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i think this might start some arguments

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ok so how bout we liven things up on the forum with some real life stuff about your political views. express them, critisize others and just a general argument about politics. also to make it a safe zone, nothing leaves this topic, and no major dissagreements can be carried outside of this topic too.


i'll start.


i my self am a centralist, i used to be a firm socialist, but then i tought. eh socilisim only works on paper. but i respect communist govermnments, for the grip they have on there country. but i prefer the British form of government to anyother, because i think, i think it's only problem is that we have such bad politicians.

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I'm liberal. At this time Europe needs to think more about the economy if we want to keep our social security payable. And any green party is my friend (especialy in dirty ol' Belgium).


You respect communism because of the grip they have on the country??? blink.gif

What do you think about facism then?

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i think it would work, but not in the way Hitler used it. none of this Super race crap, but the economy and things of facisim i think could work.


what i mean is, the nationalisim that communist countries have, i should of said that. lol

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I was a full on marxist leninist card carying party member. However the dogmatism began to grate after a few years. The party I was in was too busy trying to work out what had happened in the early nineties to look forward. I found it intellectually limiting in the end. I still use dialectical materialism as a thinking tool but these days I am happy to believe two contradictory things simultaneously.

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At this moment I am a little disillusioned with the politics, would not speak of optimism. How if it can be optimistical ahead of the current situation of the world? But on the other hand, as it is only obtained to be pessimistic? The world ahead of which we are is full of paradoxes that cannot otherwise in leaving them perplexeds. We must free us of some anthropological conviction of the past and, at the same time, look for to construct, in way to many contradictions and ruptures, lines of coherence and continuity. Hope and desperation cannot leave to interlace themselves in our experience. Let us look at, for example, for the Europe. A dark century, in which we had two bloody world-wide wars the Holocausto, the fascism and the communist imperialism , leaving the place for a perspective of a democratic Europe to construct in the next years. These are not reasons enough to be optimistical and pessimistic at the same time?

I wait that the translation has not modified the direction of the thought.


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I used to be liberal, but now I think I'm more of a centrist (centralist). I definitely fall right in the middle with my beliefs, I believe in a lot of moderation, instead of just one way or the other. Or, I believe in some liberal views, and some conservative.


Although, I was recently referred to as Conservative Michael. I hope that won't stick...

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On campus, I'm referred to as "The Republican." While it is true that I am tightly fiscally conservative, I am just as liberal in the social scale of things. That makes me a centrist, I suppose, but not the classic kind of centrist.


In a sense, I am the exact opposite of W. And we're from the same party, supposedly. Oh, the irony.

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It depends what sort of mood I'm in. But I am all for the state-owning of all major industries, free eductation (especially Uni, because of Tory Blair, I am looking forward to at least ?12,000 of debt once I leave Uni. Yay!) and the National Health. Due to our glorious Premier's sneek privatising of schools, we are now being faced with so-called "academies". If you fork out ?5 million of your own money, the Government will give you another ?20 million to set up your own schol, compared to the ?14 million a state school gets. And in your new shiny academy, you can pay your staff less than national average, don't have to employ qualified teachers and can teach what ever bollocks you can imagine. Including Creationism, which cannot be in any way, shape or form compared to science. Oops, don't forget the creation of new religious schools, thats a favourite. And then we're also facing sneak-privatisation of the NHS, so we will all have to pay up-front for our treatment, rather than through taxes. Out sourcing of labour's another nice habit, as is the selling off of national industries. Oh, and then there's the retraction of civil liberities, which is a nice favourite. "If we don't read your e-mails, terrorists will get you." We have, by and large, brought all this terrorist sh*t on ourselves. They are supposedly out to destroy our free way of life. But we will happily do it ourselves. Next the government will annouce that terrorists will blow up the next General Election, so to stop this happening, they will remove the right to elect our own government.


I bet in 1997 people thought they were going to get a proper Labour government, not this New Labour/neo-Conservative bullsh*t, in which our beloved leader, Mr. Blair, is determined to lead us back to the dark days of the Thatcher Government.


I expect J. Kier Hardy is not only turning in his grave, he's span so hard he's struck oil.


Ahem. Rant over.


In the vein of the Admiral's "Conservative Micheal" nickname, my quasi-political rantings have been met with cries of "Get off your soap-box!"

