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Phil V starts international expansion

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Phil V walked out onto his royal balcony on the fron of his Palace in Philengrad t the general applause and cheering of the crowds, the King hadn't made a significant public apperance since his fathers death some 6 months or so previously, the country had continued to run, so in general the people were pleased, but as all good citizens do, they knew that public apperences by the King always meant a garunteed day off work, so they were always out cheering for their leader.


"Dear people of Philia! As you know, we have been fairly quiet in the international fold as of late, as others have been involved in civil wars, international disputes, we have kept out of it, we had no wishes of interfering in any potentially difficult situation,and simply watching as our neighbours warred and disputed with each other, we watched on in disgust. Now, with the region in a period of relative stability, we must take action to further the Philain cause in the region.


In the last few months a task force has been setting up a base in the southern area of the large northern island, in the south of the ex-SSSS territory, a thinish strip of land between the Europan nature reserve and the deserted area to the north further towards the Niederostrach (ooc, i am never gonna be able to learn how to spell that, bear with me, sorry Kant tongue.gif). this strip will act as a forward base for our militery, which has recently undergone a revitalisation as our highly reduced power and efficiency under my fathers reign became apparent.


The new forward base will be called Air Strip One, and will house militery for service in northern Europa, which is currently hard to access from our current bases in the mainland due to the large body of water between Philia and the rest of the region. There will be both an advance Air base, and an advance harbour on both east and west sides of the strip.


As well as these militery advances, a new settlement is also currently under construction by some of the best Philian Architects around, whis city will provide both homes and jobs for the millions of honest Philians interested in seeking a better life in the northern climes. Milton Syrup is a new, clean venture to create a better name and life for the people of the overcrowded cities of Philia!"




user posted image

site map of the new Air Strip One

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We of Haken Rider protest! The stomachs of our donated cows and bulls will turn every time when fighters pass at high speed or when a great war vessel tests his massive guns! For the sake of those and any other animals on the island, we refuse to see the example of co-operation and unity surrounded by kaki!

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the colinization of Milton Syrup has begun, today a shipload of immigrants arrived up the river seperating Air Strip One from the wildlife reserve, and the people piled off the boats into the brand new housing bulit over the last few months by the militery in the region. they will survive for the moment on reserve supplies until the local economy manages to get up and running.


King Phil V has chosen to ignore the statement of the Haken people as simply a tree hugging response, and points out that there have been planes flying over fields of cows for a great many years now. And as for damaging the symbols of international coperation, when the militery moved into the area we actually destroyed several poacher camps we found along the river seperating the wildlife reseve from the rest of the island. This was not publicised earlier when it happened due to the high secrecy of our operations in the area at that time.

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Upon heraring the response of King Phil V, Chef Willy began to see a little red. His advisor, Condo Rice, a remnant of the old government, waited paciently for orders.

"The ignorance... But I have more urgent busness to attend to now. Let the Ministry of Def take lead in this situation."

Condo had a bad feeling about this: "Ministry of Def... ence, sir?"

"Ministry of Defiance, now hurry up, I'm going to need you again soon."

Condo Rice walked with large pases to the Ministry, thinking that they really have too many ministries.

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(ooc, lol biggrin.gif )


Phil IV looked at the reports his advisors were giving him on the progress of Air Strip One (ooc, if anyone hadnt got the reference yet, i am not turning the entire area into one huge militery base, that would be silly, the name Air Strip One is simply a reference to the book nineteen-eighty-four by gGeorge Orwell...). The first few boats of new workers were arriving, ad all looked to be going well, the other nations in Europa mainly seemed to be welcoming of this new expansion, seeming to welcome the expansion of a nation who had never even expressed notions of expanding before, and was now overflowing with people as a result.


The only voice of dissent seemed to be coming from the people of Haken, who were spouting some green lefty onsense about their cows, bloody Hakenians, always on about their bloody cows, he had a good mind to open up an abatoir on the bank of the river just to spite Chief Willy.


"good good, proceed with the immigration, and make a move with half of the northern fleet to go to the new harbour in Air Strip One as a sign of our seriousness of our ambitions there"

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The Ministry of Defiance is led by nobody less then Max Powah, who's greatest achievement is to be a far distant relative of the Chef. He was very pleased wih this very first, very challenging assignment.

Poundering how he can fulfill this task with his small budget, he went trough his mail. Mostly complaint letters, written on eco-friendly paper, of Free Riders, the largest defenders of the green cause (for some reason, they always end up on his desk) . His brain started to work, his heart bumped even more rapidly: he shall make his enemy into a helpful tool! The mastermind picked up his phone. "Bea, connect me trough with Ralph Nadur."

