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Caldari State Alliances with Europans

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Today Caldari State and The Chosen Nations signed a historic trade agreement



By signing this agreement you accept the following conditions:

  • There will be free trade between Caldari State and The Chosen Nations with no caps, limits or subsidies.
  • Both nations will publicly declare this agreement 28 days after it has been signed.
  • The Governments of the respective countries will recognize each other?s passports (or equivalent), allowing them access to respective countries with greater ease.
  • If there is a natural disaster in Caldari State, The Chosen Nations will be ready to help, with supplies, troops and anything else the government requires. Caldari State will also perform the same role for the Chosen Nations.
  • There will be embassies of The Chosen Nations in the capital city of Caldari State, and vice versa.
  • This agreement is subject to change, but the change must be agreed by both Caldari State and The Chosen Nations.


The Chosen Nations

Caldari State

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Today marks a great occuation, both the Caldari State and the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium have signed a trade agreement and Non-Agressive Pact between the two nations.


Terms of Alliance

-GHET and Caldari State will allow each other to trade amongst each other without any restrictions unless otherwise stated.


-GHET and Caldari State are not to be agressive to each other, so a Non-Agressive Pact will be agreed apon along with these terms.


-GHET and Caldari State shall not infringe on each nation's soverignity unless its needed (which their shouldn't be)


-GHET and Caldari State shall open Embassies/Consulates in each nation's captal.


May this alliance prosper both nations.

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