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Here here, Well said....This is a nice little trick to try regarding the reading of emails. 1st send a message saying you are going to kill george bush, blair whatever. 2nd send a message about some mundane stuff at work school whatever, send these messages in this order to another email account. 3rd sit back and watch the second mundane email youve written come in first, after all those sneaky little people at mi5 have had a little gander at ur first email.


seriously tho i think blairs neo con rantings came to a head when he threatened senior british judges, those who are meant to be separate from government in every way, not to dare to interfere with his government taking back on civil liberties following 7/7

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I got another weird theory, and I think this is the best place to post it.


Recently, it appears that the insurrgents in the British-controlled city of Basra in Iraq have been recieving equipment from Iran. This may or may not be true, but the British government has been kicking up a stink about it. This is so that Iran will get international condemnation for what it is doing, and stop.


Or is it?


I think it may be an attempt by the British Government to begin building up a case for war against the Iranian Government, because we all know that is what President Bush and Viceroy Blair are aiming for next.

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Before I start, may I say, TCN, this is nothing personal. The statement itself has got me into rant mode, and I need somewhere to vent it safely. And it is the title of the thread...


I have to aggree with Adaptus. Labour fu**ed up their terms, and it's just because of the uneducated, lazy, and moronic lower class, voting the same regardless, that they stayed in power. One day, Cameron will be PM.....hopefully!


Firstly: Labour has been trying to pick up the pieces of eighteen years of crap by a Tory government. Nearly everthing wrong with this country today, from sh*tty privatised public transport to the crumbling NHS can be pretty much places at Margaret Thatcher and her cronies' door. Eighteen years of reduced public spending and tax cuts for the rich, eighteen years of flogging off Goverment assets to their mates for knock-down prices. The Labour government has been working its arse off since 1997 to repair this damage and a lot of their good work has gone unnoticed by the national media thanks to some unwise decisions by Tony Blair in the past.


Secondly: The "uneducated, lazy and moronic lower classes" (nice generalisation there, by the way wink.gif ), when they do vote, vote by and large Conservative. The reason that a lot of them are out of work, especially in the North and in the valleys of Wales (where Labour, good solid socialism, not this crap now, was born) is because of the policies of Baroness Thatcher. She decided it was better to shift in cheaper coal and steel from abroad and let thousands of the working class lose their jobs, reducing them to government hand outs. Capitalism in motion, that is. But, as I was saying, the lower classes (in industries not destroyed by Conservatives) often vote Conservative, if you forgive my repetion, as they are thought to have more experience in power. If you were to go up north now, you still see towns with the soul ripped out of them, and that is what Cameron/Davies, I don't care who, will wish to carry on. The longer the Conservatives infight, the better, as the longer it will be until a Tory is viewed as electable by the general population.

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fair enough, i agree that Labour has made alot of good desisions, the most progress made i think is by the home secratary, he has done his job, there is more police on the streets and crime in on the decrease as a whole. but the last term seved by tony blair at least in the later part, has fallen apart, starting with the war in iraq, at first i supported it, now it's just gotten out of hand, and as a resent newspaper article revealed a few weeks ago, that labour or should i say "new labour" is in complete disoray, with all it's ministers arguing and trying to sort them selves out, while Mr. Blair sits in his little circle with a smile on his face thinking everything is going well. also i belive Mr.Blair spends to much time abroad and does not take time to find out how his own country is doing. i think it's about time for a change in government, until UKIP come round.

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Interesting point to think that David Davies if he becomes conservative leader and then (god forbid) even P.M then he will carry on with Labour's latest spending plans. Is that due to the reason that Labours plans for heath and education (including the horrific city acadamys plan) are very well balanced and sensible or a measure of the fact that labour under Blair have lurched so far to the right? P.s Margaret Thatcher even took away my free school milk as a kid, thats one more reason to hate the 'iron lady'

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well to be hounist, i think we need a more leftist government, i'm not saying socialist or communist, but slightly left. plus realy, what out of the 3 top parties do you think is fit to run a country. Labour is falling apart, Conservatives are nut jobs most of the time. and the Lib Dems well , there to bussy with there private lives to cear about the government. thats why i supported UKIP until Kilroy left. now whats left for Britain. a friend of mine even said, "i think britian should go facist". now thats disturbing, to think that we should become facists. dont get me wrong facisim works, just not as nazisim, and as for a Socialist or Communist Britain, well communisism is dead and people are to smart for utter Socialisism these days. maybe we should all for the Raving Mad Loony Party, or the Greens.

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