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The Chosen-Koku Pact

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From: The Chosen Nations

I think that it is best for our nation that trade is not limited. This we can make sure if we both sign The Chosen-Koku Pact. It will allow free trade between our nation, and allow our nation to get to know each other, and possibly move thing on.


The Chosen-Koku Pact


By signing this agreement you accept the following conditions:

- There will be free trade between Koku and The Chosen Nations with no caps, limits or subsidies.

- Both nations will publicly declare this agreement 28 days after it has been signed.

- The Governments of the respective countries will recognize each other?s passports (or equivalent), allowing them access to respective countries with greater ease.

- If there is a natural disaster in Koku, The Chosen Nations will be ready to help, with supplies, troops and anything else the government requires. Koku will also perform the same role for the Chosen Nations.

- There will be embassies of The Chosen Nations in the capital city of Koku, and vice versa.

- This agreement is subject to change, but the change must be agreed by both Koku and The Chosen Nations.

Signed by Koku.


If there are any amendments or additions, please let me know.


I hope that you will be happy to sign this, and that our nations may move on together, and possibly - one day - become allies.



To: The Leader of The Chosen Nations

From: King Koku

On behalf of the people of Koku kingdom, we really appreciate your extending of friendship and cooperations between our two countries. The agreement is well written, with issues regarding bilateral aids, and embassies. Therefore, I ,without any hesitation, signed the agreement and look forward to our mutual prosperity.

With best regards,

Koku, The king of Koku kingdom.

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