A few seconds later, ah confused voice was heared on the other side.

"Uh... yeah... what's this?"

"Ralph, Max here, listen..."

"What, yeah, I was going to say this to you... ehm... I... Hold on, I've written it down, yeah, you have taunt me enough... Wait, that was not why I called."

"I called you, listen, Ralph, stay with me. How do you feel to do some aggressive tree hugging."

"We don't, like, do aggressivenessly... stuff... man. We use, like, the power of words"

"Ehm, I will do the talking, Ralph, just start assemblng your team on the docks of Zeedorp."



user posted image

Ralph Nadur: showers cause bad vibes, man.

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OOC: That's right, you weren't ready for such tactisc now were you? evilgrin39.gif

Hey, I'm not going to wage das totallen Krieg for my cows. tongue.gif


"The numbers were "in the millions", according to Ralph Nadur. "a couple of 10.000", said the Ministry of Statistics. None the less, the colourful crowd makes an impressive sight and hunderds of VW vans keep arriving, spitting even more out. At the same time they are shipping in into small boats and yachts. The fleet grews larger and larger by the minute, the decks are crawling with hippies waving banners, chains and v-sign making hands. The most attention attracts the white yacht with black spots, carrying Max Powah and Ralp Nadur, leaders of this campaign. A campaign not only for the cows, but, more especialy, for the sake of freedom."


This was Danny meatcleaver, live from Zeedorps' shores.


This event is sponsord by HcDonalds, try out our new FlowerPowerBurger!

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"Erm, Sir, i have some, news for you... the people of Haken are still trying to get you to cease the militery building on Air Strip One over those cows, erm, they're sending a fleet of hippies ver to protest about it in the new sttlement."


"oh you have to be kidding me... and that damn minister of Defiance is coming too, well, at least they arent militants, even if the hippies stay sober long enough to make it to our shores without getting stoned and going and crashing somthing, what are they going to do, sit around singing at us...


let them come, hmm, we can make a makeshift camp outside the northern port, stick 'em all in there, give them basic facilities, welcome them, they wont be expecting that, it should take some of the bark out of them. hmm, how about organising a tour around the river for them, show them just how far away the animals are from Air Strip One and that there are actually no militery bases within 100 miles of the boader... please, what else will they have to complain about..."

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To: Phil V

From: Meteorola


We recognize your claim, but are concerned with the movement of another major power so close to us. We have not forgotten the threats that once came at us from that island.


Anything you could do to reassure Meteorola of her soverign right to exist as she is would be welcome.


H. Eric of the Allied States of Meteorola

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Phil V sends his heartfelt apologies to the people of Meteorola for any worries they may have had about his actions in moving towards Meteorola, and wishes to assure them that there is no hostile intent towards your people at all in this expansion, and now our nations are so close, this may be a good time to extend the hand of friendship, to strenghen the relationship between our nations and ensure the central island nations of Europa remain peaceful.


Phil V also offers Hurricane Eric full rein to inspect the Air Strip One for himself, and although there are militery bases in the new area, this is only to give Philia more rein to conduct operations in the north of the region, and is most definetly not aimed at intimidating the people of Meteorola.




Phil V watched the progress of the Haken Hippie protestors with interest, and his secretery told him he was recievng several e-mails a day complaining to the 'Royal Dude' about the goings on in Air Strip One.


"see, what did i tell you, there was nothing to be worried about, they've all gone and gottone themselves arrested for tresspassing on the MMRTA island... we're still fine. I'll issue a speach sometime ridiculing the Hakanese for their army of hippies, tht should clear up the matter hopfully."

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Their numbers were... reduced, to say the least. Their enthusiasm, especialy compared to the first day, deteriorated and the landing spot wasn't exactly what Max Powah had in mind, but... no, nothing good is to say.

The long trip trough inhabited land was even worse then the boring journey across the seas (no more trees, man). Chains and banners were left behind along the way and even the never-ending chanting stopped, altough that was something Max didn't mind. Despite this all, their appearence didn't really change much.

The wild bunch was pleased when some Philians ('stiff dudes') escorted them to a camp wich had all what they needed, even more if you count the showers.

"We will taunt them, untill we can taunt no more", adressed the minister the crowd: "already they have given in and allowed us to inspect the site, tomorrow, the sound of freedom will be mood by every cow!"

The crowd seemed to be rahter apathic.

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