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*Grand Admiral Salani sits at a press conference with members of the Naval High Council about the new SAPNET project...*


"...Yes, this will be the largest defense network ever created. The Strategic Aquatic Probe Network will combine the latest technologies to provide peace, security, and stability to our humble region.

"SAPNET probes will be detection systems, as well as light, defensive armaments. These will include several rapidfire burst guns (like Vulcans), for defense, and several rocket projectiles for anti-ship protection. We wish all nations to know that this will not be an offensive network, as it does not have the capability for any form of attack. Rocket ranges will be unable to hit shorelines, and are designed to puncture ship hulls only.

"SAPNET Command will be created for this cooperative effort. All nations wishing to add members to the Command may do so. No nations are forced to join, we only wish that they do so so that the network can extend to within their territorial waters.

"With modern day pirates attacking trade routes, as well as the increase in hostilities in the regions, we hope that SAPNET can provide the answers. Any questions?"


OOC: This is the third time writing this, the first time it wasn't so abrupt.... I hate writing the same things over and over again...

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"Mr. Carlsen, SAPNET will be started in any key ports for any nations wishing to join, and along major trading routes through the seas of Europa," Grand Admiral Salani said, and took the next question.


"Mr. O'Hogan, that's why we're here. We're formally asking publically other governments position. They do not have to join SAPNET Command, and they can have probes in their territorial waters if they wish. But we came public with this because I don't think no one will notice hundreds of floating probesin the ocean," responded Fleet Admiral Grey, standing to the side.


OOC: Just so you know, these probes will be partially submerged.

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"Well, Mr. O'Hogan, we are protecting shipping, transport, etc. We are also, hopefully, trying to unify the region. It can offer protection from any outside forces. Thirdly, and the most shaky part, is that hopefully, with the knowledge of a defence net, all nations will act friendlier towards one another. Naval attacks will have to get some form of clearance, probably very loose, from SAPNET Command. Also let it be known that SAPNET COmmand will not be under the control of Deltannia directly, but Deltannia will act as a member."



FROM: Deltannia

TO: The Chosen Nations


We dutifully respect your position. We hope that in the future you will reconsider.


However, we will note that if SAPNET is implemented, shipping routes with other nations will most probably be monitored. The probes, however, will not be placed within your territorial waters.

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To: Deltannia

From: Niederoestereich


We just don't feel right about this SAPNET idea. It seems to restrictive in foreign navys requiring "clearence" to operate and use their vessels.

With the construction of the SAPNET, we think it would start some kind of arms race, to be able to counter SAPNET. Who would have such control over a defence grid, and the cost for its construction in terms of area, power requirements and arms production. We think not only is it not needed, it won't really stop anything if the attackers are motivated enough.


We do not wish to be part of SAPNET

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Niederoestereich, Vanarambaion


Deltannia would like to point out that SAPNET wuld be commanded by a union of the nations involved. Hopefully, if enough nations join, it would not start an arms race.


We would also like to make note of the fact that SAPNET will be a monitor of activity, not a restrictive measure. The only case against this were to be if, for example, the members of SAPNET Command agree that Nation X is becoming hostile, and a defense must be set up to stop the said nation. This is the only such example in which SAPNET will be used as restrictive power. It will also be up to the jurisdiction of the members of SAPNET Command to decided when such a measure would need to commence.

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