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Guest Interrupting Pirate

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Guest Interrupting Pirate

We at the Department for Inter-Country Communication and Vicious Anti-Democracy/Capitalist Propaganda would like to welcome you to Pirateovia! Pirateovia (formerly Khablakastan) was created by a military coup involving members of the upper echelons of the Khablakastan Navy (even though Khablakastan was a land-locked country). This "mutiny on the Bounty" created the country that is known and loved the world over. The shadowy figures who now run Pirateovia are known as the Smile Time Happy Party which bases its ideals on what happens when the best of communism and facism collide. Essentially Pirateovia is a poor State-owned country where the state is run by a mysterious figure wrapped in mystery (with an iron fist).

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Hello, and welcome to Europa.


As a Bristolian, the place where the stereotypical "pirate" accent orginated from, owning to the fact the city was one of the biggest trading ports in Britain, and so supplied a lot of crew for ships, including pirate ships, I find the connotations of this day offensive. laugh.gif

It was only the largest trading post in Britain for a very short time.


Aaaarrrrggggghhhh you lilly-livered land lover pirate.gif

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