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The Dictatorship of Israeli Supermen.

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Once again, hey. For those who read my other post on the map thread, not much is gonna be different.


I just got off a lengthy NationStates ban (to all those who have a problem with it, I 'learned my lesson'. Please, with all courtesy, restrain yourselves from apprehensive outbursts over which you know nothing). Anywho, I look forward to doing some cool things again with this.


The name of the country is 'The Dictatorship of Israeli Supermen'. For the moment it is pretty small since I just got back and made it. For those that have the multi-billion population nations, show some respect. There's alot of people out there with these hugh nations who can barely comprehend the UN's workings as opposed to some smart tiny nations. Mutual respect, mmkay?


This time around I've decided to make my nation very, very corporate-minded. No, I personally in reality don't believe in it. It is still interesting to see how they work! Plus, I'm curious to how people will respond to some of the nationalism I noticed when I myself went to Israel. I will say now (maybe once again) that I'm not a Jew, a Nazi, a fascist, or an elitist. To do the representation some justice, I've decided to use Jerusalem as the capital because this is where the nationalism begins! What a concept... dry.gif


So that's the gist of it: Pro-business Israelis who believe they are better than others.


Looking forward to old times with new folks,


'Prolifik' (My dictator name, it's a Native American term that roughly means 'above all' or 'superior'.)

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