vanarambaion.

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OOC: Yes, it is, if you know Vanarambaion and consider: 1. Vanarambaion-Akiiryan relations; 2. Vanarambaion/Akiiryan-TCN relations; and 3. Akiiryan and Vanarambaion culture.





The memory of P'Theodanaric has been dishonoured. The government of the TCN has grievously insulted not only the spirit of P'Theodanaric, but also his ancestors, desendants, the Antlered Throne, and the Akiiryan nation. Unless a full retraction and apology, accompanied by weregeld suitable for a Prince of Akiiryu, is presented by the government of TCN immediately the Prince, Baronic Council and people of Akiiryu will, as is dictated by our culture, exact revenge on the TCN. The people of TCN should count themselves lucky that in this time of mourning we have given them a chance to atone for their behaviour, our ancestors would not have been so forgiving.

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The Prince, Baronic Council and people of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu thank Holy Emperor Tinsman, The Vanarambaion Parliament and the people of Vanarambaion for their noble gestures of respect in this time of mourning.


We consider your condemnation of the dishonourable and insulting comments of TCN is demonstrative of the great nobility of the Emperor and people of Vanarambaion.


By your actions, both in the mourning and in the defence of our beloved prince's memory, you honour not only the memory of P'Theodanaric, but also our nation. Furthermore, you have proven the strengthen and depth of friendship between our two peoples.

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The Federation of Adaptus is also sad to hear of such a great man pass in such a time of celabration for our nation. out flags are at full once again, for this great Prince.


we hounor the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu in it's time of mourning.


Prime Minister Ramsey

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Despite their own problems the Council-in-Exile of the Free Nevareies found time to issue the following statement:


The passing of a national leader is always a time for sadness as well as reflection. We extend our depest sympathy to the Akiiryans and to the family of Prince P'Theodanaric and particularly to Prince P'Neonaric. We wish him well on his accession and look forward to the wisdom and insight he will undoubtedly bring to his office.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations concerning Akiiryu's late Prince


Deltannia wishes to express its condolences to the loss of one of the greatest members within Akiiryu's society. Deltannia wishes to, such as with the death of President Hartman, send ships to Akiiryu to signal an eleven-gun tribute in honor of this event.


Attached Note: Deltannia does not agree with statemenets made by The Chosen Nations, especially during times of sorrow and regret within Akiiryu. No matter the relations, either express your sorrows or do not say anything.

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The Prince, Baronic Council and people of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu thank the people of Niederoestereich for their noble gesture.




Deltannia your tribute is a most welcomed and precious gift that the Prince, Baronic Council and people of Akiiryu accept with an open heart.




The Prince, Baronic Council and people of the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu thank the Free Nevareies for their noble gesture. By offering your respects despite the hardships you are facing signals that you are an honourable people.

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The news of the Akiiryuian leaders death made the front pages in most newspapers across Philia (even in the always controversial 'Universal Times' which ran the story of P'Theodanaric being a visitor from outer space, notably Alpha Centuri, who had actually gone home to see his mum...) and king Phil V made this announcemnt today as he learned of the news.



"We have all seen the news and been saddened by the passing of a great leader, although we did not always see eye to eye, i had a great respect for this man, and his passing is a sad day for the region. But rather than mourn, we should look to the future, and welcome in the son of P'Theodanaric, P'Neonaric, who we hope will do as good a job of furthering his people in this, our great region. Akiiryuian flags will be given the honour of flying in full on the empty flagpole outside the Imperial Palace this week as a mark of respect to the passing of a good man, and a sign of a continuing relationship between Philia and Akiiryu"